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Visitor Arc VI is the sixth episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Valentine's Day is a tradition and a source of joy and grief for many even at a distinguished institution like Magic High School. What will happen this year on Valentine's Day?


January twenty-forth. At the USNA Embassy, Silvie informs Lina that she is been ordered to return home due to messing up. Their conversation is interrupted by Colonel Virginia Balance. In her office Colonel Balance tells Lina her skill set was wrong for the mission so she won’t be held accountable, but the fact she, the strongest of the USNA’s magicians, lost is a cause for concern and implies she’ll have a chance to vindicate herself so is to resume her mission.

January twenty ninth. Tatsuya and Miyuki are at Kokonoe’s Temple where Tatsuya is training in order to attack the parasites directly. Tatsuya is having trouble with Farstrike, and Kokonoe comments that in Tatsuya’s case, he can already see the parasites so maybe creating a new spell would work better. When Tatsuya says making new magic isn’t that easy, Miyuki gives him some heart felt encouragement and suggests he use Program Demolition for the time being whilst also making a new spell on the side. Tatsuya agrees with Miyuki’s suggestion.

At home the Shiba siblings are shocked by what they hear on the news when the details of the experiment are revealed, but the details twisted with an anti-magician rhetoric to inspire hatred of magicians.

On the way to school Lina finds the Shiba siblings waiting for her. They discuss the news. Lina confirms it’s all lies with only surface level facts mixed in. Tatsuya points out the information should have been confidential. Lina tells him they suspect the Seven Sages, a group nothing is known about apart from the name Sages and the number of members, seven. Tatsuya asks if they are involved with the Humanists, but Lina tells him it’s unlikely. Tatsuya ends the conversation by asking if the parasites were called deliberately and Lina emphatically denies it, stating she’s already passed judgement on four infected, so she could never forgive anyone doing so as part of a scheme.

February twelfth. Fujibayashi Kyouko visits the Shiba siblings at home. There she reports that they cannot discover anything about the Seven Sages either but will keep investigating. As she leaves, she gives Tatsuya some early Valentine’s chocolates to tease the pair.

February thirteenth. After school Tatsuya comments on Honoka’s absence. Miyuki tells him she went home early. Tatsuya immediately realises it’s to prepare for tomorrow. Miyuki asks if he’s pleased but Tatsuya simply states he feels guilty as he cannot return Honoka’s feelings. Miyuki tells Tatsuya that he shouldn’t worry about that and that they both just want him to be happy. The siblings have a moment, until Lina interrupts, commenting Honoka was so worried about it she was looking unwell. Miyuki asks Lina who she’s giving chocolates too, but Lina states it’s too much hassle. In response Lina asks Miyuki if she’s giving hers to Tatsuya but is dumbstruck when she says giving her brother Valentine’s chocolate would be inappropriate.

At her home Mayumi is making some special chocolates of her own as her sisters Izumi and Kasumi watch on in disbelief and what they are seeing as Mayumi uses pure bitter chocolate and coffee powder in her preparations.

February fourteenth, St Valentine’s Day. Honoka joins the Shiba siblings on the walk to school. When they reach First High, Honoka asks for some of Tatsuya’s time and the pair move somewhere to talk privately out of the way. There Honoka gives Tatsuya his Valentine’s chocolate and in return Tatsuya gives her a pair of hair ties with crystal decorations. Her elation causes the Parasite hiding in Pixie to stir.

Tatsuya enters class to find Leo, who if back for his first day after his hospitalisation. Mizuki and Mikihiko join them and Mizuki gives the three their obligatory chocolates. Erika arrives and the group share some banter as usual.

After class, Tatsuya is on patrol when he is stopped by Akechi Eimi and Satomi Subaru who give him obligatory chocolates from the freshman girls from the Nine Schools Competition team, letting him know it includes some from Shizuku as well.

Tatsuya continues his patrol until he comes across Mayumi and an extremely sick looking Hattori. Mayumi asks for some of Tatsuya’s time, and Hattori leaves looking very unwell. Mayumi gives Tatsuya some very suspicious chocolates and Tatsuya asks to speak with her privately to discuss the parasites. Tatsuya ask s if there is more happening than is being reported, any Mayumi states there are more people going missing than there has been in previous years, so it’s likely the parasites are simply being more careful than having stopped. Tatsuya remarks this means they may have ‘common sensual perception,’ an ESP based ability to communicate and share information with the group. The conversation over, Tatsuya tries to leave but is forced to eat one of Mayumi’s ominous chocolates before leaving.

Tatsuya is still feeling the after school as he walks home with Miyuki and Lina. Miyuki notices and insists on carrying Tatsuya’s bag for him. While waiting at the station, Miyuki notices Lina acting peculiar, though she denies it. Tatsuya then notices he something and suddenly pulls Miyuki close. This spooks a USNA operator watching the trio through a satellite as it looks like Tatsuya saw them, but Colonel Balance says it’s not possible and dismisses it, though she does notice Lina’s odd behaviour.

When they get home, Miyuki goes all out to spoil Tatsuya, serving him chocolate Fondue as well as chocolate themed drinks and sauces for their entire meal turned feast. Tatsuya notices Miyuki looking a little flushed during the meal, though she is unsure why. After the meal Miyuki tries to clear up but stumbles due to being tipsy. Tatsuya catches her and the plates, commenting the cause likely being the brandy in the sauce which wasn’t cooked off enough sufficiently.

Sitting on the sofa while Tatsuya clears up, Miyuki laments her mistake and makes a Freudian slip, saying the words that must never be spoken. Her lamentation at being Tatsuya’s sister.

Lina returns home, frustrated that she couldn’t even give Tatsuya his friendship chocolate. Reaching her apartment, Lina finds Colonel Balance waiting for her.