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Yokohama Disturbance V is the twenty-third episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


The students gather in Yokohama for the Thesis Competition whilst unknown forces move behind the scenes as First High give their presentation.


Chen Xiangshan is meeting with Zhou Gongjin in Yokohama’s China Town district. He informs Zhou that a ship has been dispatched so the operation can continue as planned. Chen mentions the capture of Lu Ganghu and request’s Zhou’s aid in freeing him. Zhou agrees, informing Chen that Lu is being transferred to the prison in Yokosuka and asks that China Town be spared during the operation in exchange. Chen agrees, though as the objectives are the nearby Kanto Branch of the Magic Association and the Thesis Competition and it’s research data, some skirmishing is unavoidable.

October twenty-ninth. Class has finished and Erika asks Tatsuya what time he’ll be going to the venue for the Thesis Competition. Tatsuya tells her he will arrive at 8am, the event begins at 9am and that First High will be presenting at 3pm. Erika asks about the demonstration device and Tatsuya tells her a private company has been hired to transport it. Leo asks if they can help out with the guard detail. Tatsuya asks why and Leo is evasive, wondering how to answer until Erika blurts out that she’s been training Leo and would look like an idiot if the issue then got resolved without them. Tatsuya comments it’s not like the issue is over. This surprises Mikihiko who thought it had been resolved and Tatsuya explains these aren’t a ‘once-and-done’ kind of occurrence and that the competition is targeted every year. Mikihiko and Mizuki also offer to help, but Tatsuya tells them they don’t need to be gung-ho about security as simply cheering them on from the audience is enough. Erika and Leo try to object so Tatsuya simply states no one will mind if the audience help out if something does happen.

Suzune and Hattori visit Chiaki at the Magic University Affiliated Tachikawa Hospital. On arrival, Suzune asks Asuka Satomi for permission to speak with Chiaki. Upon receiving permission, Suzune simply states that Chiaki’s methods are futile on Tatsuya as he simply won’t care. No matter how the multitudes wail he simply won’t pay it any mind. Suzune then goes on to tell Chiaki that Tatsuya scored so highly on the theory tests that everyone below second place couldn’t compete and that he achieved an astonishing perfect score in Magic Engineering. She then tells Chiaki that second place was Chiaki herself with a score of ninety-two percent which would normally have taken first place. She then tells Chiaki that in Magic Engineering she has the potential to surpass Tatsuya as he doesn’t seem very adept at hardware(which is a lie), so if she holds on to her feelings of bitterness, Chiaki may be able to do it. Suzune and Hattori take their leave and as they close the door, Suzune invites Chiaki to the Thesis Competition the following day.

As they are leaving the hospital, Hattori asks if Suzune is ok. Suzune simply tells him it’s a bit of self-loathing for what she just did was lie. Thinking that she had to do it so the school reaps the benefits of Chiaki’s magic engineering skills, Suzune comments that she’d make a good con artist.

Ichijou Masaki and Kichijouji Shinkurou are on a coach with their classmates from Third High and are approaching Yokohama for the competition.

That night, Fujibayashi Kyouko has dinner with Chiba Toshikazu. Toshikazu remarks that the case will be over soon, so this is his way of thanking her. Kyouko asks Toshikazu to accompany her tomorrow and he agrees. She says to meet at the station at 8:30am which confuses Toshikazu. She explains it’s the Thesis Competition and she wants to cheer on someone she knows. She then asks if some of his subordinates, armed with live ammunition, could accompany them.

It’s the morning of the Thesis Competition and everyone is gathering at the convention centre. There, Ono Haruka spots Kyouko visiting the Shiba siblings and uses her terminal to ID her. They greet each other, with Miyuki commenting they’ve not seen each other since February. Tatsuya checks it’s ok for her to visit them and Kyouko says it’s fine, given her job and the skills he showed at the Nine Schools Competition. She informs Tatsuya that the Mobile Suits are finished and will be delivered tonight. She then warns the siblings that the incident appears not to be over yet and hands over a chip with some intel. Tatsuya tells her the pair will be prepared.

In the main hall, Erika spots her brother Toshikazu who waves to say hello, but she ignores him and pretends not to know him.

In the lobby, Miyuki is greeted by Masaki, though Tatsuya is ignored. Masaki comments they have not seen each other since the dance party, and Miyuki apologises for not staying in touch. She asks if he and Tomitsuka Hagane are patrolling the site. When Masaki confirms he’s on the security detail, Miyuki tells them to do their best. Tomitsuka is surprised Miyuki knew who he is. Miyuki then excuses herself and the Shiba siblings leave. As Tatsuya walks past, Masaki tells Tatsuya he’s looking forward to next time.

The event is about to begin and the Shiba siblings take their seats in the hall. Erika comes over to chat, and Tatsuya asks where Leo is. Erika thinks he’s insinuating they are a couple and objects, saying she only trained him. Tatsuya clarifies he meant where the others were and Erika points out Mikihiko and Mizuki, who are looking cosy together.

A little later, in the centre’s Café, Haruka is approached by Kyouko. Kyouko comments she’s honoured that Ms. Phantom has taken such a keen interest in her, revealing she knows who Haruka is. Haruka replies she is also honoured one such as Kyouko, the Electron Sorceress, knows of her. Haruka asks what Kyouko wants, and Kyouko replies Haruka knows full well. Haruka tried to deny it, shaking with fear the entire time. Kyouko mentions Kokonoe Yakumo told her about Haruka. Kyouko comes straight out and tells Haruka that they should respect each other’s boundaries, and that she not fear admonishment from above, as it’s whomever ordered Haruka to investigate Tatsuya who is at fault. Kyouko then gets a call and leaves. As she leaves, Haruka reflects that for her to be warned off, there must be something about the relationship between Kyouko and Tatsuya that cannot be reveled.

Kyouko takes the call privately and is informed by Kazama Harunobu that Lu Ganghu has escaped. He then informs her that due to the weapons test scheduled for tomorrow, the unit is ready to mobilise and are heading over to Yokohama now and should arrive by 3pm.

At noon, Hattori and Takeaki are reporting to Juumonji Katsuto I the security headquarters. They report that Sekimoto Isao had been subjected to mind control and as such the organisation that used him may take drastic actions and Saegusa Mayumi has asked Hattori to replay that she wants Katsuto to be on guard. Katsuto orders them to patrol the perimeter. As they are about to leave, Katsuto asks if anything feels off to them. Hattori reports there are far more foreigners around than there were when he scouted the venue the week before. Takeaki also reports that the atmosphere in the city seems off. Katsuto orders them and the rest of the guards to start wearing bullet proof vests.

It’s time for First High’s presentation. In the audience, Tatsuya’s friends are on guard and Mikihiko and Mizuki do one last sweep to ensure nothing seems off. The presentation begins with Suzune giving the presentation, Kei on stage operating the devices, and Tatsuya working behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, out in the city, vehicles are moving into position for what is about to happen. At the pier in Yokohama, a landing ship disguised as a cargo vessel is acting as the control centre for the plan and the commanding officer affirms that they will be moving as scheduled.

First High’s presentation is continuing without issue and Suzune brings the presentation to its climax and receives applause from the audience. As Tatsuya begins to remove his equipment, he is approached by Shinkurou who compliments the presentation and discuss the presentation, ending with Shinkurou telling Tatsuya they will beat him this time. As Tatsuya walks away the building is rocked by explosions.