During the development of measures against the Parasites, Tatsuya created a magic technique of squeezing a large mass of psions into a tiny psion bullet (Far Strike). Through the events that occurred during his search for Gu Jie, Tatsuya had gained experiences and further developed this technique and acquired this new ability, Psion Marker. The compressed psion injected into targets will give off signals that can be traced for several days.[1]
This magic gives the location of the target with such efficiency that Ghost Walker becomes absolutely useless. Because of Psion Marker, Tatsuya was able to pinpoint the target and read its data from the eidos. Tatsuya was only able to read target's personal data, he had still not perfected his use of the psion marker to widen his elemental sight range. He used this ability to track the movements of Australian Special Ops.[2]


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