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Yokohama Disturbance VIII is the twenty-sixth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime and the final episode of the first season.


The Great Asian Union attack collapses, decimated land forces retreat in panic. One of Tatsuya's secret magic is revealed. The main instigators of the incident are captured, and Strategic-Class Magic destroys the escaping amphibious vessel then later the Great Asian Union fleet preparing for invasion.


5:18pm. An armoured convey of APCs and mechanised tanks is making its way through Yokohama when it is ambushed from the skies by Tatsuya’s unit. The airborne Japanese magicians take positions on the roofs surrounding the convoy and the convoy returns fire, gunning the Japanese soldiers down. The convoy stops firing, thinking they have killed the attackers, but once the smoke clears the Japanese soldiers are seen to be unharmed and resume their barrage on the convoy as other Japanese soldiers get back up seemingly unharmed. The convoy opens fire again, gunning some of the magicians down again but Tatsuya just revives them from the rear with Regrowth with his left CAD while disintegrating the enemy with his right. One of the attackers recognizes Tatsuya’s attacks as those of Mahesvara.

5:22pm. The commanding officer of the Great Asian Union’s forces receives the report that the convoy was destroyed and that their was an unconfirmed report of Mahesvara, which one of the others recognises as the ‘Demon of Okinawa’.

5:20pm. Katsuto is leading magicians from the Magic Association Branch and the enemy are being overpowered and forced into a retreat.

5:22pm. Masaki stands in front of the gates of China Town and demands those inside surrender or they will be seen as being in league with the invaders. The gates open and Zhou Gongjin hands over the subdued GAU soldiers, telling Masaki that they too are victims and are handing them over in the hope that they recognise this fact.

5:20pm. Aboard the helicopter the First High students who were defending the landing zone struggle to get their heads around the magic Tatsuya used and the injuries Takeaki and Kei received being healed instantly. Mari asks Miyuki about the spell and Miyuki explains Tatsuya's magic Regrowth. Mikihiko asks if that means Tatsuya can heal any injury in one go, and Miyuki confirms it restores any injury instantly and that it’s not limited to just living things. Miyuki then goes onto explain that this ability is the reason Tatsuya cannot freely use normal magic. Hearing this, Mayumi realises this is why Tatsuya is so unbalanced. Kanon says it should matter with such a great skill and Kei adds that thousands could be saved with such a skill and Kanon finishes by saying not being able to use normal magic is a small price to pay and doesn’t understand why it’s kept secret. Miyuki asks them if they think such magic wouldn’t carry a price and explains that to use the spell, Tatsuya has to read the EIDOS data in it’s entirety, including all the pain and suffering which he has to personally experience all at once in an instant and magnified. The reality of this silences the others.

5:18pm. Chen Xiangshan and his men are riding in the trailer of a truck as he orders his men to switch to plan B. Chen then tells Lu Ganghu to forget about revenge as it was a mistake to focus on a Relic of unknown value. Their target is the Magic Association.

On the helicopter, Mizuki reacts to something and when the others ask, she explains she felt a beast-like aura near the tower. Mikihiko uses magic to investigate and sees Lu Ganghu starting his attack on the Magic Association. On the ground, Lu is tanking all the attacks from the defenders and launches his attack, overwhelming them with sheer brute force. Mari and Mayumi decide to take them down and Mari asks Erika and Leo to assist.

Mari dons armour and heads to meet Lu head on. On seeing Mari, Lu charges immediately. Leo and Erika try to flank him as he charges but are fought off. Mayumi uses a ranged attack to save Leo from a counterattack and allowing Leo to get another strike in, but Lu dodges it and he counterattacks again, hitting Leo so hard he’s sent flying. Erika tries to blindside Lu, but he dodges and takes a glancing hit before striking her and sending her flying as well. Mari then attacks using several attacks but also being thrown back. Lu then moves to block an attack from Mayumi from above, but the ice bullet is a faint and turns into gas just before he hits it. Lu then inhales the gas and it knocks him out.

5:32pm. Inside the tower, Chen makes his way towards his objective, the Magic Association Branch Office. He hacks his way inside and triggers the alarm but inside he finds a cold mist waiting for him. Miyuki comments on his use of Ghost Walker and when Chen says her name, she realises he’s the one who had been targeting Tatsuya. Chen is surprised his spell didn’t work and Miyuki explains she’d been warned and has an ally who can see the invisible. Miyuki then comment making him disappear means they can rest easy for now and freezes Chen before he can act.

5:35pm. Near the tower, Tatsuya’s airborne unit is engaging more GAU APCs and one-sidedly crushing them to the point they retreat. The camouflaged ship sets sail to escape and Yanagi is about to order them to attack the ship when he receives a transmission from Kyouko telling them not to attack the ship as it’s to dangerous to sink it in the harbour due to it’s fuel source. The Japanese navy also hold back on attacking for this reason. Kazama joins the conversation and orders them to leave the clean up to the other units and to return to base.

6:00pm. On the roof of Yokohama Bay Hills Tower, Kazama asks for an update on the clean-up operation. Kyouko reposts there is still some fighting, but it’s mostly finished and should be over tonight. Sanada reports that a tunnel to the buried shelter is scheduled to be opened up tomorrow. Kazama asks about the escaping ship and Kyouko reports it’s in the Sea of Sagami and heading south as is currently about halfway between Boso Peninsula and Oshima so it’s safe to sink it. Kazama passes Sanada a key card and Sanada retrieves Third Eye from its case and hands it to Tatsuya. Kazama then authorizes Tatsuya to activate the Strategic Class Magic, Material Burst, on the escaping assault vessel. Tatsuya uses a satellite uplink and Elemental Sight to target a drop of water on the ship.

6:01pm. The soldiers on the ship discuss the fact they were allowed to escape when they detect the CAD locking on. The spell triggers before they can react and destroys the ship. The blast can be seen from the mainland and is observed by all the students present.

On the tower roof, Kyouko and Tatsuya confirm the ships destruction and that there was no tsunami as a side effect. Kyouko receives a call and reports to the others that the GAU is mobilising a fleet at Zhenhai Navel Port and that their unit has been ordered to deal with them at Tsushima Fortress. Tatsuya and the reset of the 101st Magic-Equipped Battalion board a transport to redeploy.

Miyuki receives a call from Yotsuba Maya, and the two have a guarded conversation, mentioning the events of the day and Maya stating she’s relieved Miyuki is ok. Maya asks where Tatsuya is, and Miyuki tells her he has follow-up duties with the military and so hasn’t returned. Maya comments on Tatsuya leaving Miyuki alone, but Miyuki replies that she is always protected by Tatsuya. Maya affirms that even if Tatsuya’s chains are released, he cannot break his vow. Maya ends the call by inviting Miyuki and Tatsuya to visit the Yotsuba Main House, essentially a summons.

12:15am, 31st of October 2095. At the Tsushima Fortress, Kazama has a satellite feed displayed and explains that the GAU fleet will set sail from the port in less than two hours and that Japanese fleet won’t mobilize in time, meaning they’d have to repel it with land and air assets. Because of this the 101st Magic-Equipped Battalion will deploy Strategic Class Magicians to destroy the enemy fleet under orders from the Joint Staff Council. Tatsuya, still in his armour to hide his identity, steps up with Third Eye and uses the satellite feed to take aim at the flag on one of the ships. Tatsuya then triggers Material Burst and obliterates the port and the fleet, leaving a huge crater. The officers of the unit look on as Kyouko confirms the fleets destruction.

Later that morning, Miyuki watches the news report about the attack, her monologue stating that this event is referred to as Scorched Halloween by future historians, recorded as the day when magic surpassed any mechanical, atomic, biological and chemical weapon as well as the true beginning of the history of glory and suffering of the race of magicians.

Tatsuya returns home to an elated and relieved Miyuki who runs up to embrace him.

At the Yotsuba Main House at 8:35am, Hayama Tadanori informs Maya that Kazama wishes to see her the following Sunday. Maya agrees and tells Hayama to invite the siblings on the same day.