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Visitor Arc XIII is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


The Advancement of Humanity Front have declared they will ‘blow up the offshore tower in one hour’. But there is no guarantee they will keep to their one-hour time limit. For the sake of preventing the Advancement of Humanity Front’s scheme, Tatsuya takes Miyuki and Minami towards the control centre on the first underground floor.


The guests attending the party in the tower are in a panic as they attempt to leave using the emergency elevators. Miyuki asks Tatsuya what their plan of action should be as he calmly assesses the situation. Upon seeing Hayama Tadanori calmly waiting by the wall with Minami. Tatsuya tells Shizuku and Honoka that he and Miyuki have something to do and instructs them to leave with Shizuku’s parents and hands them a pair of Flight Devices for emergencies.

The Shiba siblings head over to Hayama and Tatsuya asks how much Hayama knows. Hayama explains he didn’t know all the specifics, but they were aware that the Advancement of Humanity Front were planning something and couldn’t ignore it. Hayama states he’d prefer the building not be destroyed and suggests Tatsuya intervene. Tatsuya asks Miyuki her opinion and she approves, and so with Miyuki’s consent, Tatsuya agrees. Hayama suggests Minami accompany them as she has been specially trained. Tatsuya examines Minami with Elemental Sight, much to her discomfort, and having confirmed her abilities Tatsuya instructs Minami to protect Miyuki. Hayama then takes his leave.

Tatsuya, Miyuki and Minami head to the outer wall where Tatsuya makes a hole and they leap out of the building. As they fall Tatsuya repairs the hole in the wall. As they approach the ground, Miyuki and Tatsuya activate magic to stop their descents and safely land on the ground, though Minami needs a moment to recover from the jump.

As the three descend underground, Tatsuya uses Elemental Sight to survey the situation and informs Miyuki that the terrorists are engaging the police by boat, stopping them from intervening. He then explains there are five terrorists in the control centre, while thirty-five people are unconscious on the thirty fifth underground floor. Tatsuya comments some of the unconscious people may be terrorists as well. Miyuki ponders if the terrorists will really let people evacuate and Tatsuya explains they have to do so, or they’ll turn everyone against them so assuming they comprehend that then they will comply.

Any earthquake hits the tower and the elevator stalls, trapping some of the escaping guests, including Honoka and Shizuku.

Tatsuya checks his terminal and informs Miyuki and Minami of the stalled elevator and that it will need to be manually overridden. Tatsuya then explains he can resolve the issue if he can reach the control centre so they will have to negotiate.

Tatsuya and company reach to floor with the control centre and Tatsuya takes point, approaching the two terrorists guarding the control room. Seeing him the pair immediately open fire but Minami blocks the shots with a reflective barrier, forcing the pair to take cover. Tatsuya then asks to speak with their leader. The leader Konfare walks out with the two terrorists and as the four stand-off Tatsuya requests permission to deal with the stalled elevator. Konfare confirms the stalled elevator but states they will resolve the issue themselves. Tatsuya refutes that they need someone with the necessary skills. Konfare declines, stating they cannot let a potential enemy in. Tatsuya counters that the real reason is that they are using the towers equipment to operate the explosives.

Konfare ends negotiations here, telling Tatsuya and the girls accompanying him to leave or they will shoot. Miyuki and Minami take up position by Tatsuya and as he turns to leave the terrorists take aim to shoot Tatsuya in the back, but they are instantly disarmed and incapacitated by Tatsuya in self-defence. Konfare has the other two terrorists attack with magically controlled knives but Minami blocks them. The two terrorists then use some type of magic to disable Minami’s barrier and the three take position over the two fallen terrorists and then use a combination magic to simultaneously launch a huge barrage of knives while disabling Minami’s barrier. Tatsuya, however, immediately disables their magic and disintegrates the knives whilst Miyuki casually freezes all five terrorists.

One of the unconscious terrorists on the thirty-fifth floor unconsciously activates a magic spell and Tatsuya quickly disables it but the damage is done. Konfare tells them it is Resonance Destruction, the back-up to ensure the tower is destroyed. Tatsuya runs over and touches Konfare, reading his data and confirms he is really Hisaki Hiroshi, an Extra from the Third Institute. Miyuki comments that institute focused on controlling multiply types of magic simultaneously. Tatsuya explains Hisaki used magic to make one of the unconscious magicians use magic. Miyuki asks about the elevator but Tatsuya states they need to save the building first.

Tatsuya makes a hold into an elevator shaft and the three rush to descend the tower using the elevator shaft to jump like before.

The three arrive at the base of the tower where they find the support pillars collapsing. Tatsuya tries to use Regrowth on the individual pillars but the others keep starting to break. Minami tries to use barriers to hold them together, but the support pillars keep breaking.

Meanwhile the stalled elevator reaches the one hundred and eightieth floor but as the guests exit the elevator the tower begins to collapse around them.

In the basement, Tatsuya concludes he cannot fix one pillar at a time as the others cannot bear the weight and as such, he needs to restore all four at once, essentially meaning he must cast Regrowth on the entire tower. Tatsuya ponders if he can manage such an immense amount of data. Minami collapses from exhaustion and Tatsuya decides whether to abandon everyone to save Miyuki or risk it. Seeing Miyuki’s face as she hugs him, Tatsuya realises he must risk it to protect her absolute faith in him.

Tatsuya then obtains all the information he needs and casts Regrowth on the tower, restoring the entire tower and preventing the collapse.

Minami is left speechless and wonders if humans should even be allowed to wield such immense power.

Tatsuya collapses and gives Miyuki a scare, but he assures her he is just tired, and Miyuki lets him rest a moment, allowing him a lap pillow to recuperate.

After the situation is resolved, Hayama reports to Yotsuba Maya that Tatsuya resolved the situation. Maya asks Tatsuya was told the details of the situation. Hayama reports he wasn’t and upon handing the terrorists over to Hayama’s people, he simply left with Miyuki. Hayama then states he speculates that it was because Tatsuya already knew. Maya then asks how Minami is and Haya reports she is sleeping and that she has been given what Maya asked Hayama to pass her.

The next day is the opening ceremony for First High. Tatsuya asks Mikihiko to guard the hall and then asks Mizuki to keep an eye on Erika and Leo for him.

Tatsuya then heads outside where he bumps into Saegusa Mayumi who says hello. They are interrupted by Saegusa Kasumi who is scolded by Saegusa Izumi and Mayumi for being rude and Tatsuya affirms Mayumi is present to escort her sisters. Tatsuya heads off to meet Miyuki where he finds Minami has arrived as a new student. She hands over a letter from Maya and he reads it and passes it to Miyuki. Miyuki then confirms Minami will be living with them and welcomes Minami.


In the official sub, the terrorist group is called the 'New Breed Front'. The name spoken, however, is Shinjinrui Front (進人類フロント) which literally translates to 'Advance Humanity Front', or 'Advancement of Humanity Front' for better flow in English. The spelling was confirmed in the preview for episode twelve.