Yokohama Disturbance III is the twenty-first episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


The Magic Thesis Competition team meets continued success in developing their project, though Erika, Mikihiko, and Leo apprehend a fleeing student, Chiaki Hirakawa, who is revealed to be working as a spy against the First High team. Chiaki admits to working against Tatsuya personally, passionately believing that he is responsible for Kobayakawa's accident during the Mirage Bat event of the Nine Schools Competition. Erika and Leo take a day off together to train Leo how to use lethal magic, with Erika believing that the conflict will more likely escalate to kill or be killed. Mikihiko chases after an embarrassed Mizuki, unintentionally bumping into an ominous figure dressed in a First High student uniform. 


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