Yokohama Disturbance VI is the twenty-sixth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


The Great Asian Union attack collapses, decimated land forces retreat in panic. One of Tatsuya's secret magic is revealed. The main instigators of the incident are captured, and Strategic-Class Magic destroys the escaping amphibious vessel then later the Great Asian Union fleet preparing for invasion.


Tatsuya and other airborne comrades obliterate an enemy mechanized battalion. Some enemy soldiers recognize him as Mahesvara. Meanwhile, Juumonji leads magicians from Magic Branch Association characteristically, resulting in the enemy retreating. Ichijou reaches the house of Zhou Gongjin and demands that he allow him to kill the perpetrators, to which Zhou agrees and assures The Prince that he had also been victimized. Back to the students in the Saegusa helicopter, they are greatly curious about Tatsuya's magic, which healed Kei and Kirihara's wounds. Miyuki explains Tatsuya's magic Regrowth and how he has to take a lot of pain whenever he uses it. Later, they defeat Lu Ganghu and his employer, Chen Xiangshan, at the branch of Magic Association building. The battle proceeds with the airborne troops and the magicians led by Juumonji, sandwiching the enemy from 2 sides, successfully obliterating most of them. Some manage to escape to the camouflaged ship, though. Later, Major Kazama authorizes Tatsuya twice to activate the Strategic Class Magic, Material Burst, which can convert mass into energy. Tatsuya uses Material Burst first on the escaping assault vessel, and later on the prepping Great Asian Union's navy, completely annihilating them. Meanwhile, Miyuki has a short talk with Yotsuba Maya, who invites them to come by the Yotsuba House. The event is referred to as Scorched Halloween, the day when magic surpassed any mechanical weapon. Yotsuba Maya invites Kazama and the siblings on the same day, while Tatsuya hugs Miyuki, on his return.

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