Yokohama Disturbance IV is the twenty-second episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Lu Gonghu's attempt to remove Chiaki is thwarted by Watanabe and Naotsugu Chiba. Mr. Zhou visits Chiaki and appears to cast a memory alteration magic so that she will forget about his involvement with her. Saegusa, Watanabe, and Tatsuya go to the detention facility and elicit a confession from Sekimoto on his intention (and unsuccessful attempt) to steal the Magic Thesis project data and locate the relic. Lu Gonghu appears again, apparently to silence Sekimoto, but is defeated by the three and taken into custody. Later, Tatsuya relays the information to Fujibayashi.

Once he is finished, he sits down and relaxes his eyes. Miyuki comes in, and seeing a chance, closes in on Tatsuya. She leans in close to him, and contemplates on whether she should kiss him or not, when Tatsuya opens his eyes. This startles Miyuki and she loses her grasp on the couch arm and nearly falls on top of Tatsuya, saved by his arm on her shoulder. She then says sorry and runs to her room embarrassed. Tatsuya then comforts her and tells her to get some rest. 


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