Yokohama Disturbance VI is the twenty-fifth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Ichijou brutally kills attackers while his allies look on in comparable horror. The main personnel evacuation continues through the tunnels despite resistance, Mr. Tsuzura prevents a ceiling collapse that would have killed many of the people in the tunnel. Mayumi and Shizuku call their fathers to lend helicopters to evacuate the personnel who were unable to reach the shelter, and everyone is extracted. Tatsuya takes to the skies in the flight suit, which R&D had improved beyond his own design, and begins by destroying the attackers' recon drones.The battle for the city continues, with notable First High members and Ichijou fighting back the attackers. Kirihara is severely wounded and Kei is hit by shrapnel in an ambush, but Miyuki arrives, eliminating the attackers using Cocytus and calls for Tatsuya, who uses his magic to restore both Kirihara and Kei before departing to support another area.


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