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Yotsuba Maya (四葉 真夜) is the twin-sister of Shiba Miya, and the aunt of Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki. She is the current Head of the Yotsuba Family. [1] She is one of the strongest Magicians of the modern era in the world, known as the "Queen of Night" and "Demon King of the Far East". [1][2][3][4][5]

Maya is one of the Seven Sages, an operator who has access to Hliðskjálf. [6]

Appearance and Personality

Maya in the Anime

While she is actually in her 40's, her appearance gives off the impression that she's in her 30's. [1] She looks to be 30 years old but is actually 47 years old in February of 2097. [7]


Maya Ability.PNG

Unlike Miyuki's beauty that defies description, Maya is a woman full of feminine charms and enchanting mature beauty. [1] She wears a wine red formal one piece dress. [7]

She is so fearsome that even her cousin, Kuroba Mitsugu, is terrified of her. It is mentioned that she has a good sense of humor and a willingness to join in on a good joke. [8]


When she was around twelve, Maya was kidnapped while visiting Taipei as part of a cultural exchange program sponsored by the Asian Branch of the International Magic Association. Her fiancé, Saegusa Kouichi, who was with her during the kidnapping, lost an eye trying to save her. [9]

Maya was raped and experimented on by her kidnappers from Dahan's infamous Kunlunfang Institute[9] After she was recovered, Maya's elder sister, Yotsuba Miya, turned all of her experiences into information, separating the emotions from the memories to prevent the experience from overwhelming her sister's battered psyche. As a result, she claimed that Miya had killed her, as experiences are what make up a person and their personality. [9]

Glimpse of the Yotsuba Twins in the Anime.

Due to that incident, Miya and Maya no longer had the warm sisterly bond they had shared before the incident. Maya also lost the ability to procreate due to the experiments, and her betrothal and relationship with Kouichi were called off (due to the loss of her emotional bonds as well as her inability to bear children). [9] Maya is single and has never married. [10][11]

Though it was for a short period of time, both Maya and Miya were students of Kudou Retsu. [12] Kouichi was also under his tutelage. [13]

She also spends a great amount of time researching magic.

"Dr. Clark. Even with your 'Hliðskjálf', you do not know the real abilities of Shiba Tatsuya?" "...Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. It seems that the nickname "Untouchables' is not just for show." "Untouchables" was the nickname given to the Yotsuba family. Before Tatsuya even came up, for reasons unrelated to him, Clark had already targeted the Yotsuba family as an enemy that should disappear at all costs. In truth, the Hliðskjálf terminal was handed over to Maya so that Clark could collect information about the Yotsuba family. However, the Head of the Yotsuba family did not do what Clark expected. From just the history of the terminal used by Yotsuba Maya, it was difficult for Clark to grasp any details about the real abilities of both Shiba Tatsuya and the magicians that belong to the side branches of the family. [14]


Magical Abilities

Meteor Stream

Meteor Stream is Maya's innate magic, is a Convergence-Type Magic, which controls the distribution of light in its area of effect. Its power is especially amplified in a closed space such as rooms or tunnels. [4]


  • Miya and Maya are the first pair of twins featured in the series, in addition to the twins Ayako and Fumiya, the others being the sisters Kasumi and Izumi.


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