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Sakurai Honami (桜井 穂波) is a member of the first generation Sakura Series constructed by the Yotsuba Clan. She was also the Guardian of Shiba Miya.

During the Okinawa Defense Naval Battle, in 2092 of the current timeline, she defended Tatsuya from incoming attacks by the Great Asian Union fleet; giving him the time to activate Material Burst and destroy the enemy ships. She died due to magic overuse.

Appearance and Personality

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Honami portrayed in the Mahouka Movie

Honami is described as a cheerful, lively woman who does not feel the weight of her personal history. However, her final words to Tatsuya imply that she actually felt bitterness about the fact that she never once had the chance of free choice in her life and was grateful that she could at least choose her way of death.

Aside from her main duty of protection operations, she took care of Miya's everyday necessities with great attention to detail. According to her, she found the role of housekeeper the more congenial role.


Honami is a modified magician, whose genetic structure has been altered to strengthen her disposition for magic. During the waning days of the 20 years of continuous border conflicts, she was constructed at a research institute, a magician bought by the Yotsuba Family before she was born.


Honami's final moments as depicted in the manga.

Until five years before 2092, Honami was a SP of the Metropolitan Police Department. The department strongly attempted to impede her departure when she resigned. However, it had been decided that she would be Miya's Guardian even before she sought employment with them and joining the Metropolitan Police Department was just for the purpose of learning the ins and outs of guard operations.


Honomi Ability

Magical Abilities

Honami defending Tatsuya

Honami Defending Tatsuya on Okinawa

As part of the Augmented Magician ‘Sakura’ series, she specialized in defensive magic against powerful, objective and heat based attacks such as flaming launchers mounted on cruisers. While her defensive magic capabilities aren't on par with magicians that can use highly technical multi-spectrum magic, such as the Juumonji’s ‘Phalanx’, in the single field of defense against objective heat based attacks, Honami, including the rest of the 'Sakura' series, was unrivaled in Japan.

Amongst the Augmented Magicians of the 'Sakura' series, Sakurai Honami was highly gifted. Her position as Yotsuba Miya's Guardian testifies to her gifted talents as a Magician. Even Shiba Tatsuya greatly acknowledged her skills in defensive magic to the point where he could focus on invoking his magic against the enemy fleet in the Battle of Okinawa without a single trace of fear under her mighty shield.