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Visitor Arc VII is the seventh episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Colonel Balance orders Lina to capture, or if that is not possible, kill the caster who was responsible for Scorched Halloween and gives Lina a custom-made device called 'the Brionac' to do so. Meanwhile, at First High, Pixie starts malfunctioning and makes a shocking declaration.


Colonel Balance tells Lina she is to return to her original objective for the time being and capture the strategic-class magician responsible for Scorched Halloween, or kill them if capture is not possible. Balance then presents Lina with the Brionac and advises her she is to assume Tatsuya is the target for the time being and they will strike the following night with members from Stardust.

February Fifteenth Tatsuya, accompanied by his friends, is called to the Robotics Research Club’s garage. There he meets with Isori Kei, Chiyoda Kanon and Nakajou Azusa who inform him Pixie has been malfunctioning since early that morning, with then even detecting psions and pushions from her. Tatsuya asks for the details and Kei explains that during the routine system checks, Pixie tried to hack the school’s registry and refused to shut down despite the command being given numerous times, to the point the server had to forcibly disconnect. Kei also reveals that Pixie was smiling the entire time.

Deciding to investigate, Tatsuya tries to order Pixie to lay on the table but upon seeing him she says, “found you,” and launches into a hug. Seeing him getting hugged by Pixie upsets Miyuki and Honoka but Tatsuya explains he could not dodge as Pixie would have hit them instead which silences their complaints.

Resuming the investigation, Tatsuya orders Pixie to sit on the table and this time she complies. Tatsuya then asks Mizuki to examine Pixie and Mikihiko to protect her just in case. Mizuki examines Pixie and confirms the parasite is inside her. Pixie smiles in response to this which puts everyone on guard. Mizuki continues her examination and realises that the parasite is under the influence of Honoka’s thoughts, shocking Honoka. She goes on to explain it looks like the parasite has copied her, or rather than Honoka’s feelings have been burned into it. Honoka denies doing it and Tatsuya point out no one is accusing her, and Mizuki affirms it appears to be residual. Pixie starts communicating telepathically, confirming what Mizuki said is true, explaining she awoke due to strong feelings towards Tatsuya. Realising the psions were from psychic power, Tatsuya asks if Pixie can speak and she tells him she understands speech but it’s difficult to speak with the body she has.

Erika and Leo are watching on, and Erika is finding the whole ordeal bewildering.

Answering Tatsuya’s questions, Pixie explains that she understands language because she retained the knowledge of her previous host, which Tatsuya realises was Mia. Tatsuya asks how many people it has possessed but Pixie cannot answer because she only retains knowledge but not the hosts memories. Pixie also explains they have a desire for self-preservation. Tatsuya then asks if Pixie is hostile, but she tells him she is subordinate to him. When asked why, Pixie explains she wishes to belong to Tatsuya because she was awoken by Honoka’s feelings due to parasites being naturally drawn to especially pure thoughts.

Hearing this Honoka tries to intercede but is restrained by Miyuki and Erika so she does not interrupt the interrogation.

Pixie continues explaining those pure thoughts form the core of their being. Tatsuya asks if that means a single desire and Pixie confirms it, though saying calling it a prayer would be more accurate and then goes on to tell Tatsuya the prayer than awakened her:

“I want to do everything for you.”

“I want to be useful to you”

“I want to serve you.”

“I want to be yours.”

“I want to offer everything to you.”

Pixie explains the desire to be Tatsuya’s makes up her core now, so she is subordinate to Tatsuya. Tatsuya is surprised they have a self yet are completely passive. Tatsuya asks if this means they did not deliberately enter this world and Pixie affirms they simply exist; any desire comes from the host. Tatsuya confirms she will obey him and orders her to not use her psychic powers without permission, nor her telepathy. Pixie agrees.

That evening after school, Miyuki and Tatsuya discuss Pixie in the car, both surprised the parasite turned her into a tsukumogami (a tsukumogami, 付喪神, is from Japanese folklore where a tool has acquired a spirit). The pair arrive at the destination and Miyuki gets out to have her etiquette training and Tatsuya tells her he will pick her up afterwards. Tatsuya heads to a café and watches over Miyuki with Elemental Sight while he waits when he notices a car filled with armed men approaching and another group on surveillance.

Watching on, Balance confirms everyone is ready and orders the operation to start.

The five armed men storm the café but Tatsuya was ready and disarms them. Tatsuya then leads the five outside and they engage in a fierce melee. When one of then endures a blow Tatsuya realises something is off he quickly incapacitates the man he is fighting and analyses him, confirming they are enhanced to the point they’ll only have a few years to live, a true suicide squad. Tatsuya makes some distance and them incapacitates all the remaining men at once.

The fight over, Tatsuya starts to stand down when he is forced to dodge a sudden magic attack from out of nowhere. Tatsuya looks over to see Lina, disguised as Angie Sirius. Tatsuya realises the spell was Heavy Metal Burst but before anything else happens, Lina retreats and Tatsuya gives chase.

Watching on, Balance wonders why Lina moved out of position and used Heavy Metal Burst and orders the surveillance team to move in.

Tatsuya follows Lina to the nearby park where Lina drops her Parade spell. Lina demands Tatsuya surrender. When he does not reply she fires faster than Tatsuya can counter and burns off his arm. Tatsuya jumps behind some bushes and Lina burns them down. Tatsuya then comments on her weapon, the Brionac, which appears to be a replica of the mythical weapon of the Celtic god of light, Lugh. Lina again demands he surrender, pointing out he can no longer use martial arts with only one arm. Tatsuya’s response it to decline, refusing to be a human guinea pig like the other men from before were. Lina tried to incapacitate him, clearly unhappy he will not surrender, but Tatsuya suddenly thrusts his CAD into the Brionac, with the arm she blew off. He casts a spell, stopping Lina’s spell and sending her flying which the blow back mangles his hand again. Tatsuya then uses Regrowth to fix his arm and CAD and then immobilises Lina. The fight over Tatsuya tells Lina she should quit the military as she’s too soft as she loses consciousness.

Back in his car, Tatsuya calls Hayama Tadanori and reports what happened with Lina and that he took out her backup team and took their data and erasing their systems. He also reports that he erased all signs of the fight and healed her wounds. Tatsuya also informs Hayama of the other party who was watching. Hayama tells Tatsuya they were from Section Three, who are under Saegusa Kouichi's influence and are likely trying to capture one of the parasites. Hayama tells Tatsuya they will deal with the USNA military and asks him to send them the data.

Tatsuya picks up Miyuki who immediately notices he has been in a fight. Once they are in the car, she asks about what happened and after calming her down Tatsuya tells her he is ok and that he would not lose to anyone with her waiting for him.

In the morning, Lina wakes up the backup teams van alone. She tries to find out what happened, but all the systems fail due to Tatsuya’s sabotage. Realising her injuries are gone Lina tries to make sense of what happened and concludes that Tatsuya is not the magician they are looking for but an illusion master who uses Mental Interference magic. Lina then tries to call home base, but the call is not answered.

At the USNA team’s base, Lina’s call rings but the room is deserted, all the staff gone and not even a light still on.