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Yokohama Disturbance II is the twentieth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Tatsuya talks with Mayumi about the Thesis Competition. When she inquired why he hasn't made a move on her in the private spot room they were in, he said that there were cameras and if there weren't any, if she offered herself, he would certainly take her up on her offer. This makes her jump against the wall in embarrassment.

Someone tries to hack into Tatsuya's computer, most likely to steal his contributions to the Thesis Competition.

A spy follows Tatsuya's group, and after being discovered, uses a smoke bomb to escape. He is then killed by a man called 'The Man Eating Tiger'.


The eleventh of October 2095. Tatsuya is visiting First High’s library to gather materials for the Thesis Competition when he bumps into Mayumi. She asks what he’s doing there and when he tells her she comments she’d heard of his participation from Suzune and suggests the two head inside on of the reading rooms to avoid being a nuisance to others.

Inside the reading room, Mayumi tells Tatsuya how important the theme is to Suzune and tells him she’s counting on Tatsuya to help her. Tatsuya asks what Suzune’s motivation is and Mayumi tells him it’s to raise the social standing of magicians by turning magic into an indispensable economic factor and release them from their fate as living weapons. Mayumi goes on to say that a Gravity Control-type Magic Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor will be a big step towards that goal according to Suzune and this years thesis will be a big step towards that. Tatsuya replies that he’s astounded that Suzune is thinking the exact same thing as Tatsuya is and is amazed there is someone else with the same outlook. This makes Mayumi jealous and she remarks that it’s good Tatsuya has found chemistry with Suzune. Tatsuya states that chemistry doesn’t factor in and that his and Suzune’s methodologies are completely different. Mayumi replies that they have the same basic concept and asks if Suzune is Tatsuya’s type. She goes on to state he’s having a conversation with a beautiful girl in close proximity yet making no signs of making a move. She then apologises for her childish figure. Tatsuya simply states he’s not an exhibitionist and as such won’t lay hands on a woman in front of a security camera. This surprises Mayumi and she asks what if no one was watching. Tatsuya slides in close and whispers if she were offering herself to him, he wouldn’t hesitate to partake of her. This makes Mayumi very embarrassed and she moves away flustered.

At home, Tatsuya’s computer is hacked but Tatsuya quickly repels the hackers.

The next day, Tatsuya tells Ono Haruka about the hacking attack and that the connection was cut before he could trace the attackers. Haruka tells him she can’t trace them for him. Tatsuya explains he knows that, and he just wants her to tell him what she knows about the organisation that’s been buying and selling classified documents lately. Haruka asks Tatsuya if he realises that she herself is bound by confidentiality. Tatsuya confirms he does. Haruka then yells him that since the end of September through to now, there has been a spate of break ins in Yokohama and Yokosuka. Tatsuya concludes it can’t be unrelated.

Later on, Tatsuya tells Isori Kei about the hacking attempt and asks if he had any issues at home. Isori wonders what they were after and Tatsuya tells him that the commands the hackers used indicate they were after any documents pertaining to magic theory and given the timing it might be related to the Thesis Competition. Isori says they need to warn Suzune.

At that moment Chiyoda Kanon bursts into the room and starts hugging Kei, her fiancé. Watanabe Mari also enters the room and greets Tatsuya. Mari tells him she’s here to discuss the security for the thesis team members and equipment due to them being targeted in the past by industrial spies due to their valuable. Tatsuya asks if that includes the hacking of home servers, but Mari tells him she’s not heard of anyone going that far, it’s usually just robbery and snatch-and-grabs. Mari goes on the explain the school handles security, but they respect the wishes of the team members as to who actually guards them. Kanon tells Tatsuya she’ll be the one protecting Kei. Mari then tells Tatsuya that Suzune will be guarded by Hattori and Takeaki but she’s unsure what to do with Tatsuya. Tatsuya tells her no guard is needed and Mari agrees.

After school, Tatsuya leaves a store and notices he’s been watched by someone who ducks behind a tree. Kei and Kanon follow him out and notice somethings wrong. When he tells them, and when she sees the unknown girl run, Kanon springs into action. As Kanon gains on the girl, the girl throws a flash grenade which stops Kanon’s advance. The girl then gets on a scooter to escape. Kanon starts casting a spell to stop her and Kei quickly shouts at her to stop and Tatsuya disables the spell. Kanon demands to know why as Kei stops the girl with magic instead. The girl then flips a switch and activates a rocket booster to overpower the spell and escapes, leaving Kanon and Kei shocked.

The girl escapes into the mountains where the bike is abandoned and the girl is picked up. An unknown man looking on from hiding behind a tree wonders if the girl will be alright.

Chen is told that because it was Zhou that arranged for the girl to help, they themselves aren’t in danger of discovery. Chen wonders how much they can trust Zhou. Chen then asks ho the operation with the Relic is going. One of his men reports that there is no evidence it was removed from the premises of Four Leaves Technology but it’s location is unknown. Chen orders them not to skimp on Sayuri’s surveillance. He then asks what they discovered about the house she visited. Chen is informed that it’s where her husband’s children live, and that both are first years at First High. Chen recognises Tatsuya’s name his subordinate explains Tatsuya is the target for the local collaborators revenge. Hearing they are at First High; Chen tells the others that might be good for them and to add First High to their list of targets. He then tells them to add more support for the girl, tell her that leaking classified documents is the most effective revenge and to give hr a weapon. Chen then orders Lu Ganghu to take charge on-site and to get rid of anyone else they find sniffing around.

At First High on the nineteenth of October, Tatsuya goes to class and is greeted by Erika who comments that he’s early. Tatsuya asks what they were discussing and Erika explains that Mizuki has felt someone’s gaze. Mizuki tells him she’s felt it since this morning, like someone’s secretly peering into the cracks form the shadows. Tatsuya asks if it’s a stalker, but Mizuki tells him it’s not looking at her, more like it’s casting a wide net over the school. Mizuki admits she’s uncertain but Mikihiko backs her up by adding that the sprits on campus have been in an unusual frenzy since this morning. Mikihiko goes on to say that he thinks that someone has invoked a shiki, but he’s not sure of the type as it seems to be a different type to the ones he uses but he’s in no doubt that a spell caster is sniffing around. Tatsuya reacts to this and asks if when he said it’s a different type to the ones he uses, he meant a non-Shinto spell or a foreign spell. Mikihiko says he thinks it’s foreign.

Elsewhere, Chiba Toshikazu and Inagaki are canvassing for witnesses to the illegal immigrants but can’t find any. Toshikazu comments there are witnesses but they simply won’t talk to them. Toshikazu then decides they should visit a ‘den of snakes’ to try for a lead.

The pair arrive at Roter Wald and Inagaki comments it’s ok to take a break once in a while, but he thought they were going to a den of snakes. Toshikazu tells him this is the ‘den of snakes’ and that the owner is an information broker.

Tatsuya is heading home after school with his friends. Honoka asks if the preparations for the Thesis Competition are completed. Tatsuya explains they’ve reached a plateau, and that they still need to build the presentation models, rehearse and calibrate the spells, among other things. Erika asks if Mizuki is helping with the models, and Mizuki tells her that it’s the second years who are making the model, so she isn’t doing anything. Tatsuya explains that because the models were left to Kei, it’s only natural the second years would take charge. Leo asks what Tatsuya is doing, and Tatsuya tells him that he’s fine-tuning the spells for the demonstration. Shizuku remarks that wou’d think it would be the other way around.

The group come to Café Einebrise, and Tatsuya asks if people want to stop there and Erika, Leo and Mikihiko agree immediately. Inside the group have drinks and chat with the proprietor, who mentions his parents run Roter Wald.

Meanwhile at Roter Wald, Toshikazu orders coffee for him and Inagaki. He notices Fujibayashi Kyouko drinking further down the bar but when he doesn’t talk to her she comes over to speak to him. Kyouko teasingly asks him if he’s not good with women while telling him she knows who Toshikazu is, and then introduced herself.

In Café Einebrise, Erika finishes her drink and makes an excuse to leave, and Leo pretends to have a call. Mikihiko starts drawing a talisman and when Tatsuya asks him what he is doing, Mikihiko says he’s just jotting something down before he forgets. Tatsuya tells Mikihiko not to overdo it or his cover will be blown.

Outside, Erika asks Jiro Marshall if he wants a good time. The Jiro scolds her for it, and Erika proceeds to tease him. This annoys Jiro and he tells her it’s getting late and she should go home as if she hangs around in places like this she could be attacked by a ‘street attacker’. Leo, CAD at the ready, asks if ‘street attacker’ means someone like him. Erika replies it means a passing magician and draws her CAD. Erika then demands to know why Jiro was following them, giving of killing intent. Jiro shouts he’s being robbed but it’s to no avail. Erika explains there is a barrier to prevent people approaching and unless she and Leo are knocked out, he cannot escape. Jiro throws his coffee at Erika and then lunges with a knife while her vision is blocked. Erika dodges, and is pushed onto the defensive and Jiro’s flurry of blows forces her back while Leo charges in from behind. With Erika pushed back, Jiro switches to Leo and after a brief melee, kicks him into a wall with enough force to damage the wall. Erika charges in with magic and forces Jiro onto the defensive until he jumps back. He then throws his knives, which Erika blocks, and then readies more but is tackled from the side by Leo and pinned. The fight over, Leo comments Jiro is an enhanced human, and Erika points out Leo can’t really say anything given the blow he just took. Leo admits he’s at least twenty-five percent lab developed. Jiro tried to get up, but Leo keeps him pinned and tells him that they don’t want to kill him, they just want to know why they are being followed. Jiro tells them he surrenders and that he wasn’t their enemy to begin with. Leo comments that the blow he took could have killed someone else, and Jiro takes the same is true of the blow he took. Leo asks for the short explanation as they don’t want to keep the barrier up for long. Jiro gives his name and states he’s not affiliated with a government agency, nor their enemy. Erika concludes he’s an illegal alien. Jiro explains his job is to monitor the students to ensure no cutting-edge magic falls into the hands of ‘the East’, and to deal with the situation should any leak that poses a threat occur. Leo comments that means Jiro is from ‘the West’ and asks why they’d care. Jiro stands up and pulls a gun before the two can react. Jiro explain in the western nations and the USNA, there has been a spike in eastern spies going after magic engineering and that First High is also a target of these spies. Jiro says he wants to leave and asks them to lower the barrier. Erika signals Miki and he drops the barrier. After checking the barrier is down, Jiro warns Leo and Erika to tell their friends to be vigilant both inside and outside of the school, and then throws a smoke bomb. When the smoke clears, he’s gone without a trace.

Back at Roter Wald, Toshikazu is chatting with Kyouko and asks why she’s in Yokohama. She tells him she’s here on business and asks him if he’s on an investigation. She begins to whisper she’d like his help with something when she gets a call. She apologises and steps out. In her car, Kyouko complains that Tatsuya’s friends are a handful as even Ancient Magic is detected by the surveillance system.

Meanwhile, Jiro is fleeing as fast as he can, reports he’s been detected by the leader of the surveillance team and tells them to send a replacement. He skids to a halt, having senses someone. He hears footsteps and sees Lu Ganghu, who Jiro recognises immediately. Jiro pulls his gun, but his wrist is broken before he can pull the trigger. Lu then kills Jiro and throws paper onto his body, which ignites on contact. Lu then calmly walks away.