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Visitor Arc VIII is the eighth episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


The Yotsuba Family intervenes to eliminate the threat to Tatsuya from the USNA military forces. After questioning Pixie about the remaining parasites, Tatsuya heads to Aoyama Cemetery with Pixie, Miyuki and Honoka to lure them out while another group lurks in the shadows.


February Sixteenth. Tatsuya and Miyuki have just finished breakfast when the news reports that a high ranking official was found on a USNA ship which was adrift and had to be rescued by the JMSDF earlier that morning. Miyuki ponders why they were adrift and Tatsuya comments it was likely the power source, given the level of automation nowadays. After Miyuki leaves with the plates, Tatsuya thinks to himself that the Yotsuba forces moved too quickly, even if Yotsuba Maya ordered it personally so they must have already been in place when he contacted them.

Miyuki goes to get changed and when she’s alone she laments her lie, pretending she didn’t know what had happened when Maya had already informed her beforehand. Miyuki’s thoughts go on to admit she plays the unreliable younger sister out of fear Tatsuya will leave her if he feels she no longer needs him. And lamenting the fact she must one day marry when she does not want anyone but Tatsuya to touch her as she belongs to Tatsuya and Tatsuya alone.

At school Tatsuya goes to speak with Pixie to discuss the vampire incidents. Tatsuya first asks about the blood loss and Pixie explains how the blood was used to fuel the mutation of the hosts when they tried to infest the victims by implanting part of themselves into the victim, but when the infection failed it was converted to vitality and returned with the implanted part of the parasite as a side effect. By taking control of the host’s body, they should be able to take control of the ethereal body too but have as yet not succeeded but do not know why.

Tatsuya then asks how they are organized as they appear to be coordinating. Pixie explains they have a hive mind and though individuals, they are all part of a greater whole with a shared consciousness. Tatsuya asks if she knows where the others are and Pixie explains she can sense their thought waves as they search for her but she doesn’t know where they are.

Elsewhere three parasite hosts perform a Chinese necromancy ritual to awaken their fallen brethren. With this they realize they will be able to quickly reactivate should their flesh be lost. The remaining eleven now active again they all agree to fins their missing comrade.

After school, Tatsuya, Miyuki and Honoka go to collect Pixie. Tatsuya hands her a change of clothes and Pixie gets changed, though Miyuki and Honoka act to protect her chastity from Tatsuya, though he fails to see the issue as she is a robot. As they leave with Pixie, now disguised as a girl, Tatsuya tells them they are heading to Aoyama Cemetery. Miyuki realizes that location was chosen as it should be clear of people. Honoka queries if they can even get inside, and Tatsuya explains it is unlikely, but they just need to be close by and the parasites will come to them as Pixie is with them. Tatsuya them messages Leo, Erika and Mikihiko to let them know where they are going.

Receiving the message, Erika informs her men, and they get ready to leave.

In her apartment Colonel Balance is suffering from a headache after everything that happened with the ship earlier that morning. She is informed she has a visitor, a girl called Kuroba Ayako, an agent from the Yotsuba Family. The name immediately strikes a chord with Balance as the Yotsuba are feared as the untouchables. Balance meets with Ayako and after exchanging introductions Ayako gets to the point and makes a request of Balance from Yotsuba Maya. The request is to stop interfering with Japan’s magicians as Maya doesn’t wish for things to escalate and cause a conflict between allied nations. Balance asks if that were a warning that the Yotsuba would start such a conflict and Ayako simply smiles in silence and then asks if Balance slept well last night. Realizing the Yotsuba were responsible for last night’s incident with the ship, Balance stands up in anger, but Ayako simply denies it telling her she was concerned as Balance looks pale and so should calm down. Ayako then explains they seek a friendly relationship as they are aware of Balance’s power and if she were to agree to back off then in gratitude to her personally, they would look to assist Balance in the future. After a moment to think Balance agrees.

JGSDF Counterintelligence Department Section Three is observing Tatsuya and his companions through the cameras. They realize Tatsuya’s group is heading for Aoyama and dispatch men disguised as police officers so they can pretend to arrest them if they use magic to capture them.

When they arrive at Aoyama, Tatsuya immediately detects the four disguised agents. When Honoka hears this she recklessly uses Evil-Eye to incapacitate the four without warning. At Tatsuya’s direction, the four quickly relocate.

Watching on, Fujibayashi Kyouko comments on Honoka’s actions as she amends the records. Kudou Retsu comments on her exemplary skills and deduces Honoka must be a descendant of the elementals.

Tatsuya and company are walking by the cemetery when Pixie warns him that three parasites are approaching. Seeing the three approach Tatsuya, Honoka and Miyuki immediately take a battle formation. The lead parasite knows Tatsuya’s identity and introduced himself as Marte. Tatsuya asks what they want and Marte states they have no further hostile intent towards the magicians of Japan and ask that in exchange of a cessation of hostilities they be given Pixie. Tatsuya asks why they want her and Marte tells him they wish to free the parasite within and destroy the robot body so she can take a new living host. Tatsuya asks Pixie what she wants, and Pixie makes it clear she does not want to change and lose her host, she wants to remain her. Tatsuya asks Marte two questions before giving his answer, do they have hostile intent towards the non-magicians and who do they intend to have Pixie take as a new host. Marte asks why Tatsuya does not just accept, explaining that parasites are as incompatible with non-magicians and the magicians are, citing the poor treatment of magicians by the non-magicians he learned from his host to support his case. Tatsuya counters by pointing out that they hurt one of his magician friends and has no reason to believe someone who didn’t even apologize for it any more than those spouting about magician rights. With that Tatsuya gives his answer. No.

With negotiations having failed, Marte and his allies draw blades as Tatsuya demands they surrender. Marte tries to activate magic but Tatsuya disables it and him in a moment before using his new magic to incapacitate the parasite by striking the heart with his attack, causing Marte great pain and incapacitating him. Another parasite tries to flank Tatsuya but stopped in mid air by Miyuki and then frozen on the ground. The third parasite attacks Pixie who is protecting Honoka. Tatsuya is about to intervene when Honoka’s determination causes a reaction in her crystal hairbands which powers up Pixie, causing her to release a magic attack. Miyuki is distracted and the second parasite nearly escapes but Tatsuya takes it out as the third is taken down by Pixie. After the attack, Honoka is left dizzy and stumbles.