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Visitor Arc XII is the twelfth episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Tatsuya and Miyuki are invited to a party to commemorate the completion of Japan's first hyper-building offshore tower, there Hayama introduces a young girl called Sakurai Minami. The two are shaken upon seeing her face which is that of a woman who died in an incident three years earlier. At such a time, there is intelligence that the party is being targeted by extremist magic advocates — The Advancement of Humanity Front.


Fumiya is reviewing the mission when he is joined by Ayako in their hotel room. They discuss the mission the following day and agree they should be onsite by five. Fumiya states they have to stop the terrorist attack and acquire intelligence on the Advancement of Humanity Front. Ayako corrects him telling Fumiya the mission is to acquire intel on their base of operations and source of finances, not to prevent the terrorist attack. Fumiya objects but Ayako insists, stating they are capturing terrorists for intel, and if that prevents the attack, they great but going overboard and killing them all to prevent the attack would be failing the mission as they need prisoners. She reminds him that among the branch families the Kuroba are the one tasked with gathering intelligence.

April seventh. The party is underway on the top floor of the new Tokyo Offshore Tower. There Shizuku thanks Tatsuya and Miyuki for attending. They discuss the new tower and Honoka comments the fact they are two kilometres up makes her nervous and Tatsuya reassures her that the tower has a solid construction with four support pillars and gyroscopic flywheels in place every sixty floors and in the foundations, so the building is safe. He goes on to explain there are magicians stationed there to ensure the flywheels operate even if there is a power outage.

Tatsuya spots Hayama Tadanori at the venue and the siblings excuse themselves to speak with him. The pair greet Hayama and explain they were invited by a friend and Hayama explains he was sent by their aunt to keep an eye on things, though they hope nothing happens. Hayama then brings up First High’s entrance ceremony the next day and suggests they head home early to rest up. Miyuki says she’ll discuss it with Tatsuya. At that moment Minami arrives with her and Hayama’s drink and Hayama introduces her. Minami’s face shocks Miyuki as she introduces herself. Hayama the informs them she is the niece of Sakurai Honami and believes Minami could be useful to Miyuki as Honami was to Miyuki’s mother Miya. Hayama then excuses himself and Minami leaves with him.

Meanwhile Ayako is observing the tower when Fumiya radios her to inform her he found two suspicious people disguised as utility workers nearby. Ayako uses magic to teleport over to Fumiya, disguised as a girl called Yami, and makes him jump. After some sibling banter they discuss whether to capture the men before they act or after. Fumiya wants to act beforehand, but Ayako points out they are not the police and that it would be easier to apprehend them after when their guard is lowered than before when they are more likely to resist. Fumiya agrees but states he cannot standby and watch a terrorist act to happen. With the discussion over, they decide to act.

Ayako states she will isolate the area with Perfect Diffusion first and then send Fumiya over with Mock Teleportation. The plan set Ayako casts both spells and deploys Fumiya to just outside the door. Fumiya uses perception magic to confirm the two magicians have not noticed Ayako’s magic and quickly takes both down with Direct Pain. Ayako lowers Perfect Diffusion and uses magic to view Fumiya as he moves in to check the downed terrorists. She notices the building is about to be attacked and quickly teleports in and pulls him out moments before the building collapses. She then teleports him again and he takes out the two attackers in moments before teleporting over to his location. They then use magic to confirm there is no one else nearby. As they discuss this one of their men radios if they are safe and Ayako orders them to close into visual range and Fumiya secures the two incapacitated men.

Back at the top of the tower Tatsuya has noticed Fumiya’s magic and is watching with his Elemental Sight and realises the two prisoners are from the Advancement of Humanity Front. Miyuki notices something is off but seeing Shizuku and Honoka are there he dismisses it as just being impressed by the party’s line up.

Back outside, the Kuroba twin's support team arrives on a boat and Ayako quickly teleports the two men to the boat, followed by herself and Fumiya. The men commend the twins for the work but one of them slips up and calls Fumiya by a male honorific and is scolded by his superior who then makes the same mistake causing Fumiya to snap at him until Ayako steps in and has everyone get back to work.

In the tower, Tatsuya is watching the Kuroba twins as they leave and then turns to see Honoka and Shizuku talking to Shizuku’s parents. They congratulate the pair on their good grades and Shizuku’s mother brings up Honoka’s crush.

Miyuki join Tatsuya and asks what he was thinking about earlier. Tatsuya tells her what the Kuroba twins were doing and asks if she knows about the Advancement of Humanity Front and discuss how they are magician supremacists and wonder what the group intends whilst hoping the matter ended with the Kuroba stopping them from sabotaging the power cables to the tower.

Meanwhile, in a waiting room on basement level thirty-five, the terrorists realise their allies failed to cut the cables and decide to move to plan B, cutting the power from the power control room and then taking over the control centre. He reminds the others to minimise the amount of magic they use until the control centre is taken and they put on gas masks and throw gas grenades into the vents, incapacitating everyone on the floor. Confirming everyone is out cold the terrorists move on the power room.

At the party venue, the lights suddenly cut out and an alert warns them the power to the flywheels has been cut. The terrorists then give an announcement, explaining they are the Advancement of Humanity Front and they do not intend to harm anyone; they just want them to bare witness. The terrorists them explain the tower uses magicians as slave labour and that they would be trapped underground should disaster strike and be buried alive. Watching on, Tatsuya refutes this stating the underground should become a shelter they can survive in. The terrorists then state there is a bomb that will go off in one hour and tells everyone to evacuate the building, however if anyone tries to interfere, they will blow the building immediately so they hope everyone does the sensible thing and leave so they can avoid casualties. Shizuku, Honoka and Miyuki all turn to Tatsuya as he comments hoping for nothing to happen was too much to ask.



In the official sub, the terrorist group is called the 'New Breed Front'. The name spoken, however, is Shinjinrui Front (進人類フロント) which literally translates to Advance Humanity Front, or Advancement of Humanity Front for better flow in English. The spelling was confirmed in the preview for episode twelve.