Yokohama Disturbance VI is the twenty-fourth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.



The convention defense forces engage the assaulting teams but are bogged down by the slow progress of evacuating the students and convention personnel. It is discovered that the attack is being launched from an unidentified disguised ship moored in the harbor. Armed assailants assault the main hall, but after one of them is easily countered by Tatsuya the other students are inspired to resist, too. Cardinal George confronts Tatsuya on using a top-secret technique used by STARS called Molecular Divider, but Tatsuya ignores him, saying that he doesn't have time to explain himself. Azusa casts a charm to calm everyone in the hall, and the evacuation begins to an underground shelter via an emergency underground tunnel. Tatsuya's group lead the counterattack against the main terrorist force attacking the center. Shizuku uses her family's knowledge to take the group to the VIP conference room so they can use the network to get a better idea on what's going on outside, then meet with the rest of the First High students remaining at the site in the green room to discuss their next move. The group deciphers the enemy's motive to be to raid the Magic Association's main database. Just as the group decides to evacuate to the shelter with everyone else, Major Kazama and Fujibayashi arrive and dispatch new orders to Tatsuya, revealing, to everyone's - except Miyuki's - great surprise, that he is a National Defense Force operative. Major Kazama tells everyone that this is confidential information, and his status must remain secret. Miyuki unlocks the seals on Tatsuya's powers and activates him to answer the National Defense Force's call to defend the city.

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