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AN19 012

Thesis Competition Competition Locations

Formally known as the National High School Magic Theory Thesis Competition, it is held on the last Sunday of October between the nine National Magic University Affiliated High Schools. Unlike the Nine Schools Competition, the Thesis Competition is not as conspicuous. While the Nine-Schools Competition requires a large body of 52 people to participate, the Thesis Competition requires only 3 people. The only required tasks within the Thesis Competition is to write a thesis and present it. If the Nine-Schools Competition was a practical contest, the Thesis Competition would be the literary complement. The location of the competition switches between Kyoto and Yokohama.

The Thesis Competition is a platform to disseminate the research findings from Magic Theory and Magic Engineering at the High School level. It publicizes the work of High School students, and some lucky ones get their work known internationally. Also, representatives from the Department of Magic Research will be present, and any thesis recorded into the Magic Encyclopedia will be adopted by universities and corporations.

Only individuals who are recommended by the National Magic University Affiliated High Schools, or has passed the thesis preliminaries in each school can attend. There is no precedent for someone presenting their thesis without being recommended. Although the rules open up the competition to all High School students, so far it has been only for Magic High Schools.

The topic of the thesis is up to the teams in question, but it must not run counter to the public good or morality. To prevent this, all final drafts, materials, reports and blueprints must be turned over to the Magic Association ahead of time.


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