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Phalanx (ファランクス) is a Movement Type Defensive Magic that isn't simply a sustained magic barrier, but a multi-layered barrier that continuously refreshes itself. This is similar to a dense formation of heavy infantry that marches as one to increase the group's defensive power and then translates that power into offense.

Defensive Phalanx: Multiple barriers being erected simultaneously. The magic blocks any magic cast among the 4 Great Systems and 8 Major Types. While it is an impregnable defense against most of the magic spells, it is also useful against physical attacks.

Even if the initial barrier falters, the one behind would simply replace it, to be continued to infinitude. The barriers are in constant motion within set boundaries, not necessarily in front of oneself, but rather dozens of barriers can be sent crashing at high speeds into the enemy.[1]

Specialised magics can be used to counter the Phalanx, making it is useless against the Yotsuba Family's Meteor Stream and Baryon Lance.[2]


Offensive Phalanx: The offensive barrier which possesses the sole function of being impermeable to all attacks can even be spread out within another person's magic. The magic barrier that sets matter as its target possesses the interference strength that simply disallows any other magic to exist. Although there are disadvantages in that the firing range is limited and it can only be used against existing phenomena, this magic that combines anti-personnel, anti-object, and anti-magic properties has powerful applications at short distances in group combat. A weakness of this version of the spell is that the firing range is limited and it can only be used against existing phenomena.[3]

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This magic inherited the name from the Phalanx and displays defensive prowess and suffocating pressure worthy of its lofty name.