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Visitor Arc IX is the ninth episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Thanks to Pixie's psychic powers, Tatsuya and his friends are finally able to capture the parasites. They leave the scene after Erika and her team arrive, but a third faction disguised as the police appear before them and snatch the parasites away. The next day they tell Tatsuya and he gives a warning to Mayumi for her father, but the parasites are executed by someone who attacks the facility. Tatsuya investigates and upon learning who attacked the facility, is contacted the one of the Seven Sages, Raymond Clark.


Pixie releases magic and incapacitates the last of the three parasites. Watching on through the cameras, Fujibayashi Kyouko is shocked but her grandfather, Kudou Retsu realises the blast came from Pixie despite the technology for robots to use psychic powers not existing. He realises on of the parasites is inside the machine and his enthusiasm for the discovery worries Kyouko.

Tatsuya restrains the unconscious Marte and his two companions on the street. He then goes over to Miyuki who is watching over the unconscious Honoka and tells them Pixie’s blast must have been detected by the system, so they need to leave. Erika then arrives with Leo and Mikihiko. Tatsuya says they need to leave and asks if Erika repaired a means of transporting the parasites and she tells him they can be secured in a storeroom at Mikihiko’s place and tells Tatsuya to head out. Tatsuya hesitates and Mikihiko points out that Honoka and Pixie’s attire has torn, and they are exposing skin.

In the cabinet on the way home, Miyuki asks Tatsuya what is wrong and he explains that just before Pixie released magic, it looked like Honoka was suppling the psions in a similar way to how a CAD operates, likely due to the connection Mizuki mentioned. Tatsuya then states that the crystals of the hair ornaments seem to be the cause, though he is unsure why. Hearing this, Honoka touches one of her hair ornaments and they glow, triggering pixie to glow as well, confirming the hypothesis. Tatsuya then reassures Honoka saying they just need to find a way to control the issue.

Back by Aoyama Cemetery, Erika, Leo and Mikihiko discuss how to move the parasites when two police officers arrive and demand to know what is happening. Mikihiko gets flustered but Erika becomes confrontational, making it clear she knows they are fakes and calls them out. Their ruse having failed, one of the officers hidden allies then attacks Mikihiko from behind, but is stopped by Leo, though the attacker’s body armour blocks Leo’s counterattack. Another two target Mikihiko before he can aid Leo, forcing him to defend and dodge a net. Mikihiko dodges into the air and dodges a second attack before incapacitating both attackers in moments. From atop the wall, Mikihiko surveys the situation and sees Erika and Leo locked in fierce melees with the remaining three attackers and realises they are being drawn away from the parasites. Suddenly a gas bomb is dropped and Mikihiko issues a warning as it explodes. Mikihiko clears the gas to see a crane lifting the parasites into a concealed airship. Erika is about to attack but Mikihiko stops her as it would cause a disaster if the ship were brought down in the city, meaning they can only watch as it leaves with Marte and his companions.

The attackers report to HQ. As the mission was a success, they are ordered to heavily drug the prisoners and bring them to the ice box.

February seventeenth. Erika, Leo and Mikihiko meet with Tatsuya on the roof of First High. There they awkwardly tell him that they lost the parasites, explaining that the attackers weren’t strong, rather they were very well equipped, and the parasites were taken by a stealth-equipped airship. Erika asks if Tatsuya knows who they were, and Tatsuya explains it must have been the JGSDF Counterintelligence Section Three. Erika asks if they can retrieve the parasites but quickly realises it’s not feasible. Tatsuya, however, isn’t concerned and simply says they’ll just have to set a trap next time to stop them, his ominous expression as he says it sends a chill down the other’s spines.

Elsewhere, Colonel Balance receives a call from Kuroba Ayako. Ayako informs Balance about the captured parasites, explaining that it appears they can take new hosts once their old one is killed and revealing that Marte is a member of the USNA military. Ayako then offers their location to Balance and Balance accepts and then sends a message to Lina.

Back at First High, Tatsuya meets with Saegusa Mayumi and tells her about the incident with JGSDF Counterintelligence Section Three and mentions its ties to the Saegusa Family. He then warns her against using them for military purposes, advising that as they cannot yet be killed, they should be sealed for safety. Mayumi reveals she did not know they unit had ties to the Saegusa and asks why she wasn’t told about the plan. Tatsuya tells her that he didn’t want to make the parasites cautious by bringing too many people. Mayumi then confirms Tatsuya’s intent, asking if he wants her to pass the information along to her father and retrieve the parasites. Tatsuya corrects her, saying he doesn’t want them back, he wants her to warn them to seal them and stating if they don’t and is causes disadvantages to magicians if the public find out, it’s them who will be paying for the damages. Mayumi states that’s a scary thought and Tatsuya states given the situation in the USNA, the threat is necessary. Mayumi agrees to pass on the message but states it likely won’t do much as she hasn’t got much authority within the Saegusa family.

February eighteenth. Tatsuya returns home from his training when he receives a message from Mayumi telling him the three parasites were killed during an attack on Section Three’s facility.

After thinking things over, Tatsuya hacks into Section Three’s camera footage and watches with Miyuki as Lina, disguised as Angie Sirius breaks into the facility and executes the three parasites. Miyuki is horrified, whilst Tatsuya thinks on the fact that without a high degree of affinity personality-wise, the burden of assassinations is too heavy for a teenager. An affinity that Lina lacks.

The feed is suddenly hacked by Raymond Clark. Tatsuya is unphased and reassures Miyuki that the room contains no cameras or microphones so he cannot see them. Raymond introduces himself as one of the Seven Sages and that he knows of Tatsuya through Shizuku. He tells the Shiba siblings that he was the one who informed Angie Sirius about the parasites, though she already knew. He then goes on to tell them that the anti-magician movement in the USNA is being spearheaded by Gu Jie, another sage and the mastermind running Blanche and a senior member of the No Head Dragon syndicate. Raymond states the sages are independent, so they don’t work together, they just all have access to Hlidksjalf, a backdoor hacking system of the USNA’s Echelon III global monitoring system. Raymond also mentions that the search history of the other users is how he became aware of Gu Jie. Raymond then explains with the loss of both Blanche and the No Head Dragon Japanese branches, Gu Jie lost all his influence in Japan so has set up the parasites to create a distraction to build another spy base in Japan. Raymond then states that he believes Gu Jie’s intent to get rid of magic so the GAU can become more dominant militaristically.

Tatsuya comments this is logical but there are too many leaps in the logic.

Raymond goes on to say he things magic is a way towards a reformation of mankind and states he would like to keep feeding information to Tatsuya, calling him the Strategic Class Magician ‘Shiva the Destroyer’. Raymond closes by telling Tatsuya he would like to help him to get rid of the parasites. Raymond states that tomorrow night, February Nineteenth, they should lure the remaining parasites to the training ground behind First High and eliminate them, informing them he’s given this information to Lina already and they are free to cooperate or compete with her.

With that Raymond ends the call and Tatsuya gets up, reminding Miyuki they will be late if they don’t leave.