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Nine Schools Competition X is the seventeenth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


A Mirage Bat player's, also from First High, CAD malfunctions causing her to fall. Tatsuya catches the culprit in the act of sabotaging Miyuki's CAD. The gang responsible for all the sabotage at the tournament decide to unleash a modified human with hopes of causing a massacre but they are foiled by two men and a woman. Miyuki uses flying magic to win at Mirage Bat. But due to concerns of cheating, the committee leaked the magic sequence to the other schools for the next round. However, it was found to be too much for the other competitors, as they did not have a sufficient amount of magic to sustain the sequence, resulting in the safety mode kicking in and lowering them to the ground, leaving Miyuki to win the game.


In Yokohama, the leaders of No Head Dragon are meeting to discuss the competition. If First High wins, then they stand to lose over 100 Million US dollars. One of the men states doing nothing is as good as waiting to die, while another points out it won’t be a quick death with such high losses, and they’ll be lucky just to end up as Generators. Because of this the men decide they cannot be half-hearted anymore and must use more brutal measures to ensure First High doesn’t win, even if it makes their customers suspicious, as long as there is no evidence it’s not a problem. One of them suggests sending collaborators and forcing First High’s team members to withdraw from Mirage Bat, even if it means killing them.

The next morning, Tatsuya comments that the weather is perfect for Mirage Bat, but it just looks like the calm before the storm to him. Miyuki asks if he thinks something will happen and Tatsuya tells her he’s unsure and ends by telling her not to worry as he’ll make sure to protect her if no one else.

The First High’s first Mirage Bat match is about to get underway and Kobayakawa Keiko is competing. Miyuki comments Keiko appears fired up and Tatsuya points out depending on the results, First High’s overall victory could be sealed today.

The event begins and Keiko gets off to a solid start. In the audience Erika asks Mizuki is she’s ok without her glasses. Mizuki replies it’s uncomfortable but she can’t run away from her power forever and it would be wrong of her to turn her eyes away if it means someone else gets hurt. Mikihiko adds that if the enemy are using Spirit Magic then Mizuki’s eyes really will be the most dependable counter. He adds that he has put up a barrier to help alleviate the simulation from the psion light to protect Mizuki. Erika uses this to tease the pair by saying that means Mikihiko will take responsibility if anything happens.

The match is still underway, and all the contestants have close scores, but Keiko is in the lead. One of the opponents beats her to a score orb and she has to stop in mid-air. She’s about to descend when another player takes the pillar she was going to aim for and tries to use her CAD to remain airborne when it shorts out. In the audience Mizuki reacts to the shorting out. Keiko tries to use the Cad over and over, but it won’t work, and she falls from the sky, to the horror of the audience, but she’s caught by a member of staff before hitting the ground. Watching on as Keiko is carried away unconscious, Tatsuya concludes Keiko’s career may be over du to the ensuing distrust of magic the accident will cause. Tatsuya receives a call from Mizuki who tells him just before the accident she saw what looked like Spirits bursting apart from within the Keiko’s CAD. Tatsuya thanks her for the useful information and ends the call. Miyuki asks about the call and Tatsuya tells her he may be able to pinpoint the cause. Tatsuya tells her to get ready for her match and reassures her and says he’ll take her CAD for inspection.

Tatsuya is in the queue for the CAD examination When it’s his turn, Tatsuya walks to the desk and places Miyuki’s CAD on the scanner. The check proceeds as normal until during the scan when Tatsuya detects the Cad being tampered with. Enraged, Tatsuya grabs the member of staff and pulls him over the desk before pinning him down. Everyone watching is shocked as more staff come running but hold back when they hear Tatsuya demanding to know what was injected into Miyuki’s CAD and ask if he’s the one behind all the accidents. When the man doesn’t answer, Tatsuya is about to act when Kudou Retsu ask what’s going on. Tatsuya immediately gets up and one signals the staff to seize the culprit. Tatsuya then explains that First High’s CADs have been tampered with and he apprehended the suspect and was about to interrogate him. The CAD is passed Retsu and he confirms it’s been tampered with, explaining it’s a technique of the Guangdong Army called Golden Electron Silkworms, a delayed sequence that causes the device to malfunction. Retsu asks if Tatsuya knew, and Tatsuya admits he didn’t, but he did recognise a foreign element being injected into the CAD he designed. Retsu then asks the culprit where he got the sequence from. As the culprit is led away, Retsu tells Tatsuya to return to the stadium and use a backup CAD, with there being no need to have it checked. He then says a saboteur amongst the staff if an unprecedented scandal and demands an explanation later. He ends by saying he’d like to speak to Tatsuya at a later date.

When Tatsuya returns to First High’s tent, news of his getting violent has already reached them and they don’t know how to react. Miyuki runs up to him and Tatsuya apologises for making her worry. Miyuki replies that it’s that Tatsuya only gets angry for real over her and Tatsuya admits it and says that it’s only for her that he can get angry but it’s only natural for a brother to get angry for his sister. He then tells her not to be sad as her makeup looks gorgeous and it would be a shame to ruin it with tears when it’s her day to shine. Mayumi interjects at that point saying that she didn’t know what to make of it when she heard that one of her students went on a rampage and makes a joke about it being a brother with a hard core sister complex getting angry over someone meddling with his precious little sister, which earns laughs from the others and eases the mood.

Miyuki’s qualifying match is underway but after the second round, Miyuki only has a slim lead. Miyuki walks up to Tatsuya and asks if she can use ‘that’ and Tatsuya agrees.

The third round begins and the other contestants rush into action, but Miyuki holds back before activating her magic. Miyuki then soars into the air and nimble dodges the other players before casually stopping in mid-air to survey the situation and springing into action. The audience is shocked, and Mayumi and Mari realise she’s using Flight Magic. Miyuki continues ranking up points as the rest of the audience realise Miyuki is using Taurus Silver’s Flight Magic and are perplexed as it was only released the month before. The match ends with Miyuki having a huge lead and the thunderous applause of the crowd.

In Yokohama, the leaders of the No Head Dragon receive a report that First High have passed the qualifiers. The one giving the report says he thinks they are past the point of being selective of their methods. Another asks his plan and he says that it’s to have them cancel the event by having a Generator massacre the audience, stating Number 17 will be enough alone, even unarmed. Another is concerned that it could have repercussions with the weapons dealers and colleagues, but he’s countered by the first man who says their priority has to be avoiding the organisations sanctions. When no one objects, he removes Number 17’s limiter.

In the stadium, Number 17 moves forwards to massacre the audience, but when he attacks Yanagi Muraji, who is passing by, Number 17’s arm is grabbed and he is thrown out of the arena with magic. Number 17 uses magic an lands on all fours while Yanagi lands on his feet shortly after. Yanagi commends Number 17 for breaking his fall and ask his name, but then comments he wouldn’t be able to answer regardless, as his reflexes are clearly enhanced. Sanada Shigeru walks up behind Number 17 and retorts to Yanagi’s remarks. Number 17 tried to rush Yanagi but is stopped effortlessly and thrown back with one hand. Yanagi and Sanada then casually chat while Number 17 is prone, but before he can get up he is electrocuted with Thunder Needle by Fujibayashi Kyouko.

Later on, Tatsuya is reading in his room when Miyuki comes to his room for lunch. After lunch Tatsuya asks Miyuki if there is anything she wants and after some hesitation she asks if Tatsuya will remain by her side while she rests for the final. Tatsuya teases her a little but agrees. While Miyuki is sleeping, Tatsuya thinks over the report he has just received about the No Head Dragon trying to start a massacre using a Generator and is concerned about what they’ll try next. As he brushes Miyuki’s hair out of her face, she grabs his hand in her sleep.

The Mirage Bat final is about to begin. Miyuki thinks back to her chat with Tatsuya just before where he gave the ok for her to use Flight Magic from the get-go. The match begins and Miyuki sets off racking up the points, but she looks back to see that all the other schools are using Flight Magic as well and they’re all racking up points.

In the audience Azusa and Mayumi are surprised but Tatsuya explains that after the second match, concerns about cheating were raised and the committee must have leaked the sequence. Mayumi is shocked as there is no way the spell could be mastered in such a short time, but Tatsuya reassures her saying so long as the sequence wasn’t tampered with, there is a safety that will kick in if needed.

As the match continues, the other contestants are wearing down and only Miyuki is still racking up the points. Suddenly, one of the girls triggers the safety and is slowly brought to the ground safely. After a while Miyuki is the only contestant still in the air, the others having been brought to the ground. As Tatsuya looks at Miyuki’s smiling face he resolves to act.