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Nine Schools Competition II is the ninth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Tatsuya and Miyuki pay a visit to Four Leaves Technology, where Tatsuya unveils his flying CAD to Ushiyama, the other half of the genius magic engineer Taurus Silver. After a brief encounter with their father, the siblings set out for the Nine Schools competition, but on the way there, a traffic accident occurs, putting the students in danger. 


The 17th of July 2095. Tatsuya and Miyuki visit Four Leaves Technology. Upon arriving at the laboratory, Tatsuya is given the royal welcome by the staff. He greets Ushiyama, the lab’s head and Mr Taurus of Taurus Silver. Tatsuya gets straight to the point and hands over the Flight Device he’s programmed and explains it got the magic to work. Ushiyama quickly orders the staff into action, stating that the birth of Flight Magic will change the history of magic.

Ten magicians suit up in protective gear and prepare to test the Flight Devices for Ushiyama as the Shiba siblings watch on. The initial activation for the first tester gets underway without any issues and as he starts flying around the room the other testers get excited and quickly join in the test, while the other staff celebrate inn the control room.

After the test, Ushiyama scolds the testers who have collapsed exhausted after starting an impromptu game of tag in the air during the test. Tatsuya concludes the spell puts much strain on normal magicians, an issue he and Miyuki don’t have due to their Psion counts. Tatsuya concludes they need to make the CAD’s Psion absorption more efficient and Ushiyama states he’ll take care making the hardware on his end.

As they are leaving, Tatsuya and Miyuki cross paths with Aoki and their father Shiba Tatsurou. Aoki greets Miyuki but completely ignores Tatsuya. Miyuki objects to this and Aoki states he’s simply minding the family’s hierarchy and a mere Guardian has a lower status than a succession candidate, especially she who they wish to inherit. Before Miyuki can argue back, Tatsuya steps in and points out Aoki is at fault as his words for planting speculation in a candidate’s head when the successor isn’t named yet. Aoki snaps and claims it’s not speculation, not that a heartless and fake magician like Tatsuya would understand. This enrages Miyuki and her magic starts leaking, but before she can speak Tatsuya points out Aoki’s words are tantamount to criticism of Yotsuba Maya, the family head. Tatsurou tells Tatsuya to stop, though his hatred of his mother, Shiba Miya, is warranted. Tatsuya leads Miyuki away whilst pointing out he doesn’t hate Miya, whilst think to himself it’s because he is incapable of doing so.

At First High Tatsuya is congratulated by his classmates over his appointment, despite the formal announcement not being until the presentation at lunch. Leo comments Tatsuya is the only Course 2 student, and Erika adds that a lot of Course 1 students are unhappy about it. Tatsuya points out that the athletes are Corse 1 students, but Erika comments he’ll be fine as this time they won’t be hurling magic at him.

During the assembly, Mayumi introduced the athletes, who are in their competition uniforms, whilst Miyuki pins their badges on their blazers. While waiting on stage Isori Kei comments on how nerve wracking the whole thing is to Tatsuya, who spots Erika and his classmates went against the status quo and sat near the front just as Miyuki steps in front of him. Miyuki pins on his badge while giving him a brilliant smile.

Tatsuya later meets with his athletes, Miyuki, Shizuku, Honoka, Eimi, Subaru and Kazumi to discuss their CAD adjustments and training regimes. Eimi comments she wanted a female engineer, though Subaru doesn’t care so long as Tatsuya can do the job. This annoys Honoka how objects by saying Tatsuya is at a professional level. Kazumi notices she used his first name and tried to tease Honoka, who quickly points out they all do and Miyuki emphasises they are just friends. This all annoys Tatsuya who wants to get on with the meeting.

Eight days until the competition, Mizuki is waiting outside the school building when she sees Tatsuya training his athletes. She suddenly notices something inside the building which gets her attention andgoes to investigate. She goes to the Medicine Experiment Room where she finds Mikihiko training with spirits. She surprises him and he his spirits nearly attack Mizuki but are stopped by Tatsuya. Mizuki opens her eyes to see Tatsuya and Mikihiko facing off. Tatsuya tells Mikihiko to calm down. Mikihiko stands down and apologises. Tatsuya points out it’s Mizuki’s fault for disturbing Mikihiko while he was casting but Mikihiko counters it’s his for losing control. Tatsuya asks if it was ancient Spirit Magic, shocking Mikihiko who admits it was. Tatsuya asks Mizuki what the spirits looked like and she says they were a range of blues. Hearing this Mikihiko gets really excited and invades Mizuki’s personal space to look at her eyes, really flustering her. Tatsuya intercedes and Mikihiko quickly apologises, saying he lost composure thinking she might have ‘Crystal Eyes’. Tatsuya asks what they are and Mikihiko explains it’s a gift that allows people to actually see the spirits which even casters cannot normally do. Tatsuya concludes it means Mizuki’s eyes are valuable to him and Mikihiko agrees, though he has no intention to seize her, nor tell others of her existence. Tatsuya agrees to keep it a secret also, though Mizuki isn’t following the conversation.

The day the athletes depart, the coach is waiting for Mayumi, who is late due to family business. Before getting onto the bus Mayumi apologises to Tatsuya and tries to tease him. She fails and Tatsuya tells her she’s stressed and to rest on the bus before heading off to his own vehicle.

On route Mayumi vents about Tatsuya but Suzune teases her instead. Hattori comes over with a blanket, thinking she’s really ill and the pair proceed to tease him. Further back, Mari wonders what the three are doing while dealing with an annoyed Kanon who is upset she couldn’t sit next to her fiancé, Isori Kei, as the engineers have to ride with the equipment. Honoka tries to talk to Miyuki, who’s displeased silence at the engineering team’s treatment is intimidating those around her, but the attempt backfires. Shizuku comments how Tatsuya handled the situation shows how great he is, which perks her up immediately.

As the coach is driving along a car’s tire suddenly bursts, magic causing it to flip the barrier and putting it on a collision course with the coach. Magic is used to stop the coach as the flaming car hurtles towards them and numerous students try to deal with the situation.