Plan to Assassinate Tatsuya Shiba is a web novel spin-off of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei series.

The series moves away from the Shibas and focuses on Hashibami Yuki, a professional teenage assassin as its primary protagonist. After Shiba Tatsuya witnesses her at a crime scene, Hashibami is tasked with his assassination. This task will lead to an unexpected twist of fate.

The series currently consists of a short story 'Disappearance of a fool' and a serialised story which is available online on Sato Tsutomu's (佐島 勤) official website and is also being released as a series of light novel compilations.

List of Web Novel Releases

Disappearance of a Fool

Disappearance of a fool is a stand alone short story set during the Shiba's second year at First High. While out on his motorcycle, Shiba Tatsuya chances upon a young virtual idol in trouble. Usami Yuuki, who is friends with his classmate Leo and calls out to ask for his help and so Tatsuya steps in.

This short story was originally only available as a web novel but was included at the end of the second spin-off light novel. A summery is available in the tab below.

It starts with the encounter between Tastuya and Usami Yuuki. Usami Yuuki was being chased by thugs but was rescued by Tatsuya by calling his name in the public, and Tatsuya could not ignore it, so he stepped in. (Usami Yuuki is a friend of Leo. She is currently working as a virtual idol. She was first introduced in another side story.)

After few days from the previous event, at a tea shop in a hotel owned by the Kuroba family, Kuroba Fumiya and his employee, Hashibami Yuki are having conversation about the incident that Tatsuya was involved in. According to their conversation, Usami Yuuki is a genetically altered magician, but she is a “failed” magician. She cannot use magic, but she still carries genes of a magician. So, she is being targeted by Yakuza gang that is kidnapping and selling people like Usami Yuuki to 3rd world countries that cannot afford money on building the facilities to produce genetically altered nationals. For this incident, the Yakuza gang was hired by Philippine Mafia. Fumiya is having a meeting with Hashibami Yuki because he is afraid this Yakuza gang may go after Tatsuya for interrupting their kidnapping operation. Hashibami Yuki accepts the job from Fumiya.

Yakuza gang’s boss name is Mismi Kenzo. He is discussing with his counterpart, Carlo Castiyo who runs a comparatively large organized crime syndicate (mafia) in Southeast Asia. Carlo Castiyo stressed importance of their target, Usami Yuuki. Mismi Kenzo makes a joke by labeling Carlo Castiyo’s customers (high officers at Philippine army) as pedophiles for requesting high school girls and a virtual idol such as Yuuki. After the communication, Mismi Kenzo summons his subordinates to gather intelligence on Shiba Tatsuya. His subordinate informs him what he found about Shiba Tatsuya and why Shiba Tatsuya saved Usami Yuuki. The subordinate told Mismi Kenzo that Shiba Tatsuya may have involved with Yuuki because Yuuki’s man (Leo) is a friend of Tatsuya. The subordinate also informs Mismi Kenzo that Tatsuya may have a friendly relationship with Kokonoe Yakumo, and this information made Mismi Kenzo worry. But Mismi Kenzo assumes as long as Tatsuya is not Yakumo’s student, Yakumo will not make a move against them. Finally, Mismi Kenzo made a decision to cancel his plan to kidnap Usami Yuuki and ordered his men to prepare a bomb near Tatsuya’s house as insurance if Tatsuya makes a move against Kenzo.

Mismi Kenzo received unexpected news from Carlo Castiyo. Carlo Castiyo is coming to Japan because his customer was pissed off because Usami Yuuki was not included in the shipment. Mismi Kenzo was not happy because he is a very careful man when it comes to the security, but in this case he has to take a risk and join if Carlo Castiyo will be participating the kidnapping operation. At the end of the scene, the narrator mentions the background information of Mismi Kenzo; he is not a simple Yakuza boss, but he and his subordinates are a decedent of Negoro-gumi; The Negoro-gumi was an order of warrior monks based in Negoro-ji temple. They were famous for their skill with firearms.

On the night when Carlos Castiyo arrives at Japan, Hashibami Yuki infiltrates the warehouse where about twenty kidnapped girls are being kept. When Mismi Kenzo and Carlo Catiyo greet, Hashibami Yuki made her move and tried to kill Mismi Kenzo, but Mismi Kenzo’s subordinate blocked Yuki and are killed by her instead. However, Hashibami Yuki loses her chance to kill Mismi Kenzo due to ten snipers whose shots pin her down. The Negoro-gumi has both fine marksmanship and an ability of being patient without getting noticed. Just like Mismi Kenzo, Hashibami Yuki is also a descendant of Ninjas, not a traditional magician, but a trained soldier; a soldier with extreme body control capabilities. But Hashibami Yuki cannot handle all the snipers alone and is saved by Fumiya.

After Fumiya’s arrival, none of Carlos Castiyo’s men and Mismi Kenzo’s men are left standing. Only Mismi Kenzo is still untouched. Fumiya requests information on kidnapping operations by Mismi Kenzo, and Fumiya confirms that this deal is made on behalf of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mismi Kenzo refuses the offer, and he suddenly threatens Fumiya by telling him that Mismi Kenzo’s men are ready with a bomb near Tatsuya’s house.

Fumiya tells Mismi Kenzo that if Mismi Kenzo orders his men to bomb Tatsuya’s house, Mismi Kenzo will die. Mismi Kenzo ignores the warning and sends a signal to his men. Soon after that, Mismi Kenzo’s body vanishes. This reminds Hashibami Yuki of her experience with Tatsuya. Before working with the Kuroba she tried to kill Tatsuya herself, and her very soul was engraved with fear. As long as that fear exists, she cannot bother Tatsuya. She is working for Fumiya to eliminate fools who are committing the same crime that she committed in the past. She is doing this in order to ease the fear in her soul.

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EP.01 The Girl Assassin

Episode one is set in 2094, the year before the Shiba siblings attend First High, when they are still in middle school. After Shiba Tatsuya witnesses Hashibami at the scene of a crime she is tasked with silencing him. This episode has been released as a light novel titled Plan to Assassinate Tatsuya Shiba (I). The list of web novel chapters in this episode can be found below.

  1. Chapter 1 Encounter
  2. Chapter 2 Reconnaissance
  3. Chapter 3 Interference
  4. Chapter 4 Abduction
  5. Chapter 5 Determination
  6. Chapter 6 Intervention
  7. Chapter 7 Infiltration
  8. Chapter 8 Collision
  9. Chapter 9 Strategy
  10. Chapter 10 Decisive Battle
  11. Chapter 11 Surrender

EP.02 Female Sect Master of the Evil Eye

Episode two is set in May 2096. Hashibami is now working for the Yotsuba and takes on an apprentice. This episode has been released as a light novel titled Plan to Assassinate Tatsuya Shiba (II). The list of web novel chapters in this episode can be found below.

  1. Chapter 1 Contract
  2. Chapter 2 Cohabitation
  3. Chapter 3 One Poem
  4. Chapter 4 First Job
  5. Chapter 5 Heartbreak
  6. Chapter 6 Secret Manoeuvres
  7. Chapter 7 Infiltration
  8. Chapter 8 Betrayal
  9. Chapter 9 Fear
  10. Chapter 10 True Self

EP.03 Ripper vs. The Petrifying Witch

Episode three begins on Saturday the 6th of October 2096. Hashibami is assigned a military target to assassinate by the Yotsuba but just as she reaches them, the target's life is taken by another party. This episode has been released as a light novel titled Plan to Assassinate Tatsuya Shiba (III). The list of web novel chapters in this episode can be found below.

  1. Prologue Encounter
  2. Chapter 1 Request
  3. Chapter 2 Secret Manoeuvres
  4. Chapter 3 Manoeuvring
  5. Chapter 4 Complication
  6. Chapter 5 Camouflage
  7. Chapter 6 Rescue
  8. Chapter 7 Commencement
  9. Chapter 8 Carrying Out the Plan
  10. Chapter 9 Conclusion


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