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Yokohama Disturbance I is the nineteenth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Following his feats in the Nine Schools Competition, Tatsuya is scouted to participate in another important event, the "Magic Thesis Competition" and his team has only a few days left to produce the applicable material before the deadline. Back at home, Tatsuya and Miyuki have an encounter with their step mother, who enlists Tatsuya's help to replicate an elusive relic that can change the history of magic forever, but a new group of enemies appear, intending to steal it.


Yokohama Yamashita Pier. Illegal aliens have come ashore from a small cargo ship and Police Inspector Chiba Toshikazu and his partner Inagaki are using magic to rush and intercept them at high speed. On route, Toshikazu complains that this is happening again, but Inagaki scolds him.

Upon finding them, the two find that the immigrants are armed with rifles. Toshikazu calls out to read the men their rights but instead of surrendering the men simply take aim instead. In response Toshikazu activates his magic and dodges in the air while under heavy fire, before closing and incapacitating one of the men. Inagaki returns fire and the men are quickly subdued. The ship begins to escape and so Toshikazu gives the order and Inagaki fires a magically enhanced shot into the ship, disabling it. Toshikazu then unsheathes his sword and uses magic to leap aboard and slash open the ships cargo hold. However, when the smoke clears, Toshikazu finds that it has already been evacuated through a hatch for divers.

In Yokohama’s Chinatown, Zhou Gongjin is waiting by a well. The wells bricks are pushed out and collapse allowing a group of men to climb out. Zhou welcomes the men and Chen Xiangshan thanks him for his assistance.

The tenth of October at First High. Miyuki walks past a noticeboard revealing the new officers of the Student Council, with Nakajou Azusa as president, Miyuki as vice-president, Isori Kei as treasurer and Mitsui Honoka as the secretary.

Miyuki visits Tatsuya, who is researching. Tatsuya asks if it’s ok for her to visit when the new Student Council only just started, and Miyuki replies Azusa is very busy but Miyuki herself isn’t. Miyuki asks what Tatsuya is researching and he explains it’s a document on the Emerald Tablet. Miyuki remarks Tatsuya has been researching alchemy related documents a lot recently. Tatsuya explains he’s looking for information on the manufacture of a Philosopher’s Stone, a catalyst for spells. Tatsuya further explains that the Philosopher’s Stone is supposedly able to perform substance conversion magic alone, meaning it may be able to store magic sequences. Tatsuya goes on to say that with the advent of Flight Magic, sustained nuclear fusion using gravity control magic is close, but if the magician has to keep casting the spell, there is no point as the magicians role would simply change from weapon to component. The magician should be essential, but not constrained by the system so the ability to store magic sequences is needed. Tatsuya then asks Miyuki what she wanted, and Miyuki informs him that Ichihara Suzune is looking for him to discuss the Thesis Competition.

Tatsuya heads to the Magic Geometry Classroom to meet with Suzune. There Tsuzura Kazuo brings up the Thesis Competition and asks Tatsuya to participate as a member of the team. Tsuzura explains the team was originally Suzune, Kei and Hirakawa Koharu but Koharu is unwell. Tatsuya infers it’s due to Koharu being the engineer for the girl who fell in Mirage Bat. Tatsuya asks why he was selected when the participants are normally selected via a qualifying competition. Kazuo says the team is a group and Tatsuya is suited to it, and hands over to Suzune and leaves. Suzune then explains she recommended Tatsuya and declined all other substitutes. Tatsuya expresses concern that the runners-up may be upset that Tatsuya is participating when he didn’t even submit a paper for the selection. Suzune fiercely opposes Sekimoto Isao being on the team and goes on to explain that her paper is on the technical possibility of a gravity-control type magic thermonuclear fusion reactor and as there is only three weeks left to the competition, feels it best to add someone already working on the same theme. Tatsuya agrees. Ichihara then gives Tatsuya an explanation of the Thesis Competition, telling him it takes place on the last Sunday of October and that it’s hosted in the Yokohama International Conference Centre this year. Suzune then tells Tatsuya that the theme is open but all the materials and demonstration devices must be submitted to the Magic Association beforehand and as such the deadline is two Sundays from now but for Tsuzura Kazuo to have time to do the checks it needs to be finished by next Wednesday.

After school, Tatsuya tells his friends and Mikihiko is surprised to hear Tatsuya is participating. He explains to the others that the winning paper is featured in Super Nature every year and even the other teams can be published in scientific journals. Mikihiko asks if they have much time, and Tatsuya tells them they have nine days. Honoka is shocked, but Tatsuya explains he wouldn’t have agreed if it wasn’t a theme that he was familiar with. Leo asks Tatsuya what the theme is and he tells him it’s ‘The Technical Problems of a Gravity-Control Type Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor and Solution Strategies for Them’. Mikihiko recognises it as one of the ‘Three Great Problems of Weight-Type Magic. Mizuki is surprised as she though it would be CAD related if Tatsuya was involved.

The Shiba siblings return home to find a car in the driveway. They enter and are greeted by their stepmother Shiba Sayuri and Miyuki immediately hides behind Tatsuya. Tatsuya comments it’s been a while and Sayuri awkwardly replies that it’s easier to commute from closer to the office.

Miyuki takes the pause in the conversation to asks what Tatsuya wants for dinner and lays it on the teasy flirting quite thickly to make Sayuri uncomfortable. Tatsuya tells her to clam down and Miyuki leaves the room.

With Miyuki gone, Tatsuya sits across from Sayuri and asks what her business is. Sayuri asks if they still hate her and Tatsuya confirms Miyuki does due to the remarriage been half a year after her real mother died, but he himself is incapable of such feelings. Tatsuya then asks again why she is there. She asks Tatsuya to work at headquarters and to drop out of high school. Tatsuya refuses, pointing out that he cannot fulfil his role as a Guardian. Sayuri argues another could have been sent had Tatsuya not attended but he counters that even the Yotsuba cannot find a replacement so easily then there is a shortage of Magicians in the industry. Sayuri asks if he’s saying there is no one better for the role and Tatsuya affirms in Miyuki’s case there isn’t. Sayuri then states the company cannot afford to allow talented staff like him play around and Tatsuya counters by bringing up the recent order for the flight devices from the USNA, which should account for twenty percent of the overall sales across all devices. Sayuri then asks could he at least come to headquarters to analyse a sample, placing a box on the table. Tatsuya comments it’s a Relic and asks where it’s from. When Sayuri won’t confirm its origin, Tatsuya concludes it’s a military contract. He then asks if by ‘analyse’ she means ‘duplicate’. Taking her silence as confirmation, Tatsuya then asks why they were so reckless as to accept when Relics are near impossible to replicate with modern science. Sayuri says the military demanded it and they couldn’t decline. Tatsuya asks why they would demand something they should know is impossible. She tells Tatsuya it’s because it’s believed the Relic can store magic sequences, and though it’s only a hypothesis there is lots of observational data. Tatsuya states he understands why the military can’t ignore it but given FLT’s current success Tatsuya doesn’t understand why they’d risk it. Sayuri says it’s too late and when Tatsuya asks if that’s the case even if it’s impossible, she counters by bringing up Tatsuya ability which might be able to do it. Tatsuya points out that it doesn’t mean replication is possible and adds that she should send the sample to the third research and development division or he can hold onto it. Enraged, Sayuri takes the Relic and storms out.

With Sayuri gone, Tatsuya calls out to Miyuki and tells her he’s heading out and to lock the doors.

Tatsuya is riding down the road on his motorbike after Sayuri. A large black van cuts off Sayuri’s car and forces it into a halt. Two armed men get out and rush to Sayuri’s car and see that she is unconscious within the air bag. Before then can act, Tatsuya skips to a stop nearby, blinding them with his headlight as he dismounts. One of the men uses Cast Jamming on Tatsuya but it doesn’t work, and Tatsuya dismantles their weapons. The fact Cast Jamming didn’t work leaves the men shocked as Tatsuya guns them down with his magic. Tatsuya closes in to check on Sayuri but suddenly senses something but is too late and is shot though the chest and thrown behind Sayuri’s car as his Regrowth kicks in. The fallen men are lifted with magic into the car and it speeds off. Tatsuya then uses Elemental Sight to trace the bullet to locate the sniper.

The sniper has reloaded his rifle and is about to shoot but when he looks through the scope, he sees Tatsuya taking aim at him, but before he can act, Tatsuya casts his magic and the sniper is disintegrated.

Back at home, Tatsuya reports the incident to Kazama Harunobu via videophone. Kazama tells Tatsuya not to worry about the cameras as they are being dealt with and Tatsuya thanks him. Kazama comments how bold it was to use the rifle in the city and Tatsuya replies the sniper was very competent and confirms they didn’t use magic. Kazama comments that someone skilled enough to snipe someone over a kilometre away with only an optical scope can only belong to a limited number of organisations so it should be easier to identify the enemy. Hearing this, Miyuki, who was listening in, runs off. Kazama then receives a repost and replay to Tatsuya that they found the vehicle and will deal with them after investigating.

The call over, Miyuki brings coffee for two. Tatsuya notices her new apron and Miyuki tells him she went with Mizuki, who needed a new one. Miyuki asks Tatsuya his opinion and he tells Miyuki that it suits her so well he wants to put her in a glass case and keep her all to himself.

After Miyuki takes a seat, she asks what Sayuri wanted. Tatsuya tells her it was to help with work. Tatsuya shows Miyuki the sample and she is shocked that Sayuri had a Relic. Tatsuya explains it’s a request from the military to replicate it. Miyuki thinks it’s absurd, but Tatsuya tells her it’s worth a look if it can store magic sequences. Tatsuya goes on to say that magic weapons could be deployed on fronts without magicians so if the Relic can be reproduced then a great number of powerful magic weapons can be created. Tatsuya then says he has no interest in that as simply storing magic sequences isn’t a replacement for magicians, but it is indispensable for activating magic mechanically and that system is what he wants to bring to light.

At their base, Chen asks for a situation report. His men report that the infiltration of the Magic Association was successful, but the attempt to steal the Relic failed. Chen asks if it’s ability to store sequences was confirmed but is told they need the Relic to confirm that. Chen tells then it’s of great value to the Great Asian Union and to make sure to acquire it.