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Nine Schools Competition VI is the thirteenth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


The "No Head Dragon", an underground syndicate is eager to interfere in the competition for the sake of their profits and the First High School is their main target. Meanwhile, the students under Tatsuya's care are doing better than expected in their events, drawing the attention of those who still can't acknowledge his talent just because he is a Course 2 student as well as First High School's main rivals from Third High School.


Shizuku’s match gets underway and her performance is overwhelming, netting her a perfect score, much to the elation of the crowd.

After the match in First High’s tent, Mayumi is delighted by the results and enthusiastically praising Tatsuya for the results to the point Suzune has to tell her to calm down. Mayumi backs off but continues her praise tell him it was amazing to sweep the podium and take all three top spots in one event. Tatsuya passed the credit to the athletes, Shizuku, Eimi and Kazumi and Mayumi praises them too. Mari reaffirms that Tatsuya’s own achievement can’t be denied, but Tatsuya’s response is lacklustre. Mari reiterates the feat is down in large part to his engineering skills. The athletes join in affirming it was like they suddenly got stronger. Suzune adds this is especially true for Active Air Mine as the Magic University has approached them with regards to adding it to the Index as a new magic. Tatsuya however simply tells them to put it under Shizuku’s name. Shizuku objects but Tatsuya points out it’s normal for the first user to be registered as the developer. Mari says being overly modest can seem like sarcasm, but Tatsuya states he is not and goes on to explain he wants to be spared the humiliation of being registered as the developer of a magic he cannot use himself at a practical level. Mayumi steps in to stop the debate over the issue between Mari and Tatsuya and says they can leave it for now and tells Tatsuya she’s counting on him for the other matches.

Elsewhere, the executives of Third High’s team meet to discuss First High’s rout in Speed Shooting. There Ichijou Masaki explains to his teammates that though Shizuku was on another level, the other two didn’t strike him as being exceptionally skilled and as such were it just down to magic power they wouldn’t have taken second and third place too. Shinkurou points out third High currently have the edge in Battle Board and Masaki affirms it’s not a loss due to talent levels, it’s something else. Shinkurou states it’s the engineer and Masaki agrees, saying the one in charge of the girls Speed Shooting must have mind-blowing skills. Masaki then asks if Shinkurou noticed the device Shizuku was using. Shinkurou agrees and states it was a generalised CAD. This shocks the others as it had attached auxiliary sights, a feature of a specialised CAD and object as they’ve never seen one on the market. Masaki agrees but points out they do exist. Shinkurou goes on to explain one was revealed in Dusseldorf the summer before, but it was more of a concept of idea and likely wouldn’t be usable. Masaki then states despite that Shizuku used a CAD with both the speed and accuracy of a specialised CAD and the ability to process different types of activation sequences of a generalised CAD. He adds if that was the work of a single engineer, it’s the work of a beast far beyond High School level. He ends stating they should assume they are behind be two of three generations of CAD in any match he is in charge of.

Tatsuya visits Honoka before her match with Shizuku and Miyuki and asks if there is anything he can help with. Honoka gets excited and asks him to look at her CAD. Tatsuya immediately scolds her for being rude to Azusa, her engineer, and Honoka apologises. As she’s repentant, Tatsuya decides they should review her strategy for the event.

It’s time for Honoka’s first match. Azusa is in the audience with Tatsuya, Miyuki and Shizuku, and asks Tatsuya why Honoka has so many optical sequences installed. Tatsuya explains that using magic to directly interfere with the opponents is not allowed but you can hinder them by messing with the water. Tatsuya passes her some sunglasses, confusing her, though Miyuki and Shizuku are already wearing them.

The match begins and Honoka unleashes a huge blast of light, blinding the other competitors and rushes into first place while they are stunned. Azusa comments it would never have occurred to her to do something like that. Honoka takes first place by a huge lead.

After the match Honoka rushes up to Tatsuya to thank him. She then starts crying as she usually whips out doing events like this so rarely wins. Shizuku explains she means in grade school. Honoka thanks Tatsuya, though Miyuki doesn’t look to pleased with Honoka’s enthusiasm.

That evening, Mayumi discusses the results with Mari, Katsuto, Suzune, Azusa and Hattori. Morisaki Shun took second place for the boys but the others didn’t make the finals, meaning the boys and girls had opposite results. Juumonji worries that even if they win this year it might be an issue going forwards.

In Yokohama’s Chinatown, the leaders of the No Head Dragon branch meet to discuss the competition. Annoyed as Third High was supposed to be in the lead for the rookie events, so First High might still win even after they went and engineered Mari’s accident so that she’d withdraw. The reason being they are the bookmakers and will lose a lot of money if First High wins, which will accrue punishment from their superiors. The five men agree they need to act further to avoid this.

Tatsuya returns to his room to find Miyuki waiting for him despite the late hour. Tatsuya enters and scolds her as she needs sleep or she might lose due to impaired judgement from lack of sleep. Tatsuya tries to take her back to her room, but Miyuki asks to talk. Miyuki tells Tatsuya she heard from Shizuku that Tatsuya turned down being added to the Index. Tatsuya confirms it. Miyuki asks if it’s due to their aunts wishes, and Tatsuya confirms it as the Magic University would investigate and may expose their connection to both Taurus Silver and the Yotsuba. He goes on to state he is currently too weak to oppose them, as though he could possibly take on Yotsuba Maya one-on-one, he can’t take on the entire Yotsuba family. Violence is not enough someone worse would simply replace her. This reduced Miyuki to tears and she hugs him, reminding Tatsuya she will always by his side, that his day will come but until then and even after she will always be by his side.

The next day it’s time for Ice Pillars Break and Shizuku is getting ready. Tatsuya asks if she’s really competing in a furisode, concerned about the long sleeves, but she thinks it’s less gaudy than the outfits worn by Eimi and Kanon. Tatsuya comments it’s like a fashion show out there.

Shizuku takes to her stand for the match against Fifth High. Meanwhile Miyuki is with Honoka watching from the audience, Honoka asks if that ok but Miyuki says it would be unfair to see Shizuku’s hand when they end up competing. The match begins and the contestants use their magic and Shizuku quickly starts nailing the contest, protecting her pillars while destroying the enemies own.

After the match Honoka watches Tatsuya working and thinks back to the entrance exam when she first saw the Shiba siblings. Miyuki’s performance awed the onlookers whilst Tatsuya’s magic left her amazed by how clean and efficient it was. Miyuki noticed Honoka watching Tatsuya and asks what’s wrong, embarrassing Honoka who tired to play it off as nothing. Mayumi, Mari, Kanon and Kei arrive to wish Miyuki luck in the match. Tatsuya comments Mari should be resting, and Mayumi should be at the school’s headquarters. Mayumi states she left Hattori in charge. Tatsuya tells Miyuki not to let their presence make her nervous, but she remains confident.

Miyuki’s first match is about to start, and Miyuki awes the crowd with her appearance in a shrine maiden’s outfit. The match begins and Miyuki casts Inferno, completely overpowering her opponent and locking them out. Watching on, the seniors are shocked by her casting Inferno, though Tatsuya watches on calmly. Unable to do anything, Miyuki’s opponent can only watch on as her pillars are obliterated.

After the match everyone from First High is chatting about the days matches over a meal and Tatsuya is at the centre of attention of the freshman girls. They mention that Shizuku’s spell was a variation of Resonance made by Tatsuya, just like the original spell Shizuku used in Speed Shooting. The boys overhearing this get more and more angry. One of the girls comments she might have won had Tatsuya been her engineer, but she’s quickly scolded by Miyuki for being rude and apologises. The girls return to praising Tatsuya’s engineering skills and Morisaki Shun storms out of the room. His friends follow to see what’s wrong and Shun declares they absolutely have to win Monolith Code to prove the superiority of Blooms over Weeds once and for all.

The next day, on route to the ready room, Tatsuya and Miyuki are confronted by Masaki and Shinkurou