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Visitor Chapter (III) is the 11th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


At the same that the leader of the USNA's elite magician unit, the Stars, traveled to Japan under the identity of an exchange student named Lina, the parasite incident wreaked havoc on the First Magic High School until Tatsuya and his friends saved the day and brought the incident to a peaceful conclusion.

However, the parasite merely lost its first host and continues to wander this world. More importantly, it's found its next host-a humanoid helper robot. After copying Honoka Mitsui's behavior and patterns, the parasite has been reborn as Pixie, vowing to follow and serve Tatsuya.

After learning more about parasites from Pixie, Tatsuya gathers Miyuki and the others to head towards the Aoyama Cemetery to fight against a new impending danger!

What are Vampires (Parasites)?

Paranormal Parasite are data-based organisms originating in the mind. Originally information bodies from another dimension, they are thought to have intruded upon our plane of existence when the dimensional wall weakened during a micro black hole generation-and-evaporation experiment conducted in Dallas in the United States of North America. Their name comes from the pattern discovered during the incident where the bodies of victims were all found missing large amounts of blood. This is a side effect of their attempts to reproduce.

A total of twelve parasites are estimated to have arrived in this world. Three hosts were eliminated by Lina in the USNA proper. The remaining nine, fled to Japan. Lina has since eliminated the parasite Sullivan, and Mia self-destructed on the Magic High campus. Subsequently, Kuroba Mitsugu and his subordinates eliminated all seven of the others.

Meanwhile, the three eliminated in the USNA found new host bodies and travelled to Japan to revive the nine eliminated in Japan. Eight were revived but the ninth resides in Pixie.

Chapter 13

Tatsuya drops off Miyuki for her lessons in preparation to become the heir of the Yotsuba Family. Tatsuya kills some time at a local cafe store ordering an expensive meal since he will be staying for two hours. During his stay at the cafe, he notices that he is being spied upon by the USNA and leaves the premise. As he exits calmly, he is attacked by the USNA but Chiba Naotsugu appears and informs Tatsuya of the situation. They take down the attackers and eventually Lina appears as Angie Sirius.

Tatsuya takes Lina's bait and follows her to a place with concealment magic that prevents any cameras or people from seeing them fight. Lina is surprised that he took the bait so quickly and promptly asks him to surrender, only to be questioned by Tatsuya, "For what purpose?"

Lina manages to take out Tatsuya's right arm with the aid of her staff. This staff isn't a normal staff. It is a magical weapon that utilizes the "Free After Execution" (FAE) Theory. Tatsuya holds a conversation about the origins of the name of the staff (Brionac) and the theory behind the workings of it. Lina does not care and again tells him to surrender. With Tatsuya's right arm gone, Lina is caught off guard with Tatsuya's counter attack. Tatsuya wins.

Chapter 14

Lina wakes up and is forced to walk back to her apartment because she has no money to travel and has no CAD to use flying-type magic. She arrives home and attempts to call command center, with no avail. She becomes flustered and heads out to go there personally, only to find the place abandoned.

Tatsuya uses an encrypted line to call the Yotsuba butler to inform them about the situation. Hayama, the butler, senses that the head of the Saegusa family maybe related to this and must come to a halt, fearing that the identity of Miyuki and Tatsuya were to be leaked.

Tatsuya goes to pick his sister. Miyuki notices that her brother was in combat through her sense of smell and touch. She displays her concern for her brother but it is quickly dispelled by his words of comfort.

Chapter 15

Maya calls Miyuki to inform her that the threat that the USNA posed to Tatsuya's surroundings has been eliminated, as displayed on the morning news Miyuki and Tatsuya viewed together that morning.

Miyuki is deep in thought about her brother. She fears that the day he will leave her because she will become the head of the Yotsuba family, and therefore he would become fully independent and no longer useful. Also, she will have to marry and accept her husband's love, which is not her brother's, a thought that she rejected and resented. The only boy that she did not detest was Tatsuya and Tatsuya alone could do what he pleases with her if that was his will. She belongs to Tatsuya.

The class has a seat change and Erika is noticeably not in the good mood due to her brother getting defeated by Lina.

As Tatsuya is interrogating Pixie about the parasites, Erika comes in to question him about last night, in regards to her brother, Lina and his motives. Tatsuya states that Erika should give up based upon results, not talent.

An infuriated Erika is put to a stop when Tatsuya asks her if she saw the morning news about the USNA vessel left adrift. Erika did see it. She quickly catches on that Tatsuya had somehow influenced this occurrence and quickly speculates his identity, only to be stopped by Tatsuya. Erika again starts speculating, stating that only the Saegusa, Juumoniji and Yotsuba have this power of influence. Just as Erika was about to ask if he was from the Yotsuba family, Tatsuya silences her with an expression of death. She quickly falls into regret because of her actions as soon as she returns to class.

Tatsuya visits the school at night, with a night visitor pass issued by the student council. Honoka and Miyuki joins him. The purpose of the visit is to retrieve Pixie, in order to bait the other parasites out from the knowledge he obtained during his interrogation.

Just as planned, the Parasites come out. Marte, the parasite, confronts Tatsuya, stating that they do not want to be enemies and will leave the Japanese Magician alone on the condition that Pixie is handed over. Marte wants to free the life form (the parasite) that is occupying the host of a robot which carries no life. Tatsuya refuses Marte's proposal and proceeds to ask rhetorical questions which reveals the plans of Marte. They engage in battle. Pixie displays a power called psychokinesis.

Ayako Kuroba meets with Virginia Balance to discuss about her meddling with the Yotsuba family. Ayako declares that the head, Maya, wants her to stop and refers to the USNA vessel incident from the day before. It becomes more of a demand because of the Yotsuba's influence and power evident in the incident of the adrift vessel.

In exchange for their request, the Yotsuba will lend a favor to Virginia Balance. Virginia decides to accept the contact proposed by Ayako because being on the good side of the Yotsuba is a good thing, and may potentially aid her to get her military spot back.

Maya orders Aoki, the finance butler, to buy Pixie at any cost, and if that was impossible, then prevent trade of ownership rights to it.

Tatsuya reaches out to Mayumi to have a meeting in regards to the Saegusa's family affiliation with the parasites. Tatsuya wants Mayumi to persuade her father to not use the captured Parasite the Saegusa family obtained for military purposes, as it will have a negative effect on the image of Magicians. Mayumi states that she will try but cannot guarantee anything, as she isn't the heir to the family.

Chapter 16

—The Intelligence Bureau's facilities were attacked, and the contained Parasites have been killed—

Tatsuya receives the message after returning from Kokonoe’s temple. After taking a shower to think, he brings Miyuki to the basement to hack into the JDF server before heading to school.

They hack in almost immediately and they watch a video of the incident. They are shocked to see that it was Lina who had attacked and executed the defenceless Parasites and then calmly left. Tatsuya is disgusted because the USNA made a 16-year-old girl do such a job and Miyuki was shocked. Tatsuya feels he couldn’t criticise, having done similar things himself but feels that it was too heavy of a task for some like Lina to bare.

As this is settling in the Shiba’s find the line is hacked into but Raymond Clarke. As the system is isolated, Tatsuya remains calm as Raymond introduces himself as one of the seven sages and mentions Shizuku. Raymond admits to feeding Lina the intel on the Counterintelligence Division base. He then warns them that the American anti-magician movement is about to spread to Japan due to one of the Seven Sages: Jiedo Heigu, the man behind Blanche and the o Head Dragon syndicate. He also mentions that the sages aren’t affiliated with one another; they are just seven people with access to the Hliðskjálf system. He tells the Shibas that Heigu is acting due to the loss of Blanche and the No Head Dragon syndicate, leaving him with no means to meddle with Japan and so the Parasites were sent to cause a distraction so he can set up new operations.

Raymond then drops the fact that he knows that Tatsuya is an SCM before finally telling them that tomorrow night, February 19th, all active Parasites will be drawn to the back outdoor training grounds of First High, and requests that they kill them. He states that Lina has also been informed of this and the call ends, and the Shibas rush to get ready for school.

◊ ◊ ◊

Year 1 Class E's 2 pm class is a 'practical class'. Leo arrives late and quickly notices Tatsuya’s absence, who is told that it is due to him having a visitor and Erika changes the subject to hint that it’s better not to pry.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya is meeting with Aoki. Getting straight down to business, Tatsuya impatiently asks why Aoki’s at the school. Aoki tells him that Yotsuba Maya wants Pixie, who Tatsuya has purchased and offers to buy her. Tatsuya immediately pulls out his terminal so they can talk privately and scolds Aoki for not being cautious enough. He tells him that the loan agreement on Pixie is in effect so Tatsuya will take responsibility for her.

Aoki loses his composure briefly but as Tatsuya is correct, he tells him that Maya wants the unit for research. He suggests a purchase agreement to secure Pixie instead to ensure that she will go to the Yotsuba if Tatsuya decides to sell her later, which shows the seriousness of Maya’s intent. Tatsuya agrees to avoid worsening his relationship with Maya.

◊ ◊ ◊

On the way back to class from his meeting, he bumps into Lina who is looking worse for the wear, though not to the level a stranger would notice. Lina asks if he got the message from the sage about the parasites, which he confirms. Tatsuya asks if they know who he was. Lina responds by saying that they don’t know their identity, as the military would target them for the intel if they did. Lina says that she won’t hold back and Tatsuya retorts with a subtle confirmation and acknowledgement that they are on opposing sides. Lina gets upset and leaves.

◊ ◊ ◊

At the Yotsuba main house, Hayama receives a call from Aoki and relays to Maya that they couldn’t acquire Pixie, as Tatsuya has already purchased her. Maya states that Tatsuya’s ownership was the next best option so it’s fine to leave Pixie with him. Maya looks disappointed and Hayama voices his opinion that it’s better to distance themselves from the Parasites. Maya reveals that she only wants to study one as a means of learning more about Mental Interference magic, a major goal of the Yotsuba.

The conversation moves onto the remaining Parasites. Hayama confirms that the Kurobas have killed them all but they are already revived and ready for battle, likely aiming for Pixie the following night. Maya orders a team deployed with Ayako as the leader.

◊ ◊ ◊

Mayumi returns home after studying for her University entrance exams to find the maid welcoming her seems rather anxious, leaving Mayumi wondering what her father is up to. Her father, meanwhile, is meeting with Nakura, who reports the Parasites the Third Counterintelligence were executed by the Sirius of Stars, a stunt the Saegusa could not have pulled off. Kouichi decides to cut his losses and pull out of the affair at this point.

◊ ◊ ◊

Sunday, the 29th of February. Despite his mistrust of Raymond and his data, Tatsuya decides to act. Gathering outside the perimeter of the training grounds behind First High, Tatsuya, Leo, Erika, Miyuki and Pixie prepare to jump over the wall as the clocks approach 7 pm. Tatsuya has originally not intended to bring the others but when they joined, he knew better than to protest and simply incorporated them into the plan. Activating the spell leap whilst pretending to use his CAD, Tatsuya enters the forest long with the others.

Traversing the dark forest, the five move as one entity, staying together to avoid being picked off, in case the enemy is also on alert. After 15 minutes, Mizuki, who is observing from the school roof with Mikihiko and Honoka, radios Tatsuya and informs him that there are Parasites 38 degrees to the right of his position followed by an image created with Honoka’s magic.

Honoka then reports a masked girl is on approach from the other direction, heading straight for the Parasites. At this message, Tatsuya speeds off like a wind with Erika close behind whilst Leo, Miyuki and Pixie bring up the rear.

◊ ◊ ◊

Tatsuya and Lina are both under the impression that the two of them and the Parasites are the only forces present since the Saegusa-influenced counterintelligence division is now weakened. However, a fourth group, the guerrilla infantry unit ‘Sword Corps’, has also deployed under the direction of Kudou Retsu, who wishes to weaponize the Parasites. Furthermore, a single shadow also tracks the Sword Corps as all five parties close on each other.

◊ ◊ ◊

As the Stars captain ‘Sirius’, the mission must be fulfilled. This prideful ideal is Lina’s sole motivation at this point. She had never lost in a competition in magic before the Shiba siblings. The first encounter with Tatsuya was a successful withdrawal. At their second confrontation, she faltered due to his kamikaze attack. Being ambushed, she wasn’t defeated by magic. Against Miyuki, however, she lost. Being spurred by this, she went head to head with Tatsuya and she was hammered, despite having the advantage. This had shaken her to the core.

She was one of the most powerful combat magicians in the world by being 'Sirius', a position based on power alone. And in order to redeem herself, Lina had to demonstrate her abilities and fulfill her duties as ‘Sirius’, for the sake of the girl Angelina Shields, who was lost the moment she had become the Sirius.

◊ ◊ ◊

As Tatsuya reaches the location of the first Parasites, he finds that Lina is already engaging three of them and despite their numerical advantage, Lina is on the offensive. The only reason on why she wasn’t overpowering them is because one of the three had a mock-teleportation ability. Tatsuya calls out to Lina, indicating that they’re joining the fray as Erika arrives and charges in with her sword, cutting down the teleporter with her superior speed while Tatsuya disables the limbs of a second who was aiming at Erika. Mikihiko erects a barrier to stop the Parasites from escaping their hosts while they still live, so as Erika finishes the Parasite, Tatsuya quickly cripples the Parasite by removing it’s Psions and Mikihiko then seals it. The pair then repeats the procedure for the second downed Parasite. As this happens, Lina kills the third host, allowing the Parasite to escape.

After the stopping the immediate threat, Tatsuya turns to Lina and asks her to avoid killing the hosts until after they are sealed, to avoid them escaping. However, Lina isn’t cooperative and she states that her only goal is to kill the deserters. Tatsuya points out that the man she killed was clearly Asian. She states that he was aiding them so he shares their fate, as is her duty, before disappearing into the forest.

Tatsuya turns to Erika, who has figured out that Sirius is Lina, and he tells her to keep quiet as to Lina’s identity and to hold back on the Parasites. She is also reluctant as she wants to make it quick rather than prolong their suffering. Tatsuya doesn’t see the difference since 'killing is killing' but decides not to challenge her values.

◊ ◊ ◊

Leo, Miyuki, and Pixie are approaching the battle when they suddenly stop, after detecting the Sword Corps. Leo wonders what they should do but Miyuki decides to intercept, though Leo is less enthusiastic. Miyuki orders Pixie to take position behind her and focuses on the enemy. She smoothly readies for the fight, which makes Leo wonder when she even went for her CAD. She activates magic and blankets the area within a 100-meter radius in thin ice. It is neither offensive nor defensive. She was simply declaring her territory as she is unsure of the other party’s intent.

Miyuki’s magic is on a tactical level and is specialised on enemy suppresion. Its power is sufficient to, even unintentionally, dye the world white as far as the eye could see.

That was Miyuki's magic.

To Leo, a fight is a means to communicate and when the opposition wouldn’t use words, like in Yokohama, strength becomes the mediator, a means of negotiating. In the face of Miyuki’s power, however, never mind their claim; the enemy's very existence would be blown away. Rather than a cat toying with a mouse, it would be more like an elephant crushing ants. With this in mind, he decides to take point until Tatsuya arrives and so Miyuki steps back but leaves her spell in effect.

10 men with knives come out of the trees, the battle the three had been approaching over now. Leo activates his magic and one of the men attacks with a knife thrust, which Leo deflects. Leo then narrowly dodges a punch with a roll and the opponent is on him in an instant with another knife attack as Leo gets up. The knife hits his shoulder, the man not wanting to kill a high schooler, but it’s blocked by Leo’s magic and Leo lands a counter punch to the man’s chin, knocking him out.

Seeing their comrade fall, two of the remaining nine men charge Leo who finds himself overwhelmed. He abandons defence and strikes one of the men but just before the other man’s strike could hit, Erika arrives and parries it.

The two men jump back, one now disarmed, the man having narrowly avoided being frozen by Miyuki. Leo asks after Tatsuya and Erika says that Miyuki is to meet up with him. While Pixie is not authorised to use psychic powers, she stays with the other two.

At this, Miyuki rushes off into the trees, leaving Erika wondering how she knows where Tatsuya is. As the pair prepares to resume the fight, Chiba Naotsugu tells them to stop as he walks into the clearing.

◊ ◊ ◊

Tatsuya had Miyuki join him as he senses that he would need her power for the current situation. She arrives to a scene of carnage, bodies strewn everywhere, the handiwork of the six Parasites currently engaging Lina and Tatsuya. Lina is attacking head-on but is struggling due to the Parasites matching her activation speed, forcing Tatsuya to keep decomposing the spells targeting her, leaving the two on defence, which he had predicted that he needed Miyuki.

Hearing her name, Miyuki knew what Tatsuya wants and releases an immense Zone Interference, solely to lock down magic in the area, and creating a magic-null zone. Tatsuya and Lina switch to concentrated magic to counteract the interference, but the Parasites couldn’t compete and are left defenceless. Lina and Tatsuya take aim, Tatsuya aiming both to stop Lina’s attacks and neutralise the Parasites but is only able to stop half of her attacks, leaving three Parasites dead and three disabled, before the surviving three self-destructed.

◊ ◊ ◊

‘Magicians of the Blade’ is the second name of the Chiba house, for their close combat techniques combining swordplay and magic. Using magic in close combat was not something unique to the Chiba. The forces of the major powers such as the USNA’s Stars, all have their own combat techniques. However, only the Chiba solely magically augment close combat without the inclusion of firearms, by closing the gap magically and removing a firearms superiority, a skill sought by both the military and police. 70-80% of the magicians in the army or riot police receive training from the Chiba, with the ‘Sword Corps’ of the Kudou faction are no exception. Even if they didn’t know Erika, who is not publicly acknowledged, they knew Naotsugu, who has personally trained the squads' leader.

This is why his arrival makes the men freeze as Naotsugu walked right up to Erika. Though initially given pause, Erika immediately rallies and looks back strongly, essentially aiming her sword at her brother. As the one who Erika had relied on the most growing up in place of Erika’s weak mother and the rest of their family rejected Erika, it pleases Naotsugu to see her ready to become a woman.

Naotsugu tests Erika with Sword Pressure, a spiritual technique, but it is deflected by Erika’s own, confirming her resolve to fight. The pair then launches into a melee and exchange several blows until Naotsugu stops and turns his sword towards the men, whose reactions are notably duller than Erika’s.

Naotsugu declares his name, rank, and affiliation, and states his mission is to guard civilians, who are being targeted by terrorists and demands the men’s affiliation and makes it clear that he’ll protect said civilians if necessary. The confrontation is interrupted by an explosion of Psions nearby, and Erika and Leo receive a message warning them that it’s the Parasite’s main body. Erika warns everyone that it’s approaching, although only Naotsugu seems to be unfamiliar with the Parasites.

The ground explodes behind Erika and a figure leaps out of the ground to attack Pixie but is blocked by Leo and flung away and Erika kills the parasite host before he can attack again. While this is happening, a second parasite host disarms one of the men and attacks Pixie, blade in hand but is intercepted by a kick from Naotsugu. Naotsugu then carefully approaches the fallen man but he suddenly bursts. No one present notices the Parasites freeing themselves from the bodies.

Tatsuya calls Pixie to his location and she runs in the direction Miyuki ran in, towards the explosion. As she leaves, Tatsuya asks Honoka to track her, whilst telling Leo and Erika to hold the position. The two released Parasites follow after Pixie.

◊ ◊ ◊

Tatsuya orders Honoka to track Pixie and so she focuses her optical magic on her whilst opening the Psion circuits which linked her to Pixie.

◊ ◊ ◊

Twelve Parasites had been drawn into the world. One is in Pixie, two have been sealed, five have been killed and four have self-destructed, meaning that the nine have been released from their hosts and were forming together, drawn towards Pixie.

The nine fuses together, forming an invisible Pushion mass, a stem with nine branches. It resembles a serpent with the intent on devouring Pixie, who had fortified her ‘barrier of will’ to endure the storm, a will born of Honoka’s desire that she, and Pixie, existed for him, made all the stronger by Honoka’s elemental heritage. An unshakable faith, that 'I am theirs' that was more than strong enough to push back the coalescing synergetic will of the Parasites.

◊ ◊ ◊

Tatsuya could see the shape of the nine-headed dragon, which was targeting Pixie, but he could not perceive the Pushion information structure.

“What is that?”

Lina, who had followed Tatsuya could sense the Parasites attacking Pixie, but not see them. Her question is answered by Miyuki bluntly, telling her that this is her fault for not listening and just killing the hosts so now the Parasites are free and rampaging. The pair briefly argue until Lina recklessly jumps in to attack the Parasites, despite the warnings from Tatsuya and Miyuki, desperate to complete her mission successfully. Realising that it stems from the burden of being Sirius, Tatsuya relents trying to convince Lina.

Lina launches a barrage of spells at the Parasite mass but is ill-equipped to fight such an entity. The mass turns its attention to Lina and a storm of magic descends upon her and it was all Tatsuya could do to block to attacks. Fighting one alone had been hard enough but nine at once would be overwhelming. Behind him, Miyuki is maintaining her supportive Zone Interference but as she can only ‘sense’ the Parasites rather than see it, she must hold back to avoid blocking Tatsuya as well and due to Lina’s recklessness, it is only a matter of time before Miyuki was forced on the defence also.

Realising that normal magic won’t work, Tatsuya decides to take a gamble and asks Mikihiko to suppress the Parasites for ten seconds. Mikihiko agrees and tells Tatsuya to act on his signal. Mikihiko launches Garuda Flame, an anti-demon spell, while Pixie, with Honoka’s aid, pushes back.

With the Parasites distracted, Tatsuya stretches out his arm, takes hold of Miyuki’s waist, and pulls her close. Both of the pair's attacks stopped, but as promised, Mikihiko and Honoka keeps the Parasites at bay.

Pressing their foreheads together, Tatsuya shows her the Parasite mass by sharing his sight. By extending a hand towards the Parasites whilst embracing Miyuki and using Tatsuya’s shared ‘sight’, Miyuki targets the Parasites and unleashes her Mental Interference magic, Cocytus, freezing the mass, causing it to shatter.

Chapter 17

Despite lacking that ability to ‘see’ the parasite mass, Lina knew that it has perished. Realising that Miyuki had used Mental Interference magic, the strength of it leaves Lina overwhelmed by shock. Meanwhile, Miyuki is still held in Tatsuya’s embrace, while also overwhelmed by using her magic all out whilst connected to Tatsuya’s sight. Tatsuya turns of his headset and, taking advantage of the lull, tells Lina not to reveal what she just saw in exchange for keeping the identity of Angie Sirius a secret for her. Lina considers it for a few moments before realising that she has no choice and agrees. As Tatsuya walks away carrying Miyuki in his arms, he calls back to Lina and states that should she ever want to leave the military, he’ll help her do so. Lina declines and is confused by the offer but he elaborates no further and leaves.

◊ ◊ ◊

After Tatsuya leaves, Lina realises that she is staring at his back and she gets flustered. She tries to think of something else and her thoughts fall to his parting words. She wonders why he offered to help her leave and wonders if he thinks she’s suffering. She dismisses this as him being wrong. The world needs a Sirius to oppose any magician falling into evil.

And the doubt forms. Does it need to be her?

Even if she herself doesn't do it, someone else would.

For Lina, it was like discovering something unimaginable, that she does have a choice in her future and with it came both anxiety and hope.

◊ ◊ ◊

As Tatsuya heads towards the sealed parasites, two groups have already arrived and are facing off, one side lead by an old man, Kudou Retsu, and the other by a young girl, Kuroba Ayako. Ayako introduces herself as a representative of the Yotsuba and after a brief exchange, she states that time is short and suggests that since there are two sealed parasites, they should take one each, to which Retsu agrees. Ayako is relieved that Kudou agrees with her, as short-range magic is outside her specialisation and silently thanks Tatsuya for his unknowingly aiding in her mission.

◊ ◊ ◊

Tatsuya is still carrying Miyuki, despite her protests, and she is left clasping her hands to her chest, withstanding the embarrassment in an uncomfortable silence as she desperately tries to think of something to take her mind of the situation. So, she brings up Lina and asks why he reached out to help her and asks if he likes her.

He clears the misunderstanding and states that he thinks that it’d be convenient for her to leave the Stars and nationalise as a Japanese citizen. He also says that he sympathises with her as neither of them had a choice in where they are. His choice to enroll at First High was likely more freedom than he could ever have. As such, he wants to help her if he could.

Tatsuya wonders if it is unnecessary but Miyuki hugs him, causing him to let her down. Miyuki tells Tatsuya that his words will surely reach Lina soon and the pair continues on.

Pixie, aware of the atmosphere, followed on in silence.

◊ ◊ ◊

The siblings arrive at the scene to find the sealed Parasites gone. Mikihiko, Mizuki and Honoka all apologise over the radio, but Tatsuya dismisses the loss. He makes it clear that it’s not an issue, since they didn’t really have a plan for them after the capture but the ones who took them clearly have a plan for them. He could track them down, but he already had an idea of what happened, as one of the people had left him a message. Black feathers, Kurobane, were seen, symbolizing the name Kuroba.

◊ ◊ ◊

Naotsugu and the Sword Corps had already withdrawn when Tatsuya meets up with Erika and Leo again. Pixie is left at school in the garage and after meeting up with the others, the group heads home.

And so, the long night ended. Its events would signal the dawn of a new history, in the contention of those who vied from the shadows, yet Tatsuya himself is little aware of this at the time.


It’s graduation day at First High and the campus is filled with excitement. In contrast, the cafeteria is almost empty. Tatsuya checks his watch as he’s drinking his coffee, waiting for Miyuki to finish work, and concludes the ceremony is over and the two parties, one per course, are underway. He had offered to help himself, but he was turned down by Miyuki, despite the others clearly wanting his aid. Given that his presence at school had upset the status quo, this was likely for the better.

Mayumi had passed her exams and had been accepted into the Magic University along with Ichihara and Juumonji. Mari, however, is going to the Defence College.

Tatsuya is approached by Kobayakawa, the girl who fell in the Nine Schools Competition. She thanks him for his suggestion that she join the military to use her magical knowledge there. With her practical skills having been lost in the accident, she had been worried for her future but the advice that she got from him through Mari had really helped her.

The advice had come from complaints Tatsuya had heard from Fujibayashi that the military’s tactical staff didn’t fully understand how it works, often causes issues. So adding a talented magician who had lost their magic would be a great asset there, which he had relayed to Mari without naming the source.

Emphasising that the advice had saved her, she thanks Tatsuya sincerely, to which Tatsuya returns a military salute and wishes her luck. She then heads to the party while Tatsuya returns to his coffee.

◊ ◊ ◊

Tatsuya is writing a paper when Miyuki arrives and apologises for making him wait. With her is Mayumi, Mari and Juumonji, who had come to say goodbye, since he hadn’t attended the party, since he’s not on the council. Lina arrives and is upset by this as she had to help despite not being a proper member of the council either. Miyuki states Lina is formally a temporary member and points out that she was all fired up earlier. Asking for clarification, Miyuki reveals that Lina had gotten on stage as the lead singer of the band for the party for a ten-song set, much to Lina’s embarrassment.

◊ ◊ ◊

That was the last time Lina attended the school, though up to that point that she had attended like a normal student. Tatsuya muses as to her reasons whilst he watches the arrival and departure delay announcements at the airport.

The day before the semester had ended, and Tatsuya’s grades were as expected, excellent marks in theory but poor practical grades, with the combination in the lower middle range. Despite all the incidents, he views it as having been a good year.

Tatsuya is here along with his classmates, and Miyuki and Honoka to meet Shizuku, whose plane should arrive within the hour. Whilst the usual exchanges were taking place, Tatsuya spots Lina and he and Miyuki head over to say goodbye, Honoka having been stopped by Erika.

Lina sees the siblings and walks towards them. They say their goodbyes and the three affirm that this won’t be the last time they meet. Miyuki also affirms that Lina is her rival and looks forwards to when she accepts Tatsuya’s hand, so the pair can begin to compete in earnest. And with that Lina leaves.

An hour later, Shizuku returns to Japan and is enthusiastically greeted by a teary-eyed Honoka and their friends, who notice that she seems to have a more mature air about her now. Shizuku walks up to Tatsuya and says that she has some things she wants to discuss and a message from Raymond Clarke.

◊ ◊ ◊

The talk with Shizuku takes a long time but they couldn’t discuss everything in front of the others, so Shizuku invites them to her house at a later date. Back home, Tatsuya is considering whether to accept the invitation when Miyuki informs him that they have a guest.

Recognising her as Sakurai Minami, the girl from the main house, a girl who looks almost identical to Sakurai Honami, who died in Okinawa. After greeting her, she passes the siblings a sealed letter from Yotsuba Maya. The letter states that Minami will be attending First High from April and since they needed to buy Pixie, they must need help around the house, so she’ll stay with them as a live-in-maid. It also asks Tatsuya to teach her how to be a Guardian.

Waiting for the pair to finish reading the letter, Minami states that she’s a novice and tells them to feel free to order her as needed. The siblings could do nothing but accept their aunt's ‘present’.

In April, the new school year would begin and it would be even richer in mayhem than the previous one. That unwelcome premonition would not disappear from its resting place in Tatsuya’s chest.

The Ojou-sama's Magnificent Day Off (?)

A short story occurring between the Yokohama Disturbance Chapter and Visitor Chapter with Mayumi as the main protagonist. We discover few things about the Saegusa Family and her relationship with her father, Saegusa Kouichi and her younger twin-sisters Saegusa Izumi and Saegusa Kasumi.


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