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Visitor Arc II is the second episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


A series of murders have begun in downtown Shibuya that are being described as 'vampire' atacks due to the victims missing blood. The USNA are hard on the hunt for the fugitives in Tokyo and Leo gets caught up in the whole situation and ends up hospitalised.


January thirteenth. It’s business as usual in downtown Tokyo but in a park, two masked figures stand over a dead woman and discuss how their objective failed as the implantation didn’t take hold and discuss possible reasons for the incompatibility as all people have desires so they don’t understand why the victims won’t convert and so will need a larger sample base.

At First High the students are discussing the bizarre murders where the victims have had their blood drained. Leo starts yawning and Tatsuya comments it’s unusual for Leo to be so tired. Leo explains he was up late. Erika joins the conversation and asks if Tatsuya saw the news about the vampire and speculates it’s a criminal organisation trafficking blood. Tatsuya refutes her hypothesis leading Mizuki to ponder if the cause is occult. Tatsuya asks Mikihiko if he agrees, but he’s unsure. Erika asks if Tatsuya thinks it’s a magician and Tatsuya says it’s possible which worries Mizuki as it could incite more humanist ideals. At lunch, Tatsuya comments that Lina is absent and Miyuki explains Lina is off due to family issues. Shizuku come up in the conversation and Honoka says that she spoke to Shizuku the night before and apparently something similar to the vampire attacks is happening in the USNA as well. This surprised the others and Honoka explains that it’s not where Shizuku is but around Dallas. Tatsuya says it’s the first he’s heard of it and Honoka tells him it wasn’t on the news, Shizuku was told by another student.

January fifteenth. Its late at night and Leo is taking a walk though downtown Shibuya. Meanwhile Hunter R and Hunter Q are in pursuit of someone nearby, while Silvie provides logistical support from a van by radio. One of the masked men drops his latest victim to the ground as another warns him of the closing Stardust members, but he is unconcerned as he is no longer ‘his former self’, a satellite-class magician. The man turns around to see Hunter Q, who reveal the masked man to be Deimos Second and orders him to surrender. Hunter R takes position behind him and activates her Cast Jammer, telling Deimos they are authorised to execute him, but the punishment will be lowered if he comes in and provides intel on the other fugitives. Deimos tells them there is no need to think about it as they cannot kill him. Hunter Q fires immediately but Deimos defects the bullet with magic, causing it to hit Hunter R. Hunter falls but quickly reactivates her Cast Jammer, though both are shocked the Cast Jammer isn’t working but Deimos explains it is, he just simply doesn’t need a CAD any longer. The pair charge at Deimos with knives but they keep getting deflected by his magic, a huge powerup from how he was before. The fight continues but the hunters cannot compete and after being countered Deimos is about to strike Hunter Q down but is stopped by a powerful vector Reflection spell and turns to see Angie Sirius closing it. Deimos dodges away, counters Sirius’s attack and tries to take out the hunters but Sirius protects them. Deimos retreats but Sirius notices another psion wave pattern nearby.

Nearby, Leo is walking through the park and spots a woman slumped on a bench nearby and goes to check she’s ok. As she gets close, the second masked person attacks him, but their attack is blocked by Leo’s magic defences. Leo counters but the assailants body armour protects them. The fight continues but the assailant grabs Leo’s hand and he suddenly becomes weak. He manages to land a solid blow to the assailant’s abdomen but it’s not decisive and the assailant quickly flees as Sirius arrives on scene and chases after them as Leo watches from the floor. Sirius gives chase but loses the parasite.

Erika gets an urgent call in the middle of the night.

January sixteenth. Leo is in hospital and Tatsuya and friends have come to visit him. Tatsuya asks what happened and Leo explains he doesn’t know, he just got weak and he’s lucky Erika’s brother found him. Leo confirms it wasn’t poison and tells the others he isn’t sure but thinks the attacker was a woman. Hearing this, Mikihiko speculates it wasn’t an ordinary person and tells the others he thinks that the assailant might be a Paranormal Parasite, a supernatural entity that latches onto people and turns them into something else. Mikihiko asks for permission to examine Leo’s ethereal body as if it is a parasite then it would feed on his ‘life force’ rather than physical nutrition so it makes sense there could be those that didn’t need a medium to feed. Leo agrees and Mikihiko examines him using a magic. Mikihiko is shocked that Leo is still conscious given the amount of energy he’s lost. Leo asks if this confirms the reason why he suddenly got weak was because the assailant drained his spiritual energy and Mikihiko confirms it but doesn’t understand why they are taking blood if they can feed directly like that.

When they get outside, leaving Erika and Leo behind, Tatsuya asks Mikihiko how common the parasites are. Mikihiko says they are rare but confirms one is responsible for the attacks in his opinion but doesn’t think the attacks are random.

Back inside, Leo has stopped putting on a front and has collapsed onto the bed, clearly struggling. Erika compliments him and goes to see her brother Chiba Toshikazu and his partner Inagaki who were listening in. Toshikazu asks Erika’s intention, and she states as Leo is one of their students they have to act.

In the field base hidden in an office building, the hunter pair debrief Sirius on what happened and how the Cast Jammer wasn’t working on Deimos as he no longer needs a CAD, but the properties of his psionic waves haven’t changed. Sirius asks if they recognised the waves of Deimos’s partner, but Hunter R reports she didn’t. Sirius orders them to continue tracking but to avoid engaging in future as she’ll deal with that part personally.

Sirius and Silvie discuss the situation until they reach a changing room where Sirius drops her Parade spell and reverts to Lina. As she gets changed, she ponders why the fugitives are attacking people when it would be safer to lay low. Silvie speculates it might be related to the abilities they’ve gained.

At First High, Saegusa Mayumi meets with Juumonji Katsuto to discuss the situation. She tells Katsuto there are twenty-four victims so far, including Leo, three times those number reported and all concentrated in one area. Katsuto realises some of the victims are related to the Saegusa family and Mayumi corrects him, saying the undisclosed victims are magicians that have worked with them and that all the victims hare magicians or have magic potential. Katsuto states that if the assailant is targeting Saegusa magicians means they must be another magician or a super-solider and most likely foreign. Mayumi remarks that the timing is suspiciously aligned with the current exchange program with the USNA. Mayumi asks if he suspects Lina, and Katsuto states Lina is suspicious, but is not the killer though she may be involved. Mayumi formally requests an alliance between the Saegusa an Juumonji families on behalf of her father. Juumonji agrees to the alliance.