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Visitor Arc XI is the eleventh episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Roughly a month after the parasite incident, Tatsuya and his friends bid farewell to Mayumi, Mari, Katsuto and the other seniors at First High School's 29th graduation ceremony and the school year comes to a close and the new one begins.


February twentieth. Lina is alone in her apartment and reflects on Tatsuya’s offer to help her leave the military. She does not understand why he made the offer and does not regret killing the deserters as it was better to do so and give then peace than let them live as demons. And only she can do it as the strongest. At that moment it hits her, it does not have to be her, she does not have to be the ‘Sirius’.

March fifteenth. It’s graduation day at First High and the school is filled with tears and fond farewells as the graduating class prepare to leave. Tatsuya is hard at work on a computer at the school’s café when a fallen black feather reminds him of the incident with the parasites and how the two who were sealed were taken by forces unknown, and the single black feather left in their place and wonders if that was what they, the ones who took the parasites, wanted all along.

Miyuki comes running and thanks him for waiting, informing him the party is over. Watanabe Mari, Juumonji Katsuto and Saegusa Mayumi follow close behind, having come to say goodbye since he did not attend the party. Tatsuya comments he could not really attend the Course One party when he is not on the student council. Lina then arrives flustered and demands to know why she was made to help when she is not an official member, but the Public Morals Committee members do not. Tatsuya points out Lina may only be temporary, but she is a current member, and the Public Morals Committee members are not.

Miyuki scolds Lina for being rude and points out she was so enthusiastic beforehand. Lina gets really embarrassed as Miyuki tells Tatsuya that Lina had been given an easy job of arranging the entertainment, and though they had meant for her to find students who would do it, she misunderstood and got on stage and sang ten songs herself and did a fantastic job.

March twenty-sixth. Tatsuya, Miyuki, Leo, Erika, Mizuki, Mikihiko and Honoka are at the Tokyo Bay Maritime International Airport to greet the returning Shizuku. As she arrives Honoka runs up to Shizuku and hugs her tightly. After exchanging some pleasantries, Shizuku tells Tatsuya she has some messages from Raymond Sage Clark.

As the car is being loaded, Tatsuya spots Lina and he and Miyuki head over to say goodbye. The pair exchange a fond farewell and Tatsuya comments they will likely see each other again, though Lina is not sure. Miyuki however makes a firm declaration that this is not farewell as they will see each other again, declaring Lina is her rival and they will see each other gain. The three then say goodbye for now.

At a school in the mountains, covered in snow, a group of armed men with rifles march towards the gate. Inside, Sakurai Minami, in her middle school uniform sits alone in the classroom. She senses the men and activates barrier magic as one fires a missile at the classroom, but it detonates on her barrier. The four then fire a barrage of missiles at the classroom but another set of shields, much closer to the men, stops them and the explosions backfire, incapacitating the men. Two more try to storm the room but are repelled by barriers with such force they are incapacitated as they hit the walls behind them. Another breaks a corridor window to enter but the glass is stopped and fired back, cutting him up. Three suddenly repel through the outside windows and a fourth arrives in the corridor and they begin shooting. Minami dodges the initial burst, taking cover, and then activates Reflector which rebounds the bullets back at the men, taking all four down.

April fifth. At the Yotsuba Main House, Yotsuba Maya reviews the footage of Minami’s test and tells Hayama they will go with her.

April sixth. Tatsuya and Miyuki are heading to First High for the new term and Miyuki is absolutely elated with Tatsuya’s new uniform for the new Magic Engineering Course, created in response to Tatsuya’s achievements.

The opening ceremony for the returning students is held and they second and third years make their way to their new classes, with Erika and Leo no in Class 2-F, Mikihiko in 2-B, and Mizuki moving into the Engineering class with Tatsuya along with Hirakawa Chiaki.

Miyuki arrives in 2-A and greets Honoka and Shizuku. Shizuku confirms they are still on for the party the following evening and that Tatsuya will attend.

Later on, the Kuroba twins arrive at Shinagawa Station in Tokyo. They head for the car and Kuroba Fumiya comments on the suddenness of the mission and complains that Fourth High’s entrance ceremony is the day after tomorrow. Kuroba Ayako teases Fumiya by reminding him how happy he was as they might see Tatsuya, leaving him embarrassed.

At the Yotsuba Main House, Minami is brought to see Maya by Hayama. Maya tells Minami she has a task for her as a magician and tells her about the new Tokyo Offshore Tower, Japan’s first hyper-building, and that a party will be held on the top floor tomorrow. Maya goes on to explain that it is being targeted by magic extremists, the Advancement of Humanity Front (called New Breed Front in the official sub) who were formed in opposition to the anti-magic discrimination from the Humanists. The group people claim magicians are the most evolved form of humans and aim to free magicians from being forced to work like slaves. Minami asks if the party if definitely the target and Maya confirmed the tower will be attacked, but the party venue may not be the target. Maya also informs Minami the group include members from the Extra Families who lost their numbers.

Maya then states Minami’s orders. The tower itself will be protected by others, so Minami is to accompany Hayama to the party and follow his instructions should the need to act arise.

Minami is confused and asks for instruction on how to act at a party as she has not hosted one before. This makes Maya laugh and she explains Minami will be attending as a bodyguard. Maya then tells her she will have the dress sent to the hotel and confirms Minami can do her own makeup. Maya then apologises for the sudden mission the day before the entrance ceremony and Minami loyally accepts her task.



In the official sub, the terrorist group is called the 'New Breed Front'. The name spoken, however, is Shinjinrui Front (進人類フロント) which literally translates to Advance Humanity Front, or Advancement of Humanity Front for better flow in English. The spelling was confirmed in the preview for episode twelve.