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Yokohama Disturbance Chapter (II) is the 7th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


It's time for the National Thesis Competition to take place in Yokohama but what was supposed to be a grand event for the participating students has been turned into a battlefield.

A mysterious band of armed magicians and mechanized weapons have stormed in and it may be up to Tatsuya and the others to get everyone home safely!

Magic Blades

Aside from using magic itself as the weapon, another method of magical combat involves using magic to strengthen and control conventional weapons. One such form of this are the magical sword techniques of Kenjutsu.
  1. High Frequency Blade - Uses vibrations to break molecular bonds.
  2. Pressure Cut - Creates a repulsive field to cleave the target.
  3. Douji-Giri (Simultaneous Cut) - Controls two blades remotely with a handheld blade to have all three surround a target and strike at once.
  4. Zantetsu (Iron Cleaver) - A secret technique of the Chiba which uses magic to turn a sword into a mono-molecular blade.
  5. Jinrai Zantetsu (Lighting Iron Cleaver) - An enhanced version of Zantetsu which heightened speed and precision.
  6. Mountain Tsunami - A secret Chiba technique which manipulates inertia to increase the users speed and the blades impact.
  7. Usuba Kagerou (Antlion) - Uses hardening magic to make a sword from 5-nanometer-thick woven carbon nanotubes.

Chapter 8

Leo and Erika asks Tatsuya about the details of the Thesis Competition, although their real motive was to ask Tatsuya if they could get in as bodyguards. Mikihiko also jumps into the conversation and offers to help in the security as well in which Tatsuya accepts with a nod and smile.

Suzune, accompanied by Hattori, arrives at the hospital to visit Hirakawa Chiaki. She exchanges heated words with Chiaki due to the latter's one-sided conflict against Tatsuya. Fortunately, Suzune's approach made a huge difference as Chiaki's "disbelief" turned into a "may be possible" hope. Instead of letting Chiaki's absurd antagonism towards Tatsuya run wild, Suzune concluded that inciting Chiaki to compete against Tatsuya would be the most effective way.

After leaving the hospital with Hattori, Suzune mentally ridicules herself for pitying Chiaki's talents would go to waste rather than helping the little girl pull herself together.

Suzune thought about the Ichihara Family, once known as "Ichihana" from the Extra Family that lost their number.

Kichijouji Shinkurou calls Ichijou Masaki, informing him that they are about to leave for Yokohama. The Cardinal George of Third High anticipates that they would meet their rival (Tatsuya) again in the Thesis Competition.

Fujibayashi Kyouko and Inspector Chiba are seen near the top floor of Yokohama Bay Hills Tower, having a private conversation in relation to the inspector's investigation regarding the illegal aliens that have entered the city. Fujibayashi's enticing words led the conversation in a teasing manner, resulting in the inspector's almost spraying of the contents of his glass. The conversation, however, ended up with Inspector Chiba's shocked and tightened expression at Fujibayashi's words to prepare against possible enemy assault.

Chapter 9

Before the opening ceremony of the Thesis Competition, Haruka Ono spies on Tatsuya, following the orders from her superiors in the Public Safety Department. She sees Fujibayashi Kyouko meeting up with Miyuki and Tatsuya.

Fujibayashi is there to update them that the Mobile Suits have been manufactured and these will be delivered that night, and the incidents from before are not yet over. She leaves after giving them a data card containing information.

By chance, Tatsuya and Miyuki run into Masaki, who was part of the Thesis Competition security force. Masaki is accompanied by Tomitsuka Hagane, a fellow first-year student from First High. Afterwards, Tatsuya and Miyuki join their friends in the audience.

Meanwhile, Haruka is intercepted by Fujibayashi, who asks her to stop prying into Tatsuya's personal information.

At 11 AM, Suzune, Mari, and Mayumi arrive at the conference hall. They have interrogated Sekimoto Isao and found out that he was subjected to Mental Interference magic. They deduce that hostile actions beyond their projection may occur.

Elsewhere, Fujibayashi receives intel from Major Kazama that Lu Ganghu's has escaped. Kazama also told her that the 101 Battalion is mobilizing and it will be at the Thesis Competition at 3 PM.

Meanwhile, Katsuto, who is in charge of the 9 School Joint Security Team, after receiving a report from Kirihara and Hattori, orders all security personnel to wear Kevlar.

At 3 PM, First High begins their presentation on "Gravity Control-Type Thermonuclear Reactor". Suzune, the main presenter, notes that the Coulomb repulsion force presents a large problem for a stable thermonuclear reactor. She then demonstrates a magic that temporarily reduces the Coulomb repulsion force severely.

Tatsuya cleans up after Suzune finishes the presentation. George comes on stage and begins setting up for Third High's presentation. As Tatsuya is about to leave, a large explosion shakes the entire hall.

Chapter 10

As Chiba Toshikazu races to the scene of the explosion in his car, he is told that there was a suicide attack on the Harbor Control Building. He is also told that a cargo ship in the harbor has launched rockets. He phones his father and asks him to request help from the national defense.

In the conference hall, Tatsuya and Miyuki quickly reach each other. Six hostile personnel storm into the conference hall with anti-magician rifles, and command everyone to disarm. One of the hostiles approaches Tatsuya. Tatsuya cuts him down, shocking everyone in the hall. At Miyuki's nonchalantly telling Tatsuya that she need to clean up the blood stains, the students react and quickly suppress the intruders.

Erika, Leo, Honoka, Shizuku, Mikihiko, and Mizuki meet up with the Shiba siblings, and they depart the conference hall. After they leave, Mayumi had Azusa use her magic "Azusa Yumi" to calm everyone down. She then told all the students that they could either an emergency shelter underground, or the evacuation ships at the dock. After her speech, she asks Azusa to lead the students from First High to safety.

At the front entrance of the building, the magicians on guard are fighting roughly 30 intruders. After Miyuki silences the weapons of the invader with 'Freezing Flame', Tatsuya, Erika, and Mikihiko help repel the intruders. Afterwards, after they decide that they need more information about what's happening, Shizuku leads them to the VIP conference room, where they can examine the police map data.

In the conference room, Tatsuya realizes that the scale of invasion was larger than expected. Roughly 800 enemy soldiers are committed. Tatsuya and his friends want to head to the evacuation shelter, but decide to delete the data on the demonstration devices first.

By chance, they met up with Katsuto's group and Mayumi's group. Katsuto and Kirihara sweep the area for anyone who was possibly left behind. Tatsuya's group and Mayumi's group delete the data, and convene together to discuss their next step.

After Tatsuya destroys a suicide truck, Kyouko joins them. Outside, Katsuto meets with Captain Sanada, who destroys a barrage of enemy missiles. They head back inside to meet up with Tatsuya's group.

Major Kazama comes in after Fujibayashi. He mobilizes Tatsuya, and commands the others there to keep Tatsuya's position as a Special Officer confidential. Tatsuya leaves after Miyuki, acting with her own discretion, releases his seal.

Chapter 11

In the underground tunnels, Azusa is leading the First High students to the underground shelter. Sawaki and Hattori are taking out guerrillas that attempt to intercept them.

Mayumi's group is escorted by Fujibayashi and her squad. They decide to head to the underground shelter. Katsuto, however, asks for a car so he can help defend the Kantou branch of the Magic Association. He uses Phalanx to protect the car on the way there.

Elsewhere, Third High decides to evacuate on the bus they used to travel to the venue. As the tires were damaged, George leads most of the students to replace the tire while Masaki leads a few students to defend them. Masaki uses Rupture to annihilate the hostile troops, greatly disturbing his classmates.

Azusa's group reaches the entrance of the shelter, but the ceiling caves in due to an attack above. Tsuzura-sensei holds up the falling ceiling with his magic, allowing everyone to enter the shelter safely. Chiaki, who was petrified and shocked by the event, is saved by Tomitsuka.

Overhead, Mayumi's group is dismayed that the entrance to the shelter is blocked. Mayumi's group decides to stay behind to protect the citizens who are locked out of the shelter. Mayumi and Shizuku contact their families to arrange for transport. Fujibayashi leaves them after Inspector Chiba and Inagaki arrives on the scene.

The commanding officer of the invading force, concerned over the heavy casualties, commands the mechanized troops to advance.

Meanwhile, after Toshikazu and Erika tease each other a bit, Toshikazu gives her the Orochimaru, a 180 cm long blade, to use. Isori, Mari, and Mayumi attempt to determine the origin of the invaders, while Honoka uses her magic to project a real-time map of the area for intel.

After Tatsuya equips his mobile suit, which comes in with a Flying Device, Kazama commands him to rendezvous with Yanagi. On the way there, he destroys a flying surveillance drone.

Yanagi, along with a squad equipped with flying magic, takes down a squad of armored personnel carriers (APCs); however, 2 members are injured. When Tatsuya arrives, Yanagi asks him to use Regrowth on the injured soldiers.

Mayumi's group had split up into 3. Two of the groups are guarding access routes, while the last is staying with the refugees. Kirihara asked Sayaka Mibu to not use her sword during the battle, so as to not dirty her sword with blood.

The attack against the Third High students is stopped by Masaki, who decides to join in the defense of the Magic Association branch office. George wants to join him but is asked to guide the rest of the students to safety.

Miyuki's group is attacked by bipedal tanks. Mikihiko is able to detect them ahead of time. Miyuki freezes the tanks, allowing them to be destroyed by Erika and Leo.

In the other guard team, Isori also detects incoming bipedal tanks. Kanon uses Mine Genesis to disable the tanks' mobility. Toshikazu and Kirihara destroyed the tanks, while Sayaka destroys their weaponry with throwing knives.

Elsewhere, Tatsuya finds a Magic Booster among the APC wreckage. Kazama, Yanagi, and Sanada conclude that the Great Asian Union has to be the invaders. Afterward, Tatsuya is asked to assist Mayumi and Shizuku in evacuating civilians.

Miyuki's group, also concludes that the invaders are from the Great Asian Union. They realize that the tanks are likely animated with ancient magic. Mikihiko asks Mizuki to come over so she can help him disable the enemy's magic.

Chapter 12

The invasion is mostly stopped by 4:30 PM. The invading forces has been bogged down, and has lost all observation drones.

Both Kanon's group and Miyuki's group are still fighting. Shizuku's family's helicopter arrives at the civilian's location. The helicopter became under attack by a swarm of locusts, but the magic controlling the swarm is dispersed by Tatsuya, who arrives with a squad of flying soldiers, armored in their mobile suits. As the civilians begin boarding, Tatsuya heads off to destroy the enemy Magicians.

When the helicopter from the Saegusa family arrives, an enemy attempts to take Suzune hostage. However, he is disabled by Suzune's magic. A smaller helicopter also arrives to specifically pick up Mayumi. Mayumi leaves the evacuation to Shizune, and commands Nakura, the pilot of the helicopter, to pick up Mari and Miyuki's group. Tatsuya, still overlooking the evacuation, leaves after eliminating the last of the nearby enemies.

Juumonji arrives at the Kantou branch and joins in the fight after changing into his combat uniform. The defense force for the Kantou branch are being hard-pressed by APCs and magicians, but Juumonji is able to rally the defenders, and help drive back the invaders with Phalanx.

Masaki joins in the fight on China Street, and runs into magic phantoms summoned by enemy magicians. Being pressed, he uses area of effect magic "Kyokan Jigoku" to boil the blood of enemies, and kills the magician that summoned the phantom with Rupture.

Miyuki's group has mostly driven off the invaders when Mayumi's helicopter picks them up. Honoka casts magic that camouflages the helicopter. The group prepares to pick up Kanon's group next.

Finding that the group is still engaged in combat, Mayumi strikes down the enemy using Magic Shooter. As they prepare to evacuate Kanon's group, the guerrillas launch a surprise attack. The attack severely injures Kei and Kirihara. Miyuki leaps from the helicopter, and freezes the guerrillas' mind with her innate magic "Cocytus". She then calls to her brother, who restores Kirihara and Kei with Regrowth.

The mobile invading force decides to launch one last assault. They are intercepted by a flying squad, which includes Tatsuya. His decomposition and regrowth lead the invading force to acknowledge him as "Mahesvara", a demon who annihilated them 3 years ago at Okinawa. The flying squad, with Tatsuya in tow, fully breaks the morale of the invaders.

Katsuto and Masaki are able take advantage of 101 Battalion's attack to push back at the enemies, pressing at them as well. Masaki's counter attack leads him to Zhou Gongjin, who claims to be a victim. Though Masaki does not fully trust him, he does not have the authority to investigate.

On the helicopter, Miyuki explains that Tatsuya used Regrowth to heal Kirihara and Kei, and also informs everyone that Tatsuya must feel all the victim's pain to cast regrowth.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiangshan, along with Lu Ganghu and about 20 specialists, are making their way towards the Magic Association branch. They are detected by Mizuki and Mikihiko.

Mayumi, after getting intel that the Magic Association is under attack, commands the helicopter to turn around and help with the defense of the branch. Mayumi, Mari, Erika and Leo prepare to face off against Lu Ganghu, while the rest of them are tasked with protecting the headquarters and suppressing the other hostiles.

Though Mayumi's group outnumbers Lu Ganghu, they are still hard pressed by him. Lu Ganghu, garbed in enchanted White Tiger Armor, manages to suppress Leo, Mari, and Erika before Mayumi takes him down with "Dry Meteor".

Chen Xiangshan is able to make it to the headquarters with his Ghost Walker. However, Mizuki is able to break through his magic, allowing Miyuki to freeze him.

Meanwhile, 101 Battalion is taking out the retreating soldiers with the mobility of their flying magic.

Chapter 13

The Great Asian Union vessel retreats, leaving behind the remaining troops. Katsuto commands the volunteers to cease combat operations. Tatsuya and Yanagi are also commanded to fall back, as sinking the vessel near the harbour would severely harm the water quality in the area.

A while later, Tatsuya is ordered to take out the enemy vessel with Material Burst. Using the Third Eye CAD as an aid, he is able to target a water droplet on the ship, and uses Material Burst on it, annihilating the vessel.

Zhou Gongjin, after receiving intel from his master, predict that both the Great Asian Union and Japan will mobilize their Strategic-Class Magician. He hopes for mutual destruction.

At home, Miyuki receives a message from her aunt Maya, who asks Miyuki and Tatsuya to visit next Sunday.

The next day, on October 31, Tatsuya is at the Tsushima base. The Great Asian Union has mobilized their fleet, and according to Kazama, will launch an attack in two hours. Kazama explains that the Joint Chiefs have approved the use of Strategic-Class Magic weaponry.

Tatsuya, using Third Eye, annihilates the fleet with Material Burst.


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