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Yokohama Disturbance VI is the twenty-fifth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Ichijou brutally kills attackers while his allies look on in comparable horror. The main personnel evacuation continues through the tunnels despite resistance, Mr. Tsuzura prevents a ceiling collapse that would have killed many of the people in the tunnel. Mayumi and Shizuku call their fathers to lend helicopters to evacuate the personnel who were unable to reach the shelter, and everyone is extracted. Tatsuya takes to the skies in the flight suit, which R&D had improved beyond his own design, and begins by destroying the attackers' recon drones.The battle for the city continues, with notable First High members and Ichijou fighting back the attackers. Kirihara is severely wounded and Kei is hit by shrapnel in an ambush, but Miyuki arrives, eliminating the attackers using Cocytus and calls for Tatsuya, who uses his magic to restore both Kirihara and Kei before departing to support another area.


4:00pm. Outside the Yokohama International Convention Centre. The students from Third High are holding position in the Heavy Vehicle Parking Lot while one of the students repairs the coach. Ichijou Masaki and some of the students are holding off the guerrilla’s who are attacking. However, Masaki’s use of Rupture is too much for most of the students engaging in their first live combat as they watch him annihilate the enemy.

3:50pm. The evacuating students from First High are in Sakuragicho Station’s underground passage where they have been intercepted by some of the guerrillas. Midori, Hagane and Hattori use magic to close on the enemies firing line and suppress the enemy until they are forced to retreat. Once the coast is clear they signal Azusa and she has the evacuees advance towards the shelter.

4:02pm. At the entrance of the conference centre, Katsuto asks Kyouko to loan him one of the cars so he can go to the Magic Association and fulfil his duty as a member of one of the Ten Master Clans. Kyouko agrees and sends Sergeant Tateoka and Corporal Otowa to escort him.

4:03pm. The evacuees reach the entrance of the underground shelter, seeing the coast is clear, Azusa runs towards the entrance, but a silhouette can be seen above and suddenly the ceiling collapses. As the dust clears, Tsuzura Kazuo can be seen using magic to hold up the rubble and he urges the others to rush through to the shelter. As the students make their way though, Hagane notices Chiaki has frozen in fear and pulls her to safety.

4:05pm. On the surface, Kyouko and her team, along with the remaining students Tatsuya left behind with her and a number of civilian evacuees approach the station plaza but are attacked by two mechanised tanks. Before they can open fire, Miyuki and Mayumi use magic to neutralise them, leaving Kyouko stunned.

4:09pm. The group arrives at the station to find the road collapsed. Mikihiko uses magic to affirm that the other students are inside and safe. Kyouko asks Mayumi what they will do. Mayumi and Shizuku inform her they will call for helicopters to evacuate the civilians by air. Kyouko is about to offer to leave some men behind when Toshikazu arrives with Inagaki and tells her that protecting the civilians is the role of the police. Toshikazu then gives Erika her sword.

4:08pm. On the ship at the pier, one of the soldiers informs the commanding officer that they lost contact with all the operatives that went to the conference centre and its parking lot as well as the mechanised tanks that went to the shelter. The commander orders them to deploy more mechanised tanks.

4:09pm. Tatsuya arrives in Hodogaya and quickly boards the 101st’s trailer with Sanada Shigeru and Kazama Harunobu. There, Tatsuya quickly dons his armour, a mobile suit. Shigeru gives Tatsuya a run down and Tatsuya comments that the suit is an improvement over his own design. Kazama orders Tatsuya to deploy immediately and join up with Yanagi’s unit.

Tatsuya takes flight and while on route, notices the enemy’s surveillance drones, which he quickly destroys. The drones destruction is quickly noticed by the operators on the ship who report the destruction, which is quickly followed by warning one of the other drones has being destroyed, leaving the commander wondering what is happening.

4:15pm. Masaki and Shinkurou kill another two attackers in the parking lot when they are signalled that the coach is ready to depart. Masaki tells Shinkurou he’s going to the Magic Association to join its volunteer army that will be repelling the invasion as is his duty as an Ichijou. Shinkurou tries to object, thinking that Masaki is actually bothered by the shock of his classmates, having seen the gruesome Rupture spell up close. Masaki explains it’s not, as he himself nearly threw up on his first battlefield. Masaki goes on to reaffirm that it’s his duty as a son of one of the Ten Master Clans. Shinkurou tries to join Masaki but is told to protect the evacuating students from Third High instead.

4:11pm. On the street above the shelter, the evacuees are waiting for extraction. Suzune asks how much longer the helicopters will be and Mayumi and Shizuku tells her that both their helicopters should arrive at around 4:30pm. Suzune is concerned that they need to hold the position for twenty minutes, but Mayumi reassures her as she’s confident the students holding the perimeter will be able to keep the enemy at bay.

4:12pm. One of the chokepoints to the evacuation point is held by Miyuki, along with Mizuki, Erika, Mikihiko and Leo. Mikihiko detects the approaching mechanised tanks with magic and informs the others who get ready. As the mechanised tanks appear they are frozen in place by Miyuki while Erika and Leo close in with magically enhanced swords and destroy the immobilised tanks and kill the operators.

At the same time, at the second choke point, Kei is the one detecting the approaching mechanised tanks, while Kanon immobilises them by collapsing the roads beneath them with magic and Toshikazu and Takeaki close in to destroy them with magically enhanced swords while Sayaka supports Takeaki from the rear with ranged attacks.

4:14pm. Tatsuya reaches Yanagi’s unit which is investigating the fallen enemies they took out. Yanagi shows Tatsuya a Sorcery Booster they extracted from a mechanised tank and informs him the enemy is confirmed to be the Great Asian Union. Yanagi then tells Tatsuya about the civilians evacuating from the station plaza and that their unit is heading over to support them until they escape.

4:33pm. Erika and the other students are still holding the choke points when they see the first of the rescue helicopters arrive.

4:34pm. The first helicopter has arrived and is coming into land at the plaza when it’s attacked by a magical swarm of locusts. Shizuku takes aim and tries to destroy them with Phonon Maser but the swarm simply reforms after every shot. Just as the cloud is about to attack the helicopter, a blast of psions blows them away. Shizuku looks up to see the flying Japanese soldiers and recognises Tatsuya. 4:51pm. The non-combatant students board the helicopter. Inagaki wonders who the flying soldiers are but Mayumi simply says allies as her father’s two helicopters arrive.

5:05pm. The helicopters take off to take the evacuees to safety as Tatsuya watches on. Tatsuya reports that they are leaving over the radio and takes out a soldier trying to bring down the helicopter. Yanagi orders Tatsuya to protect them until they leave the area then re-join the others.

5:15pm. At the Yokohama Tower, the defending magicians are being pushed back by the GAU soldiers and combat magicians summoning magical beasts. They are about to retreat when Katsuto, now fully armoured, takes the lead and turns the battle around with overpowering magic, rallying the magicians.

5:17pm. Masaki is supporting the magicians near Chinatown. Deciding that taking out the phantom soldiers individually is too inefficient, Masaki uses an area effect skill to neutralise all the enemy’s non-magician soldiers in the area and then targets the summoner directly, killing him with Rupture. Their magical support gone the remaining GAU soldiers flee into Chinatown.

5:07pm. Back at the evacuation zone, Mikihiko and the others notice the helicopter, but it is hidden with magic. Mayumi calls Miyuki and tells her that they are lowering ropes. As the helicopter moves to pick up Kanon’s group, Mayumi tells Honoka it’s ok to drop the spell if it’s too much for her but Honoka assures he it’s fine.

At the second choke point, Takeaki takes out one of the soldiers but there are others hiding behind cover. Suddenly magic ice rains from the sky, neutralising the enemy soldiers. The coast clear, Kanon, Sayaka, Kei, Takaki and Mari leave cover and gather together as Kanon receives a call from Mayumi. With the students distracted, more soldiers run into cover and take aim. Takeaki notices and warns the others as he pushes Sayaka down. The soldiers open fire, and Takeaki defends Sayaka but his leg is blown clean off while Kei is hit by shrapnel while shielding Kanon with his body. The soldiers are about to advance when Miyuki jumps out of the helicopter and kills them all with Cocytus. She then calls out to Tatsuya. Tatsuya flies over and uses Regrowth on Takeaki and Kei at Miyuki’s request, healing them both instantly and leaving everyone shocked. Tatsuya then holds Miyuki close for a moment, telling her she did well, before taking flight once more to re-join the battle.