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Sekimoto Isao (関本 勲) is a graduate from First High School, and was a member of the Public Morals Committee.


During the preparations for the AD 2095 Thesis Competition, he was the only remaining Year 3 student in the committee, as the other members of the same year, including the Chief, Watanabe Mari, had already retired.

While in the same year, Suzune resolutely refused his participation as a representative of the team for the Thesis Competition, opting to recruit Tatsuya for the project instead. It was later revealed that the two of them have radically different beliefs about the goals to pursue in magic development. Sekimoto is a proponent of furthering basic research and leaps in acquiring knowledge, while Ichihara supports meticulous refinement of actual knowledge and turning it into practical applications.

Sekimoto is one of the collaborators of the Great Asian Union Special Ops led by Chen Xiangshan, and even tried to hack the device to be used for the competition, wanting to steal the Activation Sequence data, but failed when Kanon caught him. [1]

Later, it is revealed that he was subjected to Mental Interference Magic do those illegal acts, by taking advantage of his thoughts.


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