Shukujihou. It was not the ‘Shukuji’ of Senjutsu, but the martial arts ‘Shukuji’.

It is one of the body manipulation techniques Tatsuya learned from Yakumo. He also learned the name, Shukujihou, from Yakumo, but he didn’t really know if it is the correct term. But it is proven to be effective in combat.

Tatsuya targeted the Psion body. He seized control of the body movement through Psion’s, and not the nerves.

Right at that time, Tatsuya lowered his stance until he was at Kanata’s chest.

Kanata widened his eyes after Tatsuya appeared in front of him without any sign of self-acceleration magic.

Kanata who was unable to react, was hit and dropped his CAD, Tatsuya thrusted his fist into Kanata’s solar plexus.Kanata groaned aloud while folding his body to fall, plunging, forward.

The strike just now was not a combination of vibration magic. It was a pure fighting technique, the waves in Kanata’s body that were to counter vibration waves wasn’t of any use.

Yotsuba Succession Chapter# Chapter 5 , Volume 16, Chapter 5


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