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Yokohama Disturbance VI is the twenty-fourth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


The convention defence forces engage the attackers. It is discovered that the attack is being launched from an unidentified disguised ship moored in the harbour. Armed assailants assault the main hall, but after one of them is easily countered by Tatsuya the other students are inspired to resist as well. Azusa casts a charm to calm everyone in the hall, and the evacuation begins to an underground shelter via an emergency underground tunnel. Tatsuya's group lead the counterattack against the main terrorist force attacking the centre. Shizuku uses her family's knowledge to take the group to the VIP conference room so they can use the network to get a better idea on what's going on outside, then meet with the rest of the First High students remaining at the site in the green room to discuss their next move. The group deciphers the enemy's motive to be to raid the Magic Association's main database. Just as the group decides to evacuate to the shelter with everyone else, Major Kazama and Fujibayashi arrive and dispatch new orders to Tatsuya, revealing, to everyone that he is a National Defense Force operative. Major Kazama tells everyone that this is confidential information, and his status must remain secret.


3:30pm. A truck carrying explosives rams though the gates of Yamashita Harbour and detonates on the control tower.

3:32pm. Chiba Toshikazu and Fujibayashi Kyouko receive calls informing them of the explosion. Yoshikazu tells Kyouko he has to head to the site, and she informs him she will remain here.

3:37pm. Toshikazu receives a situation report from Inagaki about the explosion as he drives to the scene and informed as two missiles are fired from a moored ship disguised as a cargo vessel. Toshikazu then calls his father, Chiba Honke and tell him what is happening and requests Honke ask for the JSDF to mobilise and for his and Erika’s swords to be delivered.

Meanwhile, inside the conference hall, the students all hear the nearby explosions as the building is rocked by the blasts. Tatsuya and Miyuki meet up in front of the stage. Tatsuya concludes the explosions are most likely grenades detonating near the entrance. Miyuki worries about their senpai but Tatsuya reminds her there are professional magicians with combat experience here as well, so a typical criminal organisation wouldn’t stand a chance.

Six men armed with rifles burst into the room from three entrances. Kichijouji Shinkurou tried to react on stage, but one of the men fires a warning shot and he’s forced to stand down as the men demand everyone surrender. One of the men approaches Tatsuya and takes aim as he demands Tatsuya remove his devices too. Tatsuya ignores him and calmly surveys the building with Elemental Sight and confirms only six are inside. The man demands again that Tatsuya disarm, but instead Tatsuya takes a step forwards, so the man opens fire. However, Tatsuya destroys the bullet with magic, making it look like he caught the bullet. The man fires three more times in rapid succession, but the same happens again. The man drops his rifle and closes into close range with a combat knife, but Tatsuya calmly dodges and cuts off the man’s arm, before knocking him out with a magically enhanced punch to the chest. The scene shocks everyone in the room, apart from Miyuki who calmly uses magic to clean the blood off of Tatsuya. Seeing that the remaining men are distracted, the guards that had been forced to surrender quickly apprehend them.

The attack over and the men restrained by the guard detail, Tatsuya’s friends come to the front and Honoka asks if he’s ok. When he confirms that he is, Erika asks what the plan is. Tatsuya tells then that the guards are still in battle at the entrance and the building needs to be secured no matter what they plan to do. Erika asks if he intends to leave the others behind, and Tatsuya reluctantly affirms them coming is better than them getting attacked after they separate. As Tatsuya tries to leave, Shinkurou demands an explanation for the magic he just used, as it resembles Molecular Divider which is a technique exclusive the USNA’s STARS. Tatsuya simply tells him that he doesn’t have the time to debate and leaves.

3:43pm. Yokohama City has become a warzone as the police try to hold back the guerrilla’s attacking the city as the citizens evacuate.

The students are beginning to panic so Mayumi tells Azusa to use her special magic to calm people down, and when Azusa hesitates, Mayumi assure her she will take responsibility for it. Azusa casts her spell to calm the students and Mayumi uses this as an opportunity to tell the students what is happening. Mayumi explains the city is under attack by terrorists hiding in the city and a ship of unknown origin, stating the building they are in appears to be one of the enemy’s targets. Mayumi then tells them there is a tunnel to an underground shelter, though she’s unsure how secure it is, and that there is a rescue ship approaching the Mizuho Pier but reaching it aboveground could be dangerous with the battle raging. She then states that staying here would be the most dangerous option and tells the students to chose and evacuate to wither the shelter or pier. The students on the security detail take action and start gathering the students of their respective schools. Mayumi then leaves the students of First High in Azusa’s hands.

At the same time, Tatsuya has reached the entrance, where security is pinned down by rifle fire. Leo is about to step out to look when he is grabbed and thrown backwards by Tatsuya who tells the others than the enemy is firing anti-magician high-speed bullets. Tatsuya asks Miyuki to silence the enemy’s guns. Miyuki tells him she’ll need help to do so and they hold hands to use Psion Transfer so Tatsuya can target all of the enemies at once and Miyuki cast the spell on their weapons to render then useless. The guns silenced, Tatsuya charges out and starts brutally cutting the attackers down, the enemy unable to fight back. Erika quickly joins the fray, cutting down her opponents with her CAD infused with magic, whilst Mikihiko provides support from the rear. The attackers are pushed back in an instant and the guards finish off the retreating enemy.

The fight over, Tatsuya notices Honoka, Shizuku and Mizuki struggling with the scene and checks they are ok. Leo then asks what the plan is and Tatsuya states he needs more intel as the scale is bigger than expected. Shizuku suggests they go to the VIP room as she has her father’s codes. Tatsuya takes up her offer.

3:48pm. In the VIP room, Shizuku uses her father’s codes to get a general overview of the situation. The group discuss options but Tatsuya states they cannot stay so the shelter is the most realistic option but not the underground route as it’s not a direct one. Tatsuya then says he wants to destroy the demonstration devices and data before leaving.

3:50pm. The group heads backstage to find Mayumi and a number of seniors already destroying the data and devices. Juumonji Katsuto arrives with Hattori and Midori. Hattori mentions the others evacuated by the underground tunnel and Tatsuya raises concerns about the route and the possibility of encountering the enemy. Katsuto immediately sends Hattori and Midori to join the evacuees. Katsuto then states he will patrol the site once more to check there are no other stragglers and takes Takeaki with him. Isori Kei then asks Tatsuya to handle the devices in the other room.

3:55pm. Near the convention centre, one of the terrorists receives orders.

3:56pm. Tatsuya and Mayumi’s groups have met up in the Green Room, having finished purging the data and discuss their next plan of action. Mayumi states there is one enemy ship and the shoreline is under enemy control and it appears the guerrillas blocked the land routes. Kei asks what they could be after and Mayumi concludes it’s the database in the branch office of the Magic Association. Mari asks after the rescue ship, and Mayumi informs her it will arrive in ten minutes but won’t have enough capacity. Suzune ends a call and informs the others that Tatsuya’s concerns were correct, but the attack has been handles so the evacuees are safe. Mari tells everyone that their only option is the shelter. Miyuki notices Tatsuya is looking at the wall. Tatsuya then suddenly pulls out his CAD and takes aim at the wall, shocking the other students. Mayumi activates Multi-Scope to see what Tatsuya is aiming at and sees a magically reinforced truck about to ram into the building. Before she can react, Tatsuya uses Decomposition on the truck, disintegrating it completely. Shocked, Mayumi asks Tatsuya what she just saw. Before Tatsuya replies, Kyouko arrives in her military uniform.

Outside, Katsuto rushes to the site where the truck was destroyed to find only dust. Before he can investigate a missile-barrage is fired at the convention centre. Katsuto begins to use magic to intercept but all the missiles are destroyed by Sanada Shigeru, who is riding in a jeep and heading to the centre. The jeep pulls up as Takeaki catches up to Katsuto. Katsuto asks if they are with the 101st and Sanada confirms his unit as he introduces himself. Sanada then leads Katsuto and Takeaki back inside.

3:59pm. Kazama Harunobu enters the room after Kyouko and both look directly at Tatsuya. Kyouko then addresses Tatsuya by his military rank and tells him information control is temporarily suspended, leading Tatsuya to give a salute as Katsuto, Sanada and Kirihara enter the room. Kazama then introduces himself and Katsuto introduces himself. Kazama then returns his attention to Tatsuya and tells Kyouko to give Tatsuya a rundown of the situation. Kyouko opens up a tactical overview onto the map on screen and tells them that the forces stationed at Hodogaya are battling the invaders and that reinforcements are rushing to join the fight from Tsurumi and Fujisawa. She then states the Magic Association is also taking defensive action. Kazuma then takes over and inform s Tatsuya that their unit has been ordered to mobilise as well and in accordance with JSDF special assignment regulations, he orders Tatsuya to deploy as well, shocking all the students apart from Miyuki. Kazama then tells everyone Tatsuya’s identity and rank are secrets based on JSDF secrecy protection laws. Sanada then tells him the Mobile Suits are ready for use and asks for Tatsuya to hurry. Fujibayashi then informs then others that her squad will provide them protection. Tatsuya then tells the others to go with the upperclassmen and starts to leave. Tatsuya is stopped by Miyuki who, after a tender moment, releases his limiter with a kiss to his forehead, creating a burst of psion light. Tatsuya then heads off for battle.