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Summer Holiday Chapter is the 5th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


After the conclusion of the Nine School Competition, summer arrives in force, bringing with it that most precious salvation for students--vacation!

Shizuku invites Tatsuya, Miyuki, and their friends to her family's island villa for a bit of fun in the sun, but all of this is just a pretext to set the perfect tropical stage for Honoka's romance. Meanwhile, the ace of Third High, Masaki, entertains Kichijouji at home, unaware of his partner's struggle with self-doubt.

Shun finds himself playing bodyguard to a beautiful foreigner, and Eimi is cornered for a secret she can't reveal at any cost. The one who's got it toughest, though, is Mayumi, who's desperate to find the next student council president before time runs out!

Magic and Magicians


Short for Magic Technician, Magician is a generic term for people capable of using practical-level magic.

Magic Sequence These are information bodies meant to temporarily manipulate phenomenon-related information. These are constructed from a magician's stock psions to alter such information, working in a similar way to a computer virus. The effects of magic are temporary although if the magic is sufficiently prolonged the effects can overwrite reality.

Outputting magic sequences obey the following processes;

  1. The user receives the activation sequence from a CAD.
  2. Variables are added to the activation sequence, then both are sent to the Magic Calculation Area.
  3. The magic sequence is constructed from the activation sequence and the variables. This is automatically executed in the magic calculation area, a black box process even to magicians themselves.
  4. The constructed magic sequences are forwarded through the route and outputted from the Gate and transmitted onto the Idea.
  5. The magic sequences being outputted to the Idea alters the Eidos data at the specified coordinates, and so rewrite it.

Magic Systems Traditional magic classifies the techniques by applying symbolic elements to the phenomenon being activated. Model classifications consist of numerous elements including Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky.

Modern magic, with its roots from ESP research, are classified not from the perceived property but from its functionality. Namely, Acceleration, Weight, Movement, Oscillation, Convergence, Diffusion, Absorption and Emission, which make up the four-system, eight-type magic system. There are always exceptions, magics that cannot be classified under this system. As such, three further categories exist which are Perception magic, Non-systematic magic and Outer systematic magic

Magic Processes In modern magic, the term "magic processes" carry two meanings: first, the very processes to activate magic, and second, the combined singular and multiple magic processing for the purpose of performing the target alterations to reality.

Magic Evaluation Standards Magic is graded based on Activation Speed, Capacity and Interference Strength. Other main factors like stock psion capacity or multi-variable processing capability are not counted towards magic strength. Magicians are controlled through a licensing system, and it is the norm for them to be assessed from A-rank to E-rank.

Magic Calculation Area The region of the mind where magic sequences are constructed, which exists in a magician's unconscious mind and grants them the ability to use magic.

Summer Break

All events in this chapter take place at Shizuku's family's island. Shizuku invited the usual group to her family's island resort with the date chosen to fit Tatsuya's schedule. The scheduling is revealed to help Honoka get closer to Tatsuya. Shizuku confronts Miyuki about the sibling's relationship, which Miyuki replies that she loves Tatsuya, but not in a romantic manner. Meanwhile, Honoka confesses to Tatsuya, only to be told about Tatsuya's lack of the emotion called love. Honoka cheers up however, relieved to know that since Tatsuya won't ever be able to love someone, she can continue liking him without being a third wheel. Tatsuya reveals his chest scars and wonders what is up with Honoka's actions thinking them to be odd like Miyuki's. Mizuki and Erika talk about Honoka's actions. Tatsuya understands Mizuki's honest thoughts and non-desultory words on the matter. Erika tells her not to say that stuff because things got interesting which Tatsuya later agrees with her. However, Tatsuya disagrees with Erika's "got interesting" part.

The Honour Student's Supplementary Lesson

The Morisaki Family is revealed to hold a bodyguard business, which Morisaki Shun had participated in for two years. While on a stroll, Morisaki notices some men stalking a girl, Sun Meilin and steps in. After defeating the men using his "drawless" skill and later some other gang members without the use of magic, Morisaki successfully escorts her to a boat she was planning to meetup with.

The girl is later revealed as the head of No Head Dragon, Sun Richardson's adopted daughter.

Amelia in Wonderland

Akechi Eimi visits a theme park with two of her friends, but ends up lost when she realized vine fences are moving to stop her from leaving. She meets Hagane, working there as a part-timer due to family influences, when she was about to blast the wall with magic. The fence is revealed to be a magical trap and men appear to surround the two students, asking Akechi to teach them the magic "Magic Bullet Tathlum." She refuses and proceeds to defeat all the opponents along with Hagane with magic. The two parts way after promising to keep each other's magic a secret.

Friendship, Trust and the Dubious Lolicon

George is revealed to be a war orphan caused by the Great Asian Union and the New Soviet Union's (though the latter party denied of participating) invasion three years before the current story. He was however saved from the fate of being sent to an orphanage due to his family's connections with the Ichijous.

Ichijou Masaki and George discusses about ways to improve their tactics to prevent future happenings like the duel against Tatsuya's team during the Nine Schools Competition. Masaki is revealed to be lovesick for Miyuki, and vows to ask her out after he surpasses her brother. It is also shown that Masaki's sister in sixth grade is interested in George, which led to rumors that he is a lolicon. The story ends with George's indication to be useful to the Ichijou family. George and Masaki's trust and friendliness is shown over this chapter.

Memories of Summer

On the last day of summer break, Miyuki and Tatsuya reminiscences about when they went shopping after the Nine Schools Competition for Miyuki's award in winning the Mirage Bat competition. The siblings buy three dresses and eats at an Italian restaurant, only to have a model producer pick a fight with them afterward with a few goons. Needless to say, Tatsuya finishes them off effortlessly without the use of magic.

After reminiscing, the two went to the bank, where they ran into bank robbers. The security of the bank took care of the robbers.

Presidential Elections and the Queen

Mayumi is tasked with finding candidates for the new Student Council President. Azusa refuses to participate while Hattori is selected by Katsuto to be the next head of the Club Management Group. Tatsuya refuses to participate and is against the idea to let Miyuki run for president as she is incapable to be a leader yet (note that she still isn't able to control her magic). Tatsuya bribes Azusa with the yet unreleased flying type CAD and succeeds in persuading her to run for the Student Council President position. During the selection poll, Mayumi successfully removed the "blooms only" rule, which was a statutory condition to enter in Student Council. During the same event, Miyuki obtained the "Snow Queen" title from her seniors and peers. Watanabe Mari wants Kanon to become the next Public Morals Committee's Chief.


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