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Strategic-Class Magicians (戦略級魔法師, Senryaku-kyū Mahōshi) are individuals who possess Modern Magic that was created through the use of highly advanced science and technology. [1] All of whom wield power comparable to weapons of mass destruction. [2]


Only a few countries managed to develop strong military-grade magic. With the continuing practice of providing developed magic to Ally Nations, it also became normal to acknowledge Allied Magicians as Strategic-Class Magicians for their great capabilities with Strategic-Class Magic. [1]

It's been rumored that there exist around 50 people who possess Strategic-Class Magic. [3][4] However, only 13 people who possess Strategic-Class Magic have had their identities revealed to the world for the sake of national prestige; these individuals are known as the Thirteen Apostles. [2] These Magicians are seen as a big factor in the world's military balance. [1]

Out of all of the Thirteen Apostles, the only one who's managed to keep a modicum of secrecy about their identities is Angie Sirius —— to be precise her nickname and code-name —— not even her real face was known. [2]

There are rumors that a Romanian magician who goes by the code name "Dracula", is a secret Strategic-Class Magician, although the authenticity of the information is unclear. [5]

Special Officer Ooguro Ryuuya of the National Defense Army 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion, is an unregistered Strategic-Class Magician. [6]

It is mentioned that the Great Asian Union has six undisclosed Strategic-Class Magicians and Ichijou Masaki has became Japan’s newest Strategic-Class Magician.[7]

Later it was revealed that Brazil also secretly possess another Strategic-Class Magician, Antonio Diaz, the twin brother of their publicly known Strategic Class Magician, Miguel Diaz. Whose identity was kept secret due to the fact that the Strategic Class Magic, Synchronized Linear Fusion requires two magicians to activate and use. The major weakness being that if either one is killed, the other can no longer use the Strategic Class Magic ever again.