Reminiscence Chapter is the 8th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.

The story is set 3 years before the siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki enroll in First High School, when Okinawa is invaded. This is the moment where Miyuki starts to understand and feel far more for her brother than sibling love. It also explains some important points of what kinds of experiences Tatsuya went through and why his practical magic scores are poor.


Looking at Miyuki and Tatsuya now, it might be hard to imagine them as anything other than loving siblings. But it wasn't always this way...

Three years ago, Miyuki was always uncomfortable around her older brother. The rest of their family treated him no better than a lowly servant, even though he was the perfect Guardian, watching over Miyuki while she lived a normal middle school life. But what really bothered her was that he never showed any emotions or thoughts of his own.

However, when danger comes calling during a fateful trip to Okinawa, their relationship as brother and sister will change forever...

World Affairs as of 2095

A summery of the changes to the world map caused by World War Three.

Strategic-Class Magicians - Thirteen Apostles

Strategic-Class Magicians are those elite few with the magical power to destroy entire armies and cities with a single spell. Thirteen Strategic-Class Magicians, known as the Thirteen Apostles, are publically known in 2095.

Chapter 1

Yotsuba Main House, November 6th, 2095.

It is one week after the events of the Yokohama Disturbance and the day that will become known as 'The Scorched Halloween'. Miyuki and Tatsuya have been summoned to the Yotsuba Main House by their aunt Yotsuba Maya. Miyuki feels slightly uneasy but is reassured by her brother that they are not the same as they were three years ago, when they were last here. Miyuki, feeling more composed, begins to reminisce about that time three years ago.

Chapter 2

Okinawa, August 4th, 2092.

Miyuki, currently in middle school, is busy studying modern history when the crew announce they are about to arrive in Nara. She watches the view whilst contemplating the modest modern dress code, caused by climate change. She’s excited for the holiday with her mother Miya but is upset Tatsuya (currently addressed only as Ani) is with them.

◊ ◊ ◊

As Miyuki and Miya leave the VIP lounge, Tatsuya is collecting the luggage, having travelled commercial class for security reasons. Miyuki is troubled by how Tatsuya doesn’t appear bothered by being treated as a servant and her inability to handle him.

◊ ◊ ◊

The vacation home is in Onna Serika. Miyuki is angry at her father for thinking he can buy affection, and reflects on how he went from highly prized due to his high psion count, to a mediocre magician due to changes in the grading standards used, and so abandoned being a magician and focused on business instead.

They are greeted by Sakurai Honami, a ‘Sakura Series’ magician and Miya’s Guardian, who had come ahead of the others to prepare the house and gather intel on the area. Miyuki asks for permission to go for a walk but is told to take Tatsuya, to which she reluctantly agrees.

Miyuki takes her walk with Tatsuya following close behind. Miyuki is lost in thought, reflecting on her extremely pale complexion, compared to that of a Yuki-onna by her childhood friends, and how it’s so different to her families, as well as Tatsuya’s role as her Guardian compared to hers as a succession candidate. Miyuki is suddenly grabbed by Tatsuya to stop her just before she walked into someone, but they bump into her anyway after she’s stopped.

The man who bumped into her is a young soldier, accompanied by two fellow soldiers. The mean act in an intimidating manner but Tatsuya steps in front of Miyuki to protect her. The men try to goad then Shiba siblings, but Tatsuya simply tells them it’d be better if they back off. The men get angered and after several exchanges the first man attacks Tatsuya but is blocked, to everyone else’s shock. He tried to attack again but is countered and brought to his knees by a single blow. Tatsuya then takes Miyuki by the hand and leads her back to the villa.

They return home and Honami immediately realises something happened from Miyuki’s face. Miyuki admits there was an encounter and so Honami checks she’s ok. Tatsuya bows and leaves and Honami sends Miyuki to have a shower, where she cries over what happened.

Chapter 3

Yotsuba Main House, November 6th, 2095.

While waiting to meet with Yotsuba Maya the Shiba siblings notice the Kuroba twins, Ayako and Fumiya, are leaving their grandmothers home. The Kuroba’s grandmother is the younger sister of the Shiba’s grandfather, Genzou, with Fumiya being the number two candidate in the Yotsuba succession. The Shiba’s assume the coinciding visits must be a coincidence as the twins would have come to say hello otherwise.

Chapter 4

Okinawa, August 4th, 2092.

Miyuki is getting ready to attend a party hosted by Kuroba Mitsugu, albeit reluctantly due to having only just arrived that day. Honami comes to her room and notices Miyuki seems down, so after some teasing, she advises Miyuki on how to improve her defences by tricking her own emotions to mask them from others, something she needs given her position.

◊ ◊ ◊

Miyuki takes the advice and dons a false face as she heads to the party in low spirits, as she finds Kuroba a little annoying due to how he dotes on his kids and tries to ready her mindset as they arrive at the venue. They arrive and Tatsuya gets the door for her and she heads into the ‘battlefield of tedium’.

Entering the lobby Miyuki sees lots of bodyguards trying to be discreet, even Miyuki has Tatsuya and two additional female guards present, the two were needed as Honami had to stay with Miya at the villa as she was feeling ill.

Mitsugu comes over to greet Miyuki while ignoring Tatsuya completely. After exchanging greeting Mitsugu leads Miyuki towards the twins whilst Tatsuya and the two bodyguards remain by the wall. Miyuki greets the twins, Fumiya, a fellow succession candidate who is happy to see her, and Ayako who sees Miyuki a rival. Mitsugu goes on to boast about his children, to Miyuki’s irritation, though she maintains a polite façade.

Fumiya becomes restless and asks after Tatsuya, who he admires as although poor at magic, Tatsuya excels in studies and sports. Miyuki points him out whilst supressing her feelings. Upon seeing him Fumiya bounds over to greet Tatsuya, with Ayako trying to act indifferent as she follows him. The behaviour of the twins annoys Mitsugu, who follows after them with Miyuki in tow.

Fumiya enthusiastically talks to Tatsuya who lets a smile show, shocking Miyuki who’d never seen him smile before. Mitsugu reprimands the Twins for disturbing Tatsuya’s work, before thanking Tatsuya for his diligence. The twins object as it’s the Kuroba, as hosts, who are responsible for guarding the party. Mitsugu is troubles as this is unsuitable behaviour for a succession candidate. Tatsuya defusing the situation by asking for permission to look around outside, which Mitsugu agrees too by taking responsibility for Miyuki in the meantime, to the twin’s disappointment.

Chapter 5

Yotsuba Main House, November 6th, 2095.

At the sudden sound of Miyuki’s giggling, Tatsuya’s gaze went straight to his younger sister. Upon receiving his puzzled look, Miyuki quickly apologises and says she was remembering something funny. Miyuki brings up how surprisingly nice he was to the twins back then. Realising around when she meant, Tatsuya points out they were all kids at the time. Miyuki goes on to state she didn’t know Tatsuya at all back then.

The conversation over Tatsuya returns to looking out the window thinking of who everything he did was all for the sake of protecting Miyuki, no matter the cost. Something as true now as then, even if back then Miyuki was unaware.

Chapter 6

Okinawa, August 5th, 2092.

Despite being tired from the party and journey Miyuki rises early out of habit. She opens the window for air and sees Tatsuya undertaking some martial arts training. Miyuki watched the ‘dance like’ movements and is disappointed when he stops but quickly get embarrassed when she realises this and hides.

◊ ◊ ◊

After they had eating breakfast, Honami asks Miya what their plans were for the day. Miya decides to go sailing in the afternoon. With the schedule decided Honami suggests Miyuki go relax at the beach to which Miyuki agrees and so Honami takes Miyuki to prepare, in a somewhat playful manner. As she’s carried away, she gets the distinct feeling Tatsuya is laughing ay her behind his mask.

◊ ◊ ◊

After escaping the villa and Honami, Miyuki settled under the parasol Tatsuya had set up, feeling a little exposed by her swimsuit while Tatsuya stared off at the horizon. Wondering how they compared to ‘normal’ families Miyuki observes the people on the beach until getting embarrassed after seeing a couple being a little too friendly applying oil in public. Miyuki gets flustered but hurriedly tries to clam down to avoid her magic leaking out. She looks to Tatsuya worried he wants to do the same and freezes when their eyes meet, but Tatsuya simply looks back at the horizon after a few seconds.

While still embarrassed, Miyuki reflects on the fact though siblings they are not normal ones with almost no contact or relationship between them. The only times they’re together, including to and from school, is when they’re out, spending time together like this only happens on trips. To Miyuki, Tatsuya is not so much family, but rather a boy she knows who’s one year older. Those are her true feelings and she speculates it’s probably the same for him. While she’s lost in thought she hears Tatsuya get up and he puts her tunic over her, and she finally relaxes and quickly falls to sleep.

Miyuki wakes two hours later and is thankful Honami was so thorough with applying sunscreen. Tatsuya is still watching the horizon. Miyuki is a little uncomfortable as something seems off, with far fewer parasols around and the sand looks like someone played volleyball nearby but decides to go for a swim.

◊ ◊ ◊

After lunch, Miyuki had been reading but decides to show her mother her magic practice for a change of pace. Passing her brothers room, she overhears Honami scolding Tatsuya. He has left a wound untreated as it only hurt and so served as a penalty. Honami is bewildered and its clearly not the first time they’ve had this discussion. She tries to treat the wound, but Tatsuya really isn’t bothered. Honami goes on to point out he he’s not a combat machine and should have avoided the fight by waking Miyuki and leaving the beach rather than fighting because he didn’t want to disturb her nap. The conversation over Honami is about to leave so Miyuki quickly retreats to her room, confused by what she heard.

◊ ◊ ◊

The cruiser was a six-seater sailing ship with an electric motor attached, so with the two crew, Miya, Miyuki Honami and Tatsuya brought the ship up to capacity. Miyuki is discreetly watching Tatsuya, who was watching the crew prepare for departure. To date she’d only seen him injured during training and direct confutations like the day before were rare. Miyuki believed Tatsuya was only her Guardian so that he had a place in the Yotsuba despite having no magical talent yet from the conversation they were having, such injuries were a regular occurrence.

Miya notices something seems to be bothering Miyuki and asks, but Miyuki plays it off by saying it’s been a while since they went sailing and pretending to watch the sails being set up. Realising she was concerning her mother, Miyuki tries to clear her mind and focus on the scenery as they depart, heading north west towards Iejima.

After relaxing a while Miyuki opens her eyes to see Honami glaring at the water. She hears the word submarine as the assistant crew member is desperately using the radio and the ship switches from sail to motor and comes tries to turn back.

Tatsuya calls to Miyuki and tells her to head to the front of the boat. Complying, Miyuki moves back but looking at her mother, who’s body is failing, Miyuki pulls out her C.A.D. ready to act in her stead. Looking back, she sees torpedoes approaching the boat and is shocked. Tatsuya raises his hand, without a C.A.D. which annoys Miyuki and so she looks to Honami to act when suddenly Tatsuya invokes magic and disintegrated the torpedoes in an instant, leaving Miyuki shocked. His use of highly advanced magic without a C.A.D. and in an instant, leaves her realising she knows nothing about him at all.

As Honami continued to use magic under the water, Miyuki simply stared at Tatsuya’s back as he reverted to the child he seemingly appeared to be on the outside.

Chapter 7

Yotsuba Main House, November 6th, 2095.

Tatsuya, who had been looking out the window until now, suddenly looked over at the doorway moments before a knock came, and after waiting for permission from Miyuki a maid led Major Kazuma into the room and promptly left.

They exchange greetings, having realised he was also summoned by Maya, something the Shiba’s were not aware of. With Miyuki present Kazuma is more formal than he normally is with Tatsuya. This is because despite having been acquainted for the same length of time, they have never interacted without Tatsuya present.

Chapter 8

Okinawa, August 5th, 2092.

By the time the Coast Guard arrived, the submarine had disappeared. Sakurai-san was angry the navy hadn’t noticed the submarine invade Japanese waters but she Miya and Miyuki were tired, so they headed back to the villa, informing the officer to send someone to see them if they needed anything in particular regarding the incident.

At the villa Miyuki’s mind is a maelstrom of thoughts as she couldn’t understand what she’d seen. Tatsuya had directly modified with the structural information of the torpedoes and decomposed them, magic of the highest difficulty, something not even her mother or Aunt Maya could do. Yet he was removed as a succession candidate and became her Guardian because of a lack of talent. She’d never seen him use anything high level beyond ‘Gram Dispersion’ which is why he’d focused on high physical abilities to earn a place in the Yotsuba.

Miyuki realised she knows nothing about Tatsuya despite him being her Guardian for six years and wonders who to ask about him and his true abilities. Just as she gets her thoughts in order Honami arrives to call her downstairs as someone from the Military has arrived to discuss the incident and insisted on seeing everyone.

The soldier who came to talk with them identified himself as Captain Kazama Harunobu. They discuss the incident with Honami taking the lead. She tells them they encountered the submarine at random and don’t know why it attacked. When Kazuma implies they provoked the submarine into attacking, Honami starts getting angry when Tatsuya interjects. He tells them they likely intended to abduct them as the torpedoes were foaming torpedoes which would make it look like an accident, a theory supported by the fact the radio was jammed. Kazuma asks if Tatsuya has more evidence which Tatsuya confirms but her refuses to elaborate. Miya asks if Kazuma needs anything else, and he takes the hint the conversation is over.

Tatsuya and Miyuki see Kazuma to his car where they see guarding it is the man, who started the fight the other day. Kazuma laughs, immediately realising Tatsuya is the one who floored him and is impressed at Tatsuya’s skills. He calls over the man, Higaki, and the pair apologise for the incident. The apology accepted Kazuma invites Tatsuya to visit his squad at Onna Base if he has the time.

Chapter 9


Okinawa, August 6th, 2092.

On the third day of the holiday a strong tropical storm was brewing. At Honami’s suggestion Miya decides to watch a Ryuukyuu dance but it’s for women only. Miya gives Tatsuya the day off, so he decides to take Captain Kazuma up on his offer and visit the base. Miyuki asks to accompany him to Miya’s surprise, using the fact she needs to understand her Guardian’s abilities as a pretext. Miya reminds the two to hide their identities by addressing and acting each other as normal siblings for the duration of the visit.

◊ ◊ ◊

Taking care to dress appropriately the siblings head to Onna Base where they are welcomed by Lieutenant Sanada from Weapons Development. Tatsuya is surprised to be met with an army officer on an air force base and Sanada is impressed with Tatsuya’s knowledge. Sanada leads them to a gymnasium where fifty or so magician soldiers are undergoing training drills. Seeing so many magicians in one place reminds Miyuki that Okinawa is on the frontline border.

They met Kazuma, who left the training to a subordinate to greet them and confirms Tatsuya is in middle school. Miyuki reflects on the fact Tatsuya is a prodigy in everything but magic and though not sociable he is relied upon at school and how things would be different if not one of the Yotsuba.

While lost in thought Kazuma invites Tatsuya to join the training but he declines due to his weak magic, surprising Miyuki as they had not told them they were magicians not was he wearing a C.A.D. or any other aids like charms. She’s worried they’re being observed but Kazuma simply says its experience of working with so many over the years. Kazuma wonders why she’s worried so Tatsuya covers for her making his poor magic an excuse, leaving Miyuki confused as to why he’d cover for her.

Chapter 10

Yotsuba Main House, November 6th, 2095.

Tatsuya and Kazuma are deep in conversation when Kazuma comments how the Yotsuba Main House is dense with the smell of death, like that of a field hospital. Tatsuya comments it’s because this is the site of the Institute 4, infamous even amongst the other Institutes closed down for human rights violations as the ‘Institute of Death’ which produced only the Yotsuba themselves. Tatsuya comments all the buildings are just to disguise the site as the real Institute facilities are in the basement.

Kazuma adds that he was shocked to learn all this three years ago but it’s no surprise the Guardians, tempered side by side with death, are so formidable even as children when raised and trained in such an environment.

Chapter 11

Okinawa, August 6th, 2092.

Miyuki quickly got bored of the training when it switched to close combat and was wondering she should do when Kazuma invites Tatsuya to join the combat. Seeing Miyuki was bored he agrees to join.

His first partner was Sergeant Toguchi, a man with a medium build who Tatsuya was told had boxing skills on a national level as a student. Toguchi slowly closes on Tatsuya but the match is over when Tatsuya closes in an instant and felled him with a single blow.

Kazama orders Corporal Haebaru, who gave of the impression of a well forged blade, to face Tatsuya next and told not to hold back. Haebaru attacks immediately, and the spectators are impressed Tatsuya can fend off the onslaught without difficulty, despite the eye blurring speed. Kazuma comments Tatsuya carries himself like an experienced combatant and even the untrained Miyuki could see Tatsuya had the advantage. The exchange of blows and counters continued until it looked like the Corporal appeared to have caught Tatsuya for him to just slip to the slide and bring him down and took an elbow to the side, ending the fight.

The soldiers gather around Tatsuya to praise his skill, given Haebaru was one of the units strongest. Kazuma enquires where he was trained, and Tatsuya simply states there is a dojo at his mother’s place, Kazuma seems unconvinced but decides not to pry for now and instead asks Tatsuya to fight one more match to protect the Corps honour and Lance Corporal Higaki volunteers, looking to vindicate himself for the other day, and Tatsuya accepts the challenge.

Hikagi and Tatsuya face each other waiting for an opening when Hikagi suddenly launches like a cannonball at Tatsuya, which he dodges. Miyuki is outraged he’s using magic but Tatsuya scolds her whilst he defends Higaki’s attacks, pointing out they never said magic wasn’t allowed. Kazuma gives Higaki a warning to be careful as the air around Tatsuya dimmed as Tatsuya pointed his outstretched palm at Higaki and as the Lance Corporal charges again and a torrent of psions sweep through him. The attack having left Higaki defenceless in his charge, side steps and deals a single blow, bringing Higaki down.

Tatsuya goes over to Higaki and offers a hand, which Higaki accepts with a smile. Having confirmed he wasn’t just caught off guard the other day Higaki introduced himself formally and gives Tatsuya permission to address him as Joe before offering to show Tatsuya around Okinawa if he gets bored at all. Kazuma cuts him off laughing as they are still in training before inviting the siblings to have tea.

They discuss Tatsuya’s use of Gram Demolition as the siblings have tea with Sanada and Kazuma, with Miyuki feeling a little strange due to the role reversal and her being a background character here. They enquire why Tatsuya doesn’t use a CAD and he admits he has issues using them. Sanada asks if Tatsuya would like to try some of the CADs Sanada is developing, and Tatsuya excepts, his eyes showing more desire than Miyuki had even seen before.

They head to Sanada’s lab and Tatsuya’s enthusiasm has really thrown Miyuki who thought him indifferent to everything. Her mind wonders to what he must think of her and almost trembles at the thought. Tatsuya notices but she writes it off as being tired and sits down while Tatsuya looks at the CADs. Miyuki’s mind dwells on the matter and the fact if not for her he could be free to live his own life yet letting him go seems so much scarier. Unable to quell such thoughts Miyuki maintains a poker face while she waits.

Chapter 12

Yotsuba Main House, November 6th, 2095.

Tatsuya and Kazuma continue discussing the past when there’s a knock at the door. Miyuki answers and a butler who seems around Tatsuya’s age enters and apologised that the meeting before theirs is overrunning so there will be a delay. The butler waits for Kazuma’s acknowledgment but not the siblings. Though Tatsuya does not consider himself a Yotsuba, Miyuki cannot reject being Miya’s daughter, or by extension Yotsuba Maya’s niece.

Chapter 13

Okinawa, August 8th, 2092.

Despite the turbulent start the vacation was now entering its fifth day at 1pm. Miyuki had been quietly reading a rare paper textbook on magic and finding it a bit advanced she wonders if Tatsuya would understand it. Tatsuya has been working on the two CAD’s he was given by Sanada two days ago whenever he was free so Miyuki wonders if he can actually tune them and ends up at his door before she realises it.

Miyuki hesitates before knocking and was about to leave but Tatsuya opens the door before she can to see what she wants, and Miyuki asks to enter. Upon entering sees the only thing of note in the nearly bare room is the workstation full of code that was connected to a half-dissected CAD. Miyuki’s attention snaps back to Tatsuya when he addresses her as Madam and she asks him to call her Miyuki instead, to which he agrees and so she retreats back to her room and cries, lamenting on how any kindness he shows her must be an act.

Chapter 14

Okinawa, August 11th, AD 2092.

Two uneventful days later, nothing has changed between the siblings. The family were having breakfast when emergency alerts suddenly started blazing from all the devices and equipment from the Military warning them Japan is being invaded by submarines from the West Sea and that the Kerama Islands are under attack.

Miyuki was ready to panic while Honami requests permission to call Yotsuba Maya and is quickly given permission by a nervous Miya. Only Tatsuya was calm as he read the information in the terminal. Miyuki wonders if he even has emotions when he receives a call from Captain Kazuma offering shelter at the base. Tatsuya relays the message to Miya but before she replies Honami informs her Maya is on the phone, to Miyuki’s surprise as the Yotsuba twins are on bad terms in something akin to a cold war. Miya speaks to her sister and tells the others Maya has arranged for them to shelter at the base, likely the reason Kazuma called Tatsuya.

Miya and Honami discuss their options but decide to go to the base as the shelter should be sturdier and they cannot trust an enemy who attacks without a declaration of war will abide the rules of war. Seeing their grim expressions Miyuki realised she’s they only one who doesn’t fully comprehend the situation. The decision made Miya instructs Tatsuya to call Kazuma.

Lance Corporal Higaki collects them in an army jeep and they quickly travel to the base, the roads empty apart from military vehicles as though martial law was invoked, and the five arrived with nothing happening en route, despite an hour having passed since the attack meaning the enemy are being held off for now. A number of other civilians have been evacuated to the base and the Shiba’s are sharing the shelter with five other people. Miyuki reflects on the fact she may have to fight and that it will be her first battle. She looks to Tatsuya, his CADs hidden and ready. Miyuki wondered if it was his first battle too, but unlike her however, Tatsuya is an experienced killer and remains perfectly composed until he suddenly stands up.

◊ ◊ ◊

Honami also stands up suddenly, having heard gunshots from an automatic rifle. Honami asks what’s happening but the base is shielded so Tatsuya cannot confirm. The man from the other group, realising they are magicians, demands they find out what’s happening on ground magicians were things created to serve people, angering Honami and the others. Tatsuya interjects pointing out were that the case they serve society and public order as stated in the ‘Charter of the International Association of Magic’ and that 80% of magicians are natural, not engineered. Miya cuts Tatsuya short and requests he investigate what’s happening, but he objects as he won’t be able to protect Miyuki. Miya was angered by this and Honami quickly tells Tatsuya to leave the shelter to her, so he heads out.

The gunshots are getting closer and as footsteps approached the room Honami got ready to protect the two Shiba’s. Four soldiers arrive, all Left-Bloods, and the leader, Private First Class Kinjou, offer to take the civilians to an underground shelter. Honami tells them one of their group has stepped out. The soldier insists but Miya refuses to abandon her son and asks them to take the others instead while they wait. The four soldiers quietly discuss the situation while Miya tells Honami her ‘intuition’ is telling her not to trust them, a skill derived from her Mental Interference magic that earned her the title of the Ruler of the River of Oblivion.

The soldiers finish their discussion and insist the three join they too. Just then Lance Corporal Higaki calls the lead soldiers name and PFC Kinjou immediately turns and opens fire into the corridor. Honami moves to raise a shield but cast jamming is activated by one of the four soldiers, stopping Honami and Miyuki from casting and causing Miya to slump over due to her illness and Miyuki realised she needs to stop it. Higaki calls out from the corridor demanding to know why the four betrayed them. He and PFC Kinjou argue over the gunshots until something Higaki says causes a moment of hesitation in the four and the cast jamming weakens. Seeing her chance Miyuki casts her innate MI spell Cocytus on the cast jammer careful to only hit him and freezes his soul.

The guilt this is the third person she’s killed with Cocytus hits her and she hesitates and the remaining take aim at and gun Miyuki, Honami and Miya down. Before Honami’s shield can take effect.

Her body cold Miyuki laments she never got to apologise to Tatsuya for being the chains that bound him.


She fluttered her eyes open to see the rebels gone and Tatsuya’s panicked form stretching out a hand as she felt herself dying.

And then Tatsuya’s magic rebuilt her body and she revived completely unharmed and she called him Onii sama for the first time as Tatsuya hugged her in relief. Having confirmed Miyuki is ok, Tatsuya then heals Miya and Honami, Miyuki seeing him begin mastering the spell after only three uses. Honami was shocked but Miya didn’t awaken. Kazuma apologises and asks if there is anything that he can do to make up for what happened. They were targeted due to the man who was with them being an executive in a munitions company.

Tatsuya first asks for a situation report and asks if it’s the GAU. Kazuma says its likely but unconfirmed and that enemy troops have landed in force on Nagoshi, control the waters of the Kerama Islands and guerrillas have attacked from Naha to Nago although 80% of the area’s affected by the guerrillas have been reclaimed. The rebels are mostly supressed too but their job of buying time is done.

Tatsuya then asks for Kazuma to protect the other three for him and Kazuma agrees to take them to the Air Defence Command and Control Centre before finally asking for an Armour Suit and infantry kit. Kazuma asks why and Tatsuya states its for revenge for daring to harm Miyuki. Kazuma agrees for Tatsuya to join them in repelling the enemy only on condition he abide the rules of war, no killing non-combatants or surrendered enemies. Negotiations concluded Tatsuya leaves Miyuki and Miya to Honami and follows Sanada to get some armour.

◊ ◊ ◊

Honami asks Miyuki if it’s alright to let Tatsuya go to war, and as the reality hits her she runs after him and asks him not to go. Tatsuya explains he is going because he needs to get revenge on those who tried to hurt her as Miyuki is the only thing that can be truly precious to him. This leaves Miyuki confused and he apologises and tells her it’s time she knew, even if he’d rather she didn’t Miyuki is Miya’s daughter and Maya’s niece, and so she should ask Miya for the details. Having said his piece Tatsuya ends the conversation on that he’s going to protect her future and then left with Sanada for the battlefield.

◊ ◊ ◊

Miyuki returns to the room she left Miya and Honami. Seeing she made them wait Miyuki apologises and informs Miya that Tatsuya is joining the battle. Cursing the ‘defective product’s’ misbehaviour Miya tells the soldier waiting to guide them to the control room. Five blast doors later they arrived and were led to one of the single rooms for executives in the control centre and Honami confirms there is no surveillance and that the glass can project any of the centre’s monitors. Miyuki asks Miya about what Tatsuya said. Miya agrees its time she knew but first scolds Miyuki for calling him Onii sama in private as it could impact her place in the succession. Miyuki tries to argue pointing out he saved them with his power but Miya counters it’s all he can do.

Honami stayed silent as she got the images from the battlefield up on the screen as Tatsuya deployed and Miya began to tell Miyuki the truth.

“Tatsuya was born defective as a magician."

"From the time he was born, Tatsuya could use only two types of ‘magic’. Decomposition of Eidos, and reconstruction of Information Bodies.”

She points his abilities aren’t truly magic as they don’t alter the information as magic does, and as he cannot use magic, he cannot be a Yotsuba of the Ten Master Clans. So seven years ago Miya performed Mental Reconstruction surgery as part of the ‘The Artificial Magician Plan’ where they altered his mind to let him use magic at the cost of stronger emotions, his urges, such rage, hate, lust, gluttony and blind love, with one single exception, his feelings for Miyuki.

However, the results were unsatisfactory and the level he could use magic at was inferior in performance, and so he could only be used as a Guardian.

Miyuki couldn’t believe Miya performed the surgery, but Miya confirms only she could have using her innate Mental Structure Interference magic. At that point she realised Miya too lost some of her emotions in the experiment, whether a side effect or guilt.

The screens currently show Tatsuya has made contact with the enemy. Wherever his CAD pointed the enemy turned to dust.

Miyuki asks why he still feels affection for her, so Miya explains his only remaining emotion is the desire to love and protect Miyuki, his one true emotion, something he knows well. He feels nothing for her, his mother and likely only saved her to stop Miyuki being sad. Miya admits they didn’t mean to go so far but as only one emotion would be left, so they directed the attachment to Miyuki who would be with him far longer than Miya would.

Miyuki was both glad to know the truth and wished she didn’t and decided to unflinchingly look to the present and future going forwards.

Turning to the screen she watched as Tatsuya advanced, no bullet being able to touch him as armoured vehicles and soldiers alike were disintegrated one after another, while any wound his allies received were healed in an instant. It was like watching the special effects of a movie, not a real battle, an unreal scene.

To the enemies fighting against Tatsuya, he was terror incarnate. A nightmare who revived their foes and obliterated all before him leaving only shadows and dust.

Like a Demon, Tatsuya strode across the battlefield, all because Miyuki was shot. She wonders how she can possibly repay him, when even her very life is something that Miyuki owes completely to him.

Chapter 15

Yotsuba Main House, November 6th, 2095.

It had been one week since they parted at Tsushima base and the details of the aftermath were unknown even to Kazama. Tatsuya’s thoughts are interrupted by the knock of an elderly butler who advises Tatsuya, Miyuki and Kazuma that Maya is ready for them and she entered the room, apologising to Kazuma and Tatsuya for the delay before sitting down.

Cutting straight to the point Maya tells them of some developments stemming from the incident in Yokohama.

Firstly, that the Magic Association has concluded the blast wasn’t in violation of the charter forbidding weapons that cause nuclear contamination so there won’t be any penalties.

Secondly, that 'Heavenly General' Liú Yúndé, one of the ‘Thirteen Apostles’, was killed along with the fleet. This surprises Kazuma, who was unaware as the GAU were keeping it quiet. Maya then tells them the government is planning to use this fact to wring concessions out of the GAU for the attack, as such the fleet is being deployed along with Itsuwa Mio, Japans Apostle. Hearing this Miyuki becomes concerned as Mio is very frail physically but Maya states it’s a calculated risk. Maya goes on to tell them the blast has motivated the NSU to have the Apostle Igor Bezobrazov reassess the effectiveness of large-scale magic. Tatsuya is surprised by this as including him it means the incident caused four strategic class magicians to mobilise. As a result, peace with the GAU is likely to be attained soon, Maya concludes.

Finally, Maya tells them the destruction of Zhènhai Naval Port being caused by magic is being investigated by many to determine who the operator is. As it would be undesirable for Tatsuya to be discovered Maya asks Kazuma to refrain from contacting Tatsuya for the time being.

Negotiations concluded Kazuma leaves and Maya orders Miyuki and the attendants out of the room, leaving her alone with Tatsuya. Maya initially drinks her tea while Tatsuya casually waits in silence. Maya speaks first and confirms this is the first time the two of them have ever spoken alone before and they banter briefly, but not with a friendly rapport although Maya seems to appreciate having an unreserved companion. She summons Hayama and requests more tea for the two of them and the pair wait in silence.

Once the tea had arrived Maya thanks Tatsuya for his efforts in Yokohama but makes it clear she thinks things went too far, though Tatsuya was just following orders. Tatsuya apologies as he too thinks they went too far. Tatsuya asks if there is any movement so far and she tells him the USNA STARS are investigating and that he and Miyuki are both suspects. Maya warns him to be careful as they are not like his previous opponents to date and may be a threat to him. Tatsuya asks if the Yotsuba will assassinate him should they be at risk, but Maya says it’s too early to even consider that option.

Maya then orders Tatsuya to drop out of school and lie low at the main house.

Tatsuya refuses. He states it would be as good as a confession the culprit was him. Maya confirms he’s refusing her order.

Tatsuya states Miyuki alone may order him.

The world turned to ‘Night’. It was not mere darkness but containing a full sea of stars. And the stars became beams of light.

Without a sound, the night shattered.

Revealed within were the aunt and nephew, still staring at each other. However, the tension was gone. Tatsuya comments she didn’t go all out and Maya, using the pretext of him breaking her spell, agrees to let him stay at school. Tatsuya rises, bows and leaves the room.

◊ ◊ ◊

After some time alone in thought Maya summons Hayama and asks him to prepare tea in the solarium and bring the Shiba siblings. As he’s about to leave she stops him and asks what was on his mind.

Permission given Hayama asks if it’s ok to leave Tatsuya like that. Unlike most other Yotsuba, Hayama rates Tatsuya very highly, as someone to be wary of. Maya admits he could betray the Yotsuba at any time and that she’d likely lose if they fought even with Meteor Stream, the spell that cemented her place as one of the strongest magicians and earned her the epitaph ‘Queen of the Night’ due to it being near unstoppable. However, she points out he will never betray Miyuki and Miyuki won’t oppose the Yotsuba as Miya raised her to ensure it wouldn’t happen. However, this means Miyuki must become the next family head, to ensure Tatsuya never turns on them. She then assures Hayama she has everything planned out so not to worry.

It’s commonly thought that the Yokohama Incident of 2095 was the extension of the invasion of Okinawa in 2092, and their subsequent defeat as an attempt to redeem themselves. However, for the events following the invasion of Yokohama to end in the same way as the ‘Battle of Okinawa’ can only be called the irony of history.

Chapter 16

Okinawa, August 11th, 2092.

Tatsuya, accompanied by the Onna Airborne under the command of Kazama, had driven the invading enemy to the water’s edge, the battle was an utterly one-sided slaughter. Yet it lacked all one’s characteristics, no explosions, no blood, no bodies. It was utterly silent as even Tatsuya’s allies had ceased firing and watched on. Everything, from bullets to the enemy soldiers was being disintegrated. Yet the absence of the horrors of war led the enemy to continue fighting, retreat never crossing their minds.

Tatsuya was on an utter rampage, as though murder was not taboo, the sight of Miyuki nearly dying had shaken him that much. Had he arrived moments later she would be dead, he used Regrowth on another for the first time, but though it can heal instantly fatal wounds, it cannot revive those past the threshold of death. And with Tatsuya’s altered emotions the fear of losing Miyuki is all the more amplified, and despite his current calm, he was seething with rage, he only appeared calm due to the absence of other emotions. A madness dominated only by one purpose.

Though the front lines were in a state of collapse the chain of command was intact and so a retreat was ordered by the GAU forces and they fought to be the first to flee to safety. The Onna Airborne got ready to fire but before they could Tatsuya started disintegrating the amphibious assault craft, the boarding soldiers along with them. At the sight of this the enemy threw their guns in the water and surrendered.

Tatsuya, however, in his manic rage tried to continue the slaughter by stopping the surrender before it was formalised and had to be pinned down from behind by Lieutenant Yanagi at gun point. Kazuma reminds Tatsuya of the condition of joining them, and Tatsuya calms down and agrees to stop.

◊ ◊ ◊

With the enemy surrendered and disarmed the troops are feeling relieved it’s over when a message is received informing them a fleet of six ships is approaching and will be in artillery range in twenty minutes. Even hearing this none of the enemy tried to escape, Tatsuya’s undisguised bloodlust made it clear it wasn’t worth it. The message received Kazuma orders them to withdraw with the prisoners.

Instead Tatsuya asks for the location of the enemy fleet and asks for the extended range armament device they showed him at the base before using wired communications to secretly discuss his plan to destroy the fleet with Kazuma but doesn’t want to be seen doing it. It’s agreed only Tatsuya, Sanada and Kazuma will remain while the order was given for the rest to withdraw.

◊ ◊ ◊

Back at the control centre the soldiers withdraw could be seen on screen, and that three people stayed behind. Honami clearly wants to join Tatsuya and Miyuki holds her hand thinking he may have a means to destroy the fleet, but if he could use some form of Strategic Class Magic then he would be defenceless while using it. Honami asks Miya for permission to join Tatsuya, and she agrees. She comments the base isn’t safe with the fleet out there and that Tatsuya knows what to do in theory but has never used this ability but should be fine given his intelligence.

◊ ◊ ◊

The enemy ships had overwhelming firepower, so Tatsuya knew it was a race against time. First, he decomposed and reconstructed all the bullets from the magazine of the armament device to mark them. With the fleet 30 kilometres out Tatsuya modifies the spell in the device, shocking Sanada, and fires but the bullet only reaches 20 kilometres away.

Tatsuya states they’ll have to wait for the enemy to come within 20 kilometres, when they’ll be in range too. They discuss withdrawing but Tatsuya states the base will be at risk if it’s not ended here as there is no time to find another vantage point. Kazuma and Sanada agree to stay with Tatsuya and see this to the end.

As the enemy came into range Tatsuya fired all four remaining bullets and focused on the one that fell within the enemy fleet. As Tatsuya initiated the large-scale magic unknown to the other two, the enemy fleet opened fire. Before it could hit however Honami arrived on a bike and in full armour. She activated a huge number of magical shields, protecting the four of them, in single field defence the Sakura series Honami belonged to is unrivalled. As he watched the shields stop the bullets from hitting them Tatsuya stretched out his right hand towards the west, and forcibly unclenched his palm.

The bullet broke down into energy.

In that moment, the mass conversion magic Material Burst was used for the first time.

Beyond the horizon was a flash and a huge roar reverberated. An eerie rumbling was heard and realising it was a Tsunami, Kazuma grabbed Honami who had collapsed, and the three fled, Sanada on the bike with Tatsuya in tandem and Kazuma using magic carrying Honami.

Atop a hill some distance away Tatsuya knelt by Honami. Augmented magicians are unstable, and she’d burnt out protecting Tatsuya. Honami tells Tatsuya it’s not his fault and as she chose to help him. Tatsuya tried to heal her, but she stops him as she’s glad she could die a person and not a tool.

And she died.

Hearing her last words Tatsuya decides there is no need to grieve, having convinced the grief away.

Chapter 17

Yotsuba Main House, November 6th, 2095.

Tatsuya thought about Honami for the first time in a long time, his memories laced with regret. He knew he could do nothing but regret and understand and the fact he could do it this time without anyone sacrificing themselves means she didn’t die in vain. He dedicated a silent prayer to the woman who nobly sacrificed herself three years ago.

That was why he was shocked to see the maid serving them who was her spitting image. Miyuki looked shocked enough for Maya to notice as she arrived and queried the reason.

Miyuki asked about the girl and Maya, appearing a different person after her confrontation , realised the reason and told then she’s Minami, a second generation Sakura Series, and sort of a genetic niece of Honami, meaning her mother was a first generation Sakura Series, who all had identical DNA.

Maya goes on to tell them Minami is very skilled and easily on par with the Saegusa twins and is a candidate to be a future Guardian for Miyuki as a male bodyguard can be inconvenient at times. Although the true purpose was extra protection for possible havoc and destruction in the future.

Chapter 18

Okinawa, August 17th, 2092.

Six days after the battle the three Shiba’s are waiting at the airport. After Honami deployed there was no one to manipulate the screen so all Miyuki knows what happened afterwards was from the news.

That suddenly, at the water line a light brighter than the sun erupted, and the enemy fleet disappeared as the coast was hit by breaking waves.

Apart from this all Miyuki knows the public don’t is that Tatsuya was the strategic class magician who used ‘Material Burst,’ the hero who drove the enemy away. And that Honami never returned, her remains cremated at a joint funeral service for the victims and her ashes scattered into the sea as Tatsuya comforted her as she cried.

Watching Honami’s cremation Miyuki had decided.

That she too had died that day, the life given to her by Miya was gone, and that a new life granted to her by Tatsuya had been born, therefore all she is belongs to Tatsuya.

Tatsuya calls her to let her know it’s time and she leads Miya, who is still frail, to the plane thinking the words that cannot be spoken.

—Onii-sama, no matter where you go, no matter how far; I, Miyuki, am going with you—

Untouchable - The Nightmare of 2062

It was a time of war, World War III.

While on a school trip to Taipei, Yotsuba Maya is kidnapped and untold horrors were inflicted upon her, crushing her mind. Saegusa Kouichi, her fiance, lost an eye while trying to protect Maya from being kidnapped and got seriously injured.

After she was rescued, Yotsuba Genzou ordered Yotsuba Miya to use her unique magic on Maya to separate the emotions from the memories of the atrocities she had suffered through, for fear that they would destroy her. Unable to only target the specific memory, Miya ends up removing the emotions from all of the memories she had experienced for the past twelve years. After waking up, Maya blames Miya for what she had done, saying that she had "killed" the person she was before, and her personality changes. Her betrothal to Saegusa Kouichi is dissolved, due to the fact that the abduction event had left her body broken and unable to bear children.

Unwilling to let the defilement of his daughter go, Yotsuba Genzou is supported by the Yotsuba Clan to go to war with the organization behind this incident. 

After everything is over with, thirty members of the Yotsuba clan had died. On the other hand, the Dahan; and  the leading organization in magical research in Asia, the Kunlunfang Institute, which was responsible for the kidnapping, had lost almost four thousand members and their commanding core destroyed. Merely 30 people from the Yotsuba clan effectively obliterated the Dahan and wiped out all of their research on magic. Dahan then internally collapsed, leading to the Great Asia Union unifying Asia. This was the end of WWIII.

After the end of World War III, to those who knew the truth about what happened to Dahan, the Yotsuba name became synonymous with the word "Untouchable", and instilling fear in everyone who knew.


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