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Rosen Magicraft (ローゼン・マギクラフト) is a German Magic Engineering Equipment Manufacturer. [1]


Rosen Magicraft considered to be one of the most influential Magic Engineering companies in the world, alongside Maximilien Device that manufactures CAD. [1] It is also one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. [2]

Bastian Rosen was the former President of Rosen Magicraft, the current President is his son, whom is Ernst Rosen's father. [3]

Ernst Rosen is the current President of the Japanese Branch of Rosen Magicraft. [1]

The scientists of Rosen Magicraft were commissioned to research and create the (Burg Folge) Fortress Series for the German Army. [3]


  • Bastian Rosen
  • Frederick Rosen
  • Ernst Rosen



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