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Sylvia Mercury First (シルヴィア・マーキュリー・ファースト) is a Planetary-Class Magician who serves in the USNA's Magician Unit "Stars". She holds the rank of Warrant Officer. Her code name is Sylvia Mercury First, whereas her nickname is "Sylvie". [1]

Appearance and Personality

Sylvia possesses an unrestrained personality, where she can easily forget things such as differences in rank. [1]

Since the mission to Japan, she and Angelina Kudou Shields have spent a lot of time together, that even despite their difference in age, Sylvie treats Lina as if she is her younger sister. [2]


Sylvia is 25 years old as of January 2096. [1]

Besides her first name, "Sylvia", the rest are code names, which identify her to be ranked first among the Planetary-Class "Mercury" of Stars. She is a highly regarded female CO who attained the title of "First" at an early age. [1]

In the beginning, Sylvia didn't want to join the military and intended to become a journalist after graduating from college. She has an outstanding ability in data analysis. [1]

She is a magician specializing in intelligence gathering. During the Visitor Arc, and the Prologue of Disturbance Arc, she was sent to Japan to gather intelligence on Japan's undisclosed Strategic-Class Magician that was responsible for Scorched Halloween.[3]