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Nine Schools Competition III is the tenth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Tatsuya, Miyuki and Juumonji Katsuto act to prevent the car from ramming into the bus. From traces that he is able to find, Tatsuya determines that the incident was orchestrated to look like a traffic accident but was instead a suicide attack. On arriving at their hotel Tatsuya and Miyuki are surprised to find Erika and Mizuki present. The event opens with a banquet where the students from the nine competing schools mingle, unaware that unknown enemies are threatening the event.


A car goes out of control and flips the barrier and is hurtling towards the coach. Numerous students try to stop the car with magic but the warnings from the seniors to stop comes too late and the spells interfere with each other and fail to activate. Mari asks Katsuto to act. He states he can stop the car but the psion storm will be impossible to deal with. Miyuki interjects that she can handle the fire. Miyuki prepares her CAD and waits a moment for a sudden wave to blow away the psion storm and then activates her magic, extinguishing the fire. Juumonji then uses the Phalanx to create a barrier and stop the car just before it hits the coach. While the other students are relieved, Mari wonders what happened to the psion storm. Miyuki’s thoughts reveal it to be Gram Dispersion, which was cast by Tatsuya.

After the accident, Tatsuya and Kei are outside directing traffic until the coach can leave. Inside the coach, Mayumi checks everyone is ok and thanks Juumonji for protecting the bus and Miyuki for her part as well. Miyuki humbly accepts and credits Suzune for her part in stopping the bus with magic. Listen in Mari scolds Kanon for casting spells without thinking as unlike Shun and Shizuku who can be excused for being inexperienced freshmen, Kanon is a second year and should have known better. Mayumi uses this to remind the others to communicate in times of crisis.

The coach reaches the hotel the students are staying at. As Hattori gets off the coach, he looks over at the Shiba siblings. Takeaki notices something is wrong and asks what is wrong. Hattori admits his confidence took a hit at how well Miyuki, his junior, handled the situation with the car when he could do nothing. Takeaki points out not acting was the correct call. Hattori goes on to say that she likely beats him in power as well as being a better magician. Takeaki is surprised at the change in Hattori’s outlook that pure power isn’t everything and comments it’s a matter of experience, commenting that the Shiba siblings aren’t normal. Takeaki states that he believes Tatsuya has killed people, and not one or two, mentioning the incident with Blanche back in April and how Tatsuya wore his killing intent like a coat, and at a far more intense level that Takeaki’s fathers navy buddies. Hattori asks if Miyuki was the same, and Takeaki states he didn’t see anything but there is no way she’s normal. As the pair head inside Kirihara comments Mayumi would be overjoyed to hear Hattori’s changed outlook and comments that more than one or two students from Course 2 must be competent. Back outside the Tatsuya tells Miyuki that the incident wasn’t an accident and that it was a suicide attack involving really high-level magic designed to be undetectable. Miyuki is disgusted by the cowardly methods they used.

As the pair head inside, they are greeted by Erika who has come to cheer. Tatsuya quickly heads off as the seniors are waiting, to Erika’s annoyance. Mizuki comes over with her and Erika’s key cards, but is reprimanded by Miyuki for her immodest attire, which is inappropriate, confusing Mizuki as Erika was the one who told her to dress casually. Miyuki asks why they are staying at the military hotel and it is revealed Erika’s family pulled some strings so they could stay, relating to the banquet that evening.

At the banquet all the students from all the schools have gathered to socialise, though staying in their school groups, with the exception of Tatsuya who is alone by the wall. Erika, who is working as a server, says hello and they are quickly joined by Miyuki, who comments on Erika’s uniform. They discuss the outfit, and how Tatsuya was unaffected, when Erika mentions Mikihiko commented it looks like cosplay, confusing Miyuki who doesn’t know him. Erika rushes of to find him for an introduction. Shizuku and Honoka come over to talk and comment the others want to speak to Miyuki but are too intimidated too do so with Tatsuya present. Kanon and Kei come over as well and Kanon criticises the others when they are all teammates. To resolve the situation, Tatsuya tells Miyuki to head over to the others as teamwork is essential. Miyuki reluctantly agrees and the five head over to the others, leaving Tatsuya.

Just after they leave, Erika arrives with Mikihiko but Miyuki is already gone, much to Mikihiko’s relief as he didn’t want introducing to Miyuki in the uniform. Tatsuya asks after Leo and Mizuki and Erika tells him they are working in the back. Erika and Mikihiko start bickering until Erika sends Mikihiko back to work. Tatsuya suggests backing off him a little, causing Erika to feel a bit guilty and she admits she’s just frustrated watching him and that the pair of them were forced to attend by their parents. Tatsuya says he won’t pry. Erika thanks him and comments he’s very cold and thanks him for that too as she can complain without being made to feel pathetic.

After Erika leaves, Miyuki is watching Tatsuya, lamenting the situation while the boys from Third High look on over and discuss how good-looking Miyuki is. Masaki is utterly awed by her, his reaction surprising Shinkurou. Masaki asks who she is and Shinkurou tells him Miyuki’s name and the events she’s competing in and that she’s First High’s freshmen ace.

The speeches from the guest speakers begin but when Kudou Retsu is supposed to take the stage, a woman is standing there instead, baffling the students, though Tatsuya immediately senses Retsu hiding behind her. Noticing Tatsuya has noticed, Retsu sends the woman away and as she leaves, makes his appearance. Retsu then apologises his trick, more a slight of hand than magic but states only around five people realised it was a magic, meaning only five could respond if he were a terrorist, shocking the students. Retsu explains magic is a means and not an ends, and so they should continue to study hard as strong magic used erroneously is inferior to weak magic used creatively.

After the banquet, Honoka and Shizuku are chatting about the competition in their room with Miyuki, discussing their plans for the next few days until it’s their turn to compete. Eimi knocks and invites the trio to join them in the artificial hot spring as they got permission to use it.

The girls are frolicking in the hot spring, with Eimi being a little overfriendly with Honoka. Honoka’s plea for aid falls on deaf ears as Shizuku decides not to intervene and walks away. Miyuki walks in on Honoka surrounded by Eimi, Subaru and Kazumi. All four are left awed by Miyuki, which makes Miyuki uncomfortable. Miyuki dismisses their comments that gender doesn’t really matter where she is concerned. The three are about to tease Miyuki when Honoka interjects not to or the water will end up freezing, at which point Shizuku returns.

The frolicking over the girls have girl talk and Kazumi comments Masaki was there and checking out Miyuki. Eimi, Kazumi and Subaru wonder if there is something going on between them, but their hopes are dashed when Miyuki comments she’s only seen him in pictures and points out she didn’t even notice him at the banquet with brutal honesty. Subaru asks if Miyuki likes boys like Tatsuya, and Miyuki immediately says they are blood related siblings and she doesn’t see him in a romantic light. Eimi then asks her type but Miyuki struggles to answer.

Outside, Mikihiko is practising his magic when he senses intruders. He hesitates due to his losing his powers a year earlier in an accident but thinking of Tatsuya he decides to act. He finds the three intruders and is about to attack but they notice him and take aim with their guns which mysteriously fall to pieces before they can fire. All three are knocked out by Mikihiko’s magic. Mikihiko senses someone coming and Tatsuya arrives on the scene.