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Visitor Arc I is the first episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Two months after Scorched Halloween incident, Tatsuya and his friends hold a going-away party for Shizuku who will be studying abroad in America. With the start of the new semester, an exchange student from America arrives at First High School.


Magic became an actual technology at the dawn of the twenty-first century and its users are under the care of their nation. Amongst them are those with the power to destroy cities in a single strike, the Strategic-Class Magicians and they are a symbol of a nation’s power. October thirty-first, 2095, an unknown Strategic-Class Magician destroyed a military city and fleet on the southern Korean peninsula during Scorched Halloween.

December twenty-third, 2095. The USNA is readying for Christmas, but above the streets of Dallas a chase across the rooftops is underway. Alfred Fomalhaut jumps down to a lower building but is headed of by Angie Sirius. Sirius tells him there is no escape as her men surround him. Sirius then asks for an explanation as Alfred had a First magnitude codename yet still deserted and is also accused of using his Pyrokinesis to murder people. Instead of answering, Alfred attacks Sirius with magic. She dodges and her men restrain Alfred with Mirror Cage then Sirius executes him.

December twenty-fourth. Shiba Tatsuya gives a toast at a Christmas party at Einbrise with his school friends. Shiba Miyuki passes him his glass and they all wish each other a merry Christmas. Mitsui Honoka comments she can’t believe that Kitayama Shizuku is going to study abroad in the USNA. Shizuku apologises, saying she was forbidden from saying anything until now. Chiba Erika comments it’s surprising considering how difficult it is for magicians to travel abroad. Shizuku explains it’s because it’s an exchange program. Tatsuya asks for the details and Shizuku explains it’s for three months, starting from New Year. Shibata Mizuki asks where in the USNA Shizuku is going as she cuts the cake and Yoshida Mikihiko passes it out. Shizuku tells them it’s Berkley, explaining Boston was out as the East Coast is to unstable at the moment, and Mikihiko adds the instability is being caused by the Humanists. Saijou Leonhard likens the current situation to the witch hunts of old. Miyuki asks who is coming in exchange and Shizuku simply comments it is a girl their age and that’s all she knows.

Back at base in the USNA, Sirius released her Parade in her room, reverting back to Angelina Kudou Shields. There is a knock at the door and Benjamin Canopus enters with some milk tea. Ben asks Lina if she’s ready for her trip and she confirms she is. Ben tells Lina to use this as a chance to let her hair down. Lina refutes that it’s a mission and then admits she’s anxious due to her lack of espionage training and doesn’t understand why she was chosen as though her age is correct there must be others more suited. Ben points out the target is the Strategic-Class Magician responsible for Scorched Halloween, so it makes sense for combat power to be prioritised. Ben tells her she should make contact and try to throw the target off so if she makes sure to enjoy herself it will get the targets to lower their guard. Reassured, Lina leaves tracking the deserters to Ben, the only person she trusts to take her place.

December thirty-first. The Shiba siblings receive a call from Yotsuba Maya. At the end of the call, Maya warns Tatsuya that the USNA’s Stars unit is searching for the Strategic Magician Responsible for Scorched Halloween so he should be careful.

January first. The Shiba siblings meet up with Leo, Honoka and Mizuki and Miyuki’s elegant appearance causes a stir. They exchange greetings and Leo comments Tatsuya looks like the leader of a crime syndicate. Tatsuya then introduces Kokonoe Yakumo to everyone, explaining he is Tatsuya’s teacher. As the group walk towards the shrine, Kokonoe asks if Tatsuya knows who the suspicious girl watching them is. Miyuki asks who Tatsuya is looking at and spots Lina. Miyuki comments Lina is pretty, and Tatsuya quickly tells Miyuki she’s far prettier and explains Lina is suspicious. The entire group look over at Lina, and realising she’s been spotted Lina tries to play it off as Tatsuya comments Lina’s outfit is rather peculiar. Lina them calmly makes her exit, walking close to Tatsuya and making eye contact as she leaves.

Lina returns to her apartment, where she is greeted by Sylvia Mercury First, nicknamed Silvie. Silvie is mortified upon seeing Lina’s outfit and asks for an explanation. Lina explains she didn’t want to stand out so investigated Japanese fashion for a shrine visit. Silvie snaps and explains the outfit is completely inappropriate outside of an anime or manga and then tells Lina her itinerary for the day is cancelled while she drills in some fashion sense into Lina.

January ninth. The new term has begun at 'The Magic University Affiliated First High School'. Tatsuya and his classmates are having lunch when they are joined by Miyuki accompanied by Lina and Honoka. Honoka introduces Lina to Tatsuya, to the amusement of the others who she ignored unintentionally. Tatsuya asks if Lina is related to Kudou Retsu though his younger brother who settled in the USNA. Lina confirms this is the case and that this is part of the reason she was offered a place on the exchange program.

Later, in one of the practice rooms, Lina and Miyuki face off in a magical exercise from class. The pair have drawn a large crowd, due to Lina being slightly faster but Miyuki more powerful, allowing them to compete with Miyuki having a slight lead. Saegusa Mayumi comments on this to Watanabe Mari, commenting it seems to be more a victory of strategy that raw power.

At home, Miyuki at Tatsuya discuss Lina and Tatsuya affirms he believes Lina to be Angelina Sirius of the USNA’s Stars unit. They wonder why she was sent when she should the USNA’s trump card. Tatsuya remarks that from his observations over the last week, it’s obvious Lina isn’t cut out to be a spy, so there is likely another filling that role, but Sirius is too important to use as a decoy. Tatsuya and Miyuki wonder if she has another primary objective and what it could be.

Lina returns home and is greeted by Slivie and Michaela Hongou. The three sit down and discuss the mission over tea. Silvie reports she hasn’t found any new information on the Strategic-Class Magician. Mia reports she has found nothing at the Magic University either. Silvie asks Lina how things are going and Lina reports she is getting on well enough with the target but hasn’t discovered anything and fears her cover will be blown first, telling the pair about the incident at lunch where Tatsuya casually asks why she’s called Lina and not Angie, the more common abbreviation for Angelina. Though she played it off saying there was a girl called Angela who took that nickname in elementary school. Silvie wonders if it was just a coincidence. Lina reassures the other two she won’t let a mere high school student find out.

At school, Tatsuya is on patrol for the Public Morals Committee alone when he is approached by Lina. She comments on the fact his uniform is different and asks Tatsuya why he is pretending to be a poor student. Tatsuya states he’s not and that he really is an irregular, explaining the tested criteria don’t determine combat strength. Lina agrees test scores and combat skills don’t match up and states she’d like to be a good combatant and gives off a menacing aura. Lina suddenly attacks Tatsuya, but he catches her hand. She then tries to cast a spell, but Tatsuya twists her arm to redirect it. Tatsuya coldly tells her that was dangerous. And tells her to explain herself. Lina asks him to release her first as the way he is restraining her hurts. Tatsuya coldly points out if she’s going to attack him, she should expect some pain in retaliation. Lina concedes and apologises. Tatsuya lets her off and tells Lina not to be so polite as it doesn’t suit her. Lina takes offence and accidentally comments she’s had tea with the president of the USNA. Tatsuya comments that only the select can do that before just dismissing it and affirms she just wanted to test him. Lina confirms and Tatsuya ends the incident there and walks off, shocking Lina and tells her not to test him again. Lina calls after him, surprised he isn’t trying to confirm her identity. Tatsuya states he doesn’t care and then remarks there are some things you are better off not knowing.

That night, Silvie bursts into Lina’s room, waking her for an emergency. Ben has called and informs Lina that the fugitives they were hunting in the USNA has come to Japan, entering via Yokohama. Ben informs her that an additional pursuit team has been dispatched secretly and informs her that hunting the fugitives must take priority over her current mission. Lina acknowledges her orders.

Elsewhere, two masked figures stand over a woman’s corpse, with the same strange eyes Alfred Fomalhaut had.