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Visitor Arc III is the third episode of the second season of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


The vampire that attacked Leo was a demon called a 'parasite'. Tatsuya seeks aid from his mentor whilst the Saegusa and Jumonji Families decide to join forces to solve this case. Mikihiko and Erika search for the parasite to get revenge for Leo, and they confront a mysterious masked magician.


January seventeenth. Tatsuya is at the temple to train with Kokonoe Yakumo. After a fierce exchange of martial arts, Yakumo uses magic to trick Tatsuya’s eyes, allowing him to throw Tatsuya off and bring him down.

After the bout is over Tatsuya asks about the magic Yakumo used. Yakumo states he hadn’t expected Tatsuya to break his ‘Water Cocoon Mirage’ spell. Tatsuya comments it wasn’t normal genjutsu and Yakumo explains that though Tatsuya’s ability to read spells is a true threat, there are ways to use it against him, and that Water Cocoon Mirage is designed to combat ‘things not of this world’. Tatsuya picks up on this and mentions that he was told fighting such creatures is rare. Yakumo corrects him by pointing out that the ‘spirits’ Mikihiko uses as a medium are also otherworldly creatures. Tatsuya asks about the origin of Parasites and Yakumo states he doesn’t know but hypothesises they may have an origin in spiritual phenomena, given that they interfere with the mind in a similar way to how spirits originate in physical phenomena.

At First High, Erika and Mikihiko are exhausted. Tatsuya goes to see Honoka and Miyuki and has her call Shizuku on her phone. Tatsuya asks about the vampire incidents in the USNA and Shizuku tells him it’s been treated as an urban legend and isn’t on the news. Tatsuya tells her Leo was attacked and hospitalised. Tatsuya asks her to ask around, explaining he believes the perpetrator came to Japan from the states but tells her not to do anything risky. Shizuku agrees.

The night of the twentieth. Erika and Mikihiko are out hunting for the parasites, using Mikihiko’s magic to guide them. Mikihiko comments it would be safer to work with the Juumonji and Saegusa whilst texting.

Elsewhere, Deimos is fleeing from Angie Sirius down a back street. Deimos uses magic to escape but Sirius calls Silvie, who is tracking him, for directions. Sirius catches up to Deimos in a nearby park where he has been stopped by Rachel and Clara. He turns around and tried to stop the knifed Sirius threw with magic, but his spell fails, and he’s stabbed in the arm. Rachel then stabs him in the back. Deimos tried to escape but Sirius is right on his tail. Another parasite casts a spell from hiding, but it’s blocked by Sirius’s Disruption. Sirius then guns Deimos down. The second parasite flees, and Sirius quickly retrieves her knife and gives chase.

Nearby, Mikihiko and Erika see the pair run past and quickly give chase. Erika charges at Sirius while Mikihiko challenges the parasite. Erika and Sirius get into a fierce melee, Erika using a katana and Sirius a combat knife. Mikihiko uses Wataboushi to stop the parasite from touching him and uses an opening to strike the parasite with his cane, but it breaks. He then throws a knife to confirm the defence is a barrier before switching to magic and attacking with Thunder Child, scoring a solid hit on the target. The melee between Sirius and Erika continues, with Erika disarming Sirius but getting blown back by magic in return. Erika counters with a solid strike to Sirius’s shoulder but is then blown away with magic. Mikihiko realises something is wrong and the parasite absorbs his attack and uses it to return fire, which he barely dodges. Mikihiko is then left open to the parasites follow-up attack but before it can fire, the spell is dispelled and all four look over to see Tatsuya on his bike. Sirius tried to attack him, but her spells are cancelled over and over. The parasite uses this chance to flee, distracting Tatsuya for a second and allowing Sirius to fire into the ground and escape using magic which deceives Tatsuya’s ‘sight’.

Sirius escapes in the van Silvie was using along with Clara and Rachel. Silvie reports they cannot trace the second parasite as they don’t have its pattern. She then reflects on Tatsuya and Erika’s strength with annoyance as she applies Healing Magic on her shoulder.

At home, Tatsuya calls Yotsuba Maya and states he has both a request and a question. Tatsuya first breaks magician etiquette by asking about Parade, the secret technique of the Kudou Family. He asks if it can alter a person’s outward appearance whilst throwing of the aim of magic spells. Maya comments transformation magic isn’t possible, and Tatsuya comments that the defence used could trick his eyes and caused his Mist Dispersion spell to miss. Maya comments Trident should have worked. Tatsuya asks for reinforcements. Maya gives Tatsuya permission to contact Major Kazama. Maya then comments in passing that Kudou Retsu’s younger brother was more skilled at Parade than he was.

On the twenty-first, Juumonji Katsuto and Saegusa Mayumi call Tatsuya into a private meeting. They bring up the investigation by the Ten Master Clans into the vampire incidents and Mayumi asks Tatsuya to assist. Tatsuya mentions Leo being attacked and asks for details about what is going on and states he won’t agree to help unless he knows the details. After being given the details, it’s revealed that they believe there are multiple vampires, but a third party is interfering with the hunts. Mayumi asks Tatsuya to join them, but Katsuto interjects and asks Tatsuya to work alone and report back.

That evening, Tatsuya tracks the movement of Sirius and the parasite she’s chasing using the Stratospheric Security Camera’s that Kazama allowed Tatsuya to use. Tatsuya gets up and Miyuki asks if he’s going out. Tatsuya tells Miyuki to stay home and tells her she’ll be needed soon.

Miyuki watches on the cameras as Tatsuya rides his bike towards the targets when the doorbell sounds. Checking the intercom, Miyuki sees Yakumo outside.

Ueno Park. Tatsuya sneaks up on Sirius and the parasite she’s facing off against and shoots the parasite as it attacks Sirius, bringing them down. Sirius pulls a gun and tried to shoot Tatsuya, but he decomposes the bullet before it can hit him. Tatsuya then decomposes Sirius’s Parade, revealing a shocked Lina.