Yokohama Disturbance Chapter (I) is the 6th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


The nationwide All-High Magic Thesis Competition is lauded as a more cerebral and refined contest than the action-packed Nine School Competition.

After seeing more than enough gunfights and magical duels in between classes, this change of pace suits Tatsuya just fine.

Unfortunately, not every spectator is content with simply enjoying the event. With rival students, intelligence operatives, and a foreign assassin all in attendance, Tatsuya might need more than just his wits to keep everyone safe!

Japan Magic Association "National High School Student Magic Sciences Thesis Competition"

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Chapter 1

Inspector Chiba Toshikazu and his partner Inagaki engage a group of illegal aliens of an unknown nationality attempting to enter the city at Yokohama Wharf. After suppressing them and disabling their vessel, Inspector Chiba rushed aboard to find the ship empty. After inspection, it appeared the illegal aliens had escaped through the bottom flooding it in the process. 

The 16 illegal aliens that escaped are greeted by Mr. Zhou, who provides them with clean clothes and food.

Tatsuya and company meet in the cafeteria for lunch. Miyuki, Honoka and Shizuku arrive late due to Student Council work, which worries Honoka because she feels that being late is her fault. The group tries to comfort Honoka by telling her that she just needs experience and she'll grow more accustomed to the work.

With the installation of the new Student Council, Miyuki is promoted to Vice-President with Honoka (replacing her as Secretary), Asuza as President and Isori as Treasurer. Asuza tried to offer Tatsuya the role as Vice-President, but he turned her down. Kanon, the new Chairperson of the Public Moral Committee countered Asuza's offer by claiming Tatsuya's work is vital to the committee. Eventually, they compromise without Tatsuya's consent and he will transfer to the role of VP later in the year.

Tatsuya researches documents on alchemy regarding the Philosopher's Stone in order to discover a catalyst that can store Magic Sequences. He hopes to use this catalyst to develop a way to maintain Gravity-Control Magic without the continued presence of a magician.

Tatsuya is invited to represent First High in the National High School Magic Theory Thesis Competition by Suzune Ichihara. Ichihara tells Tatsuya that he was the most suitable candidate because his personal research happened to be the topic of their thesis (She knows this from overhearing his and Mibu's conversation back during the Blanche incident). She continues to tell him that her topic is the 'possibility of developing a Gravity Control-Type Magic thermonuclear fusion reactor'. Under the guidance of Professor Tsuzura, the team now consists of Ichihara as the writer and Isori and Tatsuya as assistants. After he accepts they discuss the schedule and constraints of the competition.

Chapter 2

Tatsuya and company meet up at one of the cafes they frequently visit and discuss his invitation into the team for the National Thesis Competition. After a short conversation on Tatsuya's status of being a genius, Tatsuya explains his role on the team and the topic of the thesis. Most of his friends are impressed and concerned that they are taking on the challenge of one of the Three Great Puzzles.

The siblings confront their step-mother Shiba Sayuri when they return from their meeting at the cafe. Sayuri requests Tatsuya's assistance down at the FLT labs which would also require him to drop out of First High. He flat out refuses her offer claiming that he has done plenty to benefit the company and needs to act as Miyuki's Guardian. After failing to recruit him, Sayuri asks him to at least analyze and duplicate a rare Magatama class relic. Tatsuya claims it may not be possible, but proposes to analyze it at either the R&D Third Division lab or at his house. After hearing this proposal, Sayuri storms out of the house. Tatsuya decides to follow her since he fears that danger may befall her as she is carrying a very valuable specimen, one which interests Tatsuya due to its possible Magic Storage abilities.

On her way back to the station, Sayuri is unknowingly followed by Tatsuya and an unknown black car. The black car cuts her off causing her vehicle to activate the emergency stop while Tatsuya speeds up to engage them. When Tatsuya catches up he incapacitates the perpetrators from in the car, who appear to be some of the missing illegal aliens. Afterwards, he is unexpectedly shot from afar by a skilled sniper. While locating the sniper reading the information body using the variables of the impact, the incapacitated bodies are magically lifted back into the black car. Tatsuya prioritizes eliminating the sniper instead and decomposes him on the spot while the illegal aliens make their escape.

Tatsuya inspects the car and finds Sayuri fainted inside of her vehicle, most likely due to the mental shock of the attack. After her car reactivates, Tatsuya follows her closely until they reach the station. When they arrive, Sayuri forces the relic onto Tatsuya and leaves.

In order to cover his tracks and protect his identity Tatsuya calls Major Kazama to delete the footage on any cameras that may have captured him using his powers. He also tells him to investigate the missing illegal aliens.

Tatsuya returns home to Miyuki waiting for him with dinner in her new apron. During dinner they discuss Sayuri's visit and Tatsuya's acquisition of the rare relic and its possible usage to store Magic Sequences.

She wanted to do the chores that Tatsuya was supposed to do, but after their discussion, Miyuki starts to work on her homework in her room. As she struggles with the math portion she considers asking Tatsuya for help, but she doesn't want to bother him in his work. She begins to think about Tatsuya and her awareness that she's very dependent on her brother. She also internally describes Tatsuya's role as her guardian.

Chapter 3

Tatsuya decides to go to the library to research the relic and prepare for the Thesis competition. While searching for a seat he stumbles upon Mayumi studying for her college entrance exams and offers him a seat in her reading booth. He accepts, and then Mayumi begins to explain Suzune's interest in the Sustained Gravity Control-Type Magic Sequence Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor and her dream to change the social standing of magicians with this device. Tatsuya admits that he was contemplating a similar goal which leads Mayumi to bring up Tatsuya's interest in women. He responds with carelessly thought out answers which make Mayumi slightly nervous, but nevertheless she decides to stay in his company. 

An unknown party unsuccessfully attempts to hack the Shiba Family's home server, though they cut out before Tatsuya could trace them. The next day Tatsuya confronts Haruka about information concerning the identities of the hacker group and she informs him that illegal aliens have infiltrated Yokohama and there have been several thefts on the major CAD companies. She also suggests that Tatsuya and the thesis group submit a hard copy of their thesis report rather then a online copy due to the possibility of it being stolen.

Tatsuya informs Isori about the current situation at the Public Morals Committee HQ. They discuss the hackers, their intent, and possible relations to the competition. During their discussion, Kanon and Mari interrupt and change the focus of the conversation. Mari asks Tatsuya about how Kanon is handling her new responsibilities as Chief, to which Tatsuya begins to tease Kanon about her organization skills. When their small-talk was over, Mari brings up the issue of security during the Thesis Competition. She suggests that they set personal bodyguards for the team members and report materials. Tatsuya also asks about the possibility of hackers, though Mari doubts they would directly hack for the information as it is a serious felony and not worth the risk, which confirms Tatsuya's suspicion that the hackers were specifically looking for the relic.

Tatsuya, Isori, and Kanon go to the store to purchase some 3D slides not available on campus. On their way, Tatsuya detects an unknown presence watching them from the shadows. When they arrive at the store Tatsuya decides to stay outside to keep on eye on their observer. Tatsuya tells the others after their shopping and Kanon alerts their stalker scaring them off. She dashes after them and when she catches up she realizes their stalker is a young girl. The girl activates a flash bang blinding everyone nearby and takes off on a scooter. As the girl tries to escape Isori stops her scooter using magic, though the girl unexpectedly flies off in a rocket propelled seat quickly escaping the scene.

After the young girl escapes she meets up with her collaborators in an unmarked van. While driving to an unknown destination, she ponders her reckless behavior and her reasoning for ending up in this mess. She arrives at the conclusion to blame the man who ruined her sister's career at the Nine Schools Competition.

While watching the girl in the van, Mr. Zhou asks his subordinates about the situation concerning the location of the relic whose location still remains unknown. He decides to order surveillance on First High, the Shiba siblings in particular, and arm the young girl for her next task.

Chapter 4

Tatsuya, Isori and Suzune discuss about the incident happened, Suzune says , It is not possible to catch the culprit from 300 female students of campus without narrowing it down to manageable numbers. Tatsuya explains even if find the culprit they can do nothing more than put her under surveillance.The only choice they have is to be on guard.

Tatsuya comes in his class room and Erika is sitting on his seat , after taking seat Erika tells Tatsuya that Mizuki thinks someone is watching her , Then Mizuki tells Tatsuya that she thinks she is not the target but she is part of a much larger net being cast out. Mikihiko comes and tells them that spirits around school are different and he feels some magician with magic having different from their country is behind this.Everyone make assumption of spies since First high is a magic high school and there are many important documents there but Tatsuya knew very well what was happening.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


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