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Third High

City Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Region Hokuriku

Third High School (三高校) is a National Magic University Affiliated High School located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is an upper-level, magic institution known for sending a high number of graduates to the university every year and is an elite school that churns out a large number of excellent Magicians and Magic Technicians.

The emblem of Third High is a yellow octagram, and the color of the uniform is red that matches the school wall's color.


In this school where only elites are accepted, right at the start of enrollment, the students are already divided into high achievers and low achievers. Third High currently accepts 200 new students per year. Both Course 1 and 2 will have 100 students each and there are 4 classes of Course 1 students and 4 classes of Course 2 students. So Third High is called by other High Schools, "The Martial".

Course 1

Course 1 students are the students who topped the entrance exam for the Magic High School, primarily scoring higher in practical skills which are considered more important than theory and carry heavier weighting in the exam scores.

Course 2

Course 2 at Third High is referred to as General Studies[1], and consists of the students who succeeded to enter the Magic High School, but were lacking in practical skills compared to their Course 1 counterparts. Due to the lack of teachers, they are forced to learn with the use of computer lessons rather than an educator.

Student Hierarchy

Student Council

Public Morals Committee


Club Management Group


During the Nine Schools Competition, the players themselves decide the strategy. They won the Nine Schools Competition twice in the last ten years.

School Year 2095

First Year

Third Year

Unknown Year

  • Hasegawa Chihiro - In 2095 she competed in the Women's Official Division Mirage Bat event. She was one of Kobayakawa's and Miyuki's opponents during both the first and final rounds. She managed to place in 2nd and 5th place respectively.
  • Takeda Rei - In 2095 she competed in the Women's Newcomers Division Speed Shooter event. She got 4th place overall.

School Year 2096

Second Year

  • Ichijou Masaki - The Scion of the Ichijou family, Masaki volunteered for the front lines during the invasion of Sado Island by the New Soviet Union alongside his father when he was only 13. With his family technique Rupture', Masaki helped beat back the invasion earning him the nickname; "The Crimson Prince" due to fighting while covered in the blood of his enemies.
  • Kichijouji Shinkurou - "Cardinal George" known for discovering one of the Cardinal Codes at a young age. He was living in Sado before it was invaded and lost both of his parents in the conflict. The Ichijou Family took care of him after the incident.

Unknown Year

  • Sakuma




  • Principal: Maeda Chizuru (前田 千鶴)