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Virginia Balance (ヴァージニア・バランス) is a military officer who holds the rank of Colonel in the USNA. [1]

Appearance and Personality

Virginia in January of 2097

Her appearance is that of a valiant, older sister. [1]


Virginia turned 40 years old in January of 2096. [1]

She is the USNA Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence Division, Internal Affairs, First Deputy Director. After the end of World War Three, the Canadian military was assimilated and reorganized, she became the number two in-charge of the department established to monitor both those in uniform and black ops. [1]

She has connection with Yotsuba, since she had a visit from Kuroba Ayako. Their connection is more like cooperation at hard times and "non-sensitive" intel sharing. In other words, they are allies, if they will have benefits.[1]

She informed Maya, about the possible attack going to happen in Japan by the Black Sage. [2]

On her request, Maya asked Tatsuya to rescue USNA agents whom were captured by National Defense Forces Intelligence Department - Capital City District Counterintelligence Affiliated Unit. [3]

She gave the mission to assassinate the Black Sage, Jiedo Heigu to Benjamin Canopus instead of Lina. [2]

Part of her job is inspect certain departments to crack down on illegal military personnel which she uses as a cover up to place Lina under the Yotsuba Clan's protection during the Stars Rebellion. When Lina arrives in Japan, she calls the number to contact the Yotsuba given by Balance. [4]


Encrypted Communicator

Balance sending Intel to Maya

Balance is given an encrypted communicator to directly contact the Yotsuba after agreeing to cooperate with them that she uses to send Intel or make requests such as the rescue of captured Stars Soldiers and later arranges that Lina be placed under the protection of the Yotsuba after the Stars Rebellion. [2]