Visitor Chapter (III) is the 11th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


At the same that the leader of the USNA's elite magician unit, the Stars, traveled to Japan under the identity of an exchange student named Lina, the parasite incident wreaked havoc on the First Magic High School until Tatsuya and his friends saved the day and brought the incident to a peaceful conclusion.

However, the parasite merely lost its first host and continues to wander this world. More importantly, it's found its next host-a humanoid helper robot. After copying Honoka Mitsui's behavior and patterns, the parasite has been reborn as Pixie, vowing to follow and serve Tatsuya.

After learning more about parasites from Pixie, Tatsuya gathers Miyuki and the others to head towards the Aoyama Cemetery to fight against a new impending danger!

What are Vampires (Parasites)?

Paranormal Parasite are data-based organisms originating in the mind. Originally information bodies from another dimension, they are thought to have intruded upon our plane of existence when the dimensional wall weakened during a micro black hole generation-and-evaporation experiment conducted in Dallas in the United States of North America. Their name comes from the pattern discovered during the incident where the bodies of victims were all found missing large amounts of blood. This is a side effect of their attempts to reproduce.

A total of twelve parasites are estimated to have arrived in this world. Three hosts were eliminated by Lina in the USNA proper. The remaining nine, fled to Japan. Lina has since eliminated the parasite Sullivan, and Mia self-destructed on the Magic High campus. Subsequently, Kuroba Mitsugu and his subordinates eliminated all seven of the others. Meanwhile, the three eliminated in the USNA found new host bodies and travelled to Japan to revive the nine eliminated in Japan. Eight were revived but the ninth resides in Pixie.

Chapter 13

Tatsuya drops off Miyuki for her lessons in preparation to become the heir of the Yotsuba Family. Tatsuya kills some time at a local cafe store ordering an expensive meal since he will be staying for two hours. During his stay at the cafe, he notices that he is being spied upon by the USNA and leaves the premise. As he exits calmly, he is attacked by the USNA but Chiba Naotsugu appears and informs Tatsuya of the situation. They take down the attackers and eventually Lina appears as Angie Sirius.

Tatsuya takes Lina's bait and follows her to a place with concealment magic that prevents any cameras or people from seeing them fight. Lina is surprised he took the bait so quickly and promptly asked him to surrender, only to be questioned by Tatsuya, "For what purpose?"

Lina manages to take out Tatsuya's right arm with the aid of her staff.This staff isn't a normal staff, but a magical weapon that utilizes the "Free After Execution" (FAE) Theory. Tatsuya holds a conversation about the origins of the name of the staff (Brionac) and the theory behind the workings of it. Lina does not care and again tells him to surrender. With Tatsuya's right arm gone, Lina is caught off guard with Tatsuya's counter attack. Tatsuya wins.

Chapter 14

Lina wakes up and is forced to walk back to her apartment because she has no money and no CAD to use flying type magic. She arrives home and attempts to call command center with no avail. She becomes flustered and heads out to go there personally only to find the place abandoned.

Tatsuya uses an encrypted line to call the Yotsuba butler to inform them about the situation. Hayama, the butler, senses that the head of the Saegusa family maybe related to this and must come to a halt, fearing the identity of Miyuki and Tatsuya to be leaked.

Tatsuya goes to pick his sister. Miyuki notices that her brother was in combat through her sense of smell and touch. She displays her concern for her brother but it is quickly dispelled by his words of comfort.

Chapter 15

Maya calls Miyuki to inform her that the threat that the USNA posed to Tatsuya's surroundings has been eliminated, as displayed on the morning news Miyuki and Tatsuya viewed together that morning.

Miyuki is deep in thought about her brother. She fears the day he will leave her because she will become the head of the Yotsuba family, and therefore he would become fully independent and no longer useful. Also, she will have to marry and accept her husband's love, which is not her brother's, a thought that she rejected and resented. The only boy that she did not detest was Tatsuya and Tatsuya alone could do what he pleases with her if that was his will. She belongs to Tatsuya.

The class has a seat change and Erika is noticeably not in the good mood due to her brother getting defeated by Lina.

As Tatsuya is interrogating Pixie about the parasites, Erika comes in to question him about last night in regards to her brother, Lina and his motives. Tatsuya states that Erika should give up based upon results, not talent. An infuriated Erika is put to a stop when Tatsuya asks her if she saw the morning news about the USNA vessel left adrift. Erika did see it. She quickly catches on that Tatsuya had somehow influence this occurrence and quickly speculates his identity only to be stopped by Tatsuya. Erika again starts speculating stating that only the Saegusa, Juumoniji and Yotsuba have this power of influence. Just as Erika was about to ask if he was from the Yotsuba family, Tatsuya silences her with an expression of death. She quickly falls into regret because of her actions as soon as she returns to class.

Tatsuya visits the school at night with a night visitor pass issued by the student council. Honoka and Miyuki joins him. The purpose of the visit was to retrieve Pixie in order to bait the other parasites out from the knowledge he obtained during his interrogation. Just as planned, the Parasites come out. Marte, the parasite, confronts Tatsuya stating that they do not want to be enemies and will leave the Japanese Magician alone on the condition that Pixie is handed over. Marte wants to free the life form (the parasite) that is occupying the host of a robot which carries no life. Tatsuya refuses Marte's proposal and proceeds to ask rhetorical questions which reveals the plans of Marte. They engage in battle. Pixie displays a power called psychokinesis.

Ayako Kuroba meets with Virginia Balance to discuss about her meddling with the Yotsuba family. Ayako declares that the head, Maya, wants her to stop and refers to the USNA vessel incident from the day before. It becomes more of a demand because of the Yotsuba's influence and power evident in the incident of the adrift vessel. In exchange for their request, the Yotsuba will lend a favor to Virginia Balance. Virginia decides to accept the contact proposed by Ayako because being on the good side of the Yotsuba was a good thing, and may potentially aid her to get her military spot back.

Maya orders Aoki the finance butler to buy Pixie at any cost, and if that was impossible, then prevent trade of ownership rights to it.

Tatsuya reaches out to Mayumi to have a meeting in regards to the Saegusa's family affiliation with the parasites. Tatsuya wants Mayumi to persuade her father to not use the captured Parasite the Saegusa family obtained for military purposes as it will have a negative effect on the image of Magicians. Mayumi states she will try but cannot guarantee anything as she isn't the heir to the family.

Chapter 16

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Chapter 17

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The Ojou-sama's Magnificent Day Off (?)

A short story occurring between the Yokohama Disturbance Chapter and Visitor Chapter with Mayumi as the main protagonist. We discover few things about the Saegusa Family and her relationship with her father, Saegusa Kouichi and her younger twin-sisters Saegusa Izumi and Saegusa Kasumi.


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