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Nine Schools Competition Chapter (II) is the 4th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


The rookie competition is one of the most highly anticipated spectacles of the Nine School Competition and a chance for freshman athletes to shine.

First High's beloved Miyuki Shiba takes center stage during these matches to give a beautifully elegant performance. Her brother, Tatsuya, doesn't have a moment to waste as he works around the clock as part of the engineering team, relaxing only when he gets a chance to admire his sister from behind the scenes.

But after his teammates fall prey to a horrific accident, Tatsuya is suddenly thrust into the spotlight and set on a direct collision course with the Crimson Price, Masaki Ichijou!

Modern Magic

An explanation of a number of Modern Magic spells is given including;

Inferno: A magic which reverses the heat energy within a set area creating adjacent areas of bitter cold and scorching heat.

Niflheim: A Wide Area Deceleration-Attribute Oscillation-System Magic.

Dry Blizzard: A magic which collects the carbon dioxide in the air to produce particles of dry ice.

Thunder Child: Stones of dry ice are produced and water vapor is condensed.

Rupture: A Dissipation-System magic which evaporates all liquid within an object.

Flight Magic: A magic to move through the air via gravity control.

Mist Dispersion: By interfering with the structural information, this magic decomposes substances into molecules such as ions and the basic elements.

Program Dispersion: This magic takes a magic ritual and decomposes it into a group of Psion particles without a meaningful structure.

Program Demolition: A mass of compressed Psion particles are thrown directly at an object and explode.

Chapter 8

The newcomers' competition has begun on day 4. Half the total points from the newcomers' competition will be added to the overall score. While First High is currently in the lead in the overall rankings, it is possible for Third High to catch up.

The preliminaries and the finals for Speed Shooting will occur on day 4, as will the preliminaries for Battle Board. After being bugged once again by Honoka, Tatsuya promised to at least watch her competition.

As Tatsuya is finishing up maintaining Shizuku's CAD for her upcoming Speed Shooting match, she asks Tatsuya to consider being hired by her family. Though her family, the Kitayama, was extremely rich, and the offer was lucrative, Tatsuya declines.

As Shizuku takes the field, her friends and the third years Mayumi, Suzune, and Mari were watching in separate groups, curious to see Tatsuya's CAD adjustments.

For her match, Shizuku used the magic "Active Air Mines", newly designed by Tatsuya, and scored perfectly. Afterwards, Tatsuya congratulated Shizuku, and went off to help the next player.

Partly thanks to him, all three First High participants qualified for the finals. A lackluster performance from the men's team caused the First High leaders to consider devoting more time to technical skills.

For the finals of Speed Shooting, Tatsuya prepared a different CAD for Shizuku. After noting that the other two girls won their semi-final matches, Shizuku was eager to win.

For her match, Shizuku used Convergence magic to pull together her targets while simultaneously pushing apart her opponent's targets. She also used Vibration magic to destroy single targets. The CAD she was using was a generalized CAD with an auxiliary aiming system, something Suzune and Mayumi noted was state-of-art.

First High won first, second, and third places for Speed Shooting, with Shizuku coming in first. After Tatsuya and the participants were congratulated, Suzune noted that Tatsuya's "Active Air Mine" might be placed into National Magic University's Magic Index. Upon hearing this, Tatsuya requested that Shizuku's name be entered as developer instead, claiming that he did not want to be known as the developer of a magic he cannot use.

Meanwhile, in Third High's conference room, Masaki, George, and the others were discussing First High's sweep of women's Speed Shooting. Masaki and George gave credit to First High's engineer for the feat, and noted that not only was Shizuku's generalized CAD state-of-art, but also that the prototype unveiled a year before, which it is based upon, was not a practical model.

Arriving early to Honoka's match, Tatsuya was able to help her plan a bit for her Battle Board competition. Upon the start of the match, Honoka used optical magic on the water's surface to temporarily blind the other competitors. With this tactic, Honoka easily won the preliminary race.

Being told that this was Tatsuya's tactic, Mari was a bit peeved that she did not think of something like it during her three years competing. After the match, Honoka cried to Tatsuya, thanking him, and noting that she always did badly in competitions.

While the women's team did well that day, the men's team did not perform adequately. The First High leaders are worried about the future of the men's team.

When Tatsuya returned to his room at midnight, he found Miyuki there. After scolding her for being up so late the night before her competition, Tatsuya was asked by Miyuki about turning down the honor of having his name added to the Magic Index. Tatsuya confirmed that it was because of their aunt's wishes. He notes that should his name be added to the Index, it is likely that the University will find out about his identity as Silver, as well as his being a Yotsuba, a fact which his aunt has been concealing carefully.

He concluded by claiming that while he might be able to take down his aunt, he can't currently take down the whole of Yotsuba. Miyuki tearfully embraced him, claiming that she will always be on his side.

Chapter 9

On the 5th day of the competition, Tatsuya was preparing for the women's Pillar Break competition. First up is Eimi, and as Tatsuya was calibrating her CAD, he realized that she did not sleep last night. After winning a tense first round, Eimi used the Sleeping Docks that Miyuki prepared for her on Tatsuya's order.

With Eimi asleep, Tatsuya turned his attention to Shizuku. As he was calibrating her CAD, he questioned her decision to participate in a kimono, but did not press her too much. Miyuki was not with her brother. She sat beside Honoka, who recalled the testing done on the day of the entrance exam; there, she was amazed by both Miyuki's power and Tatsuya's efficiency.

At the pavilion, Mari and Mayumi were also watching, leaving an overloaded Suzune to work alone. On the field, Shizuku used Data Fortification to protect her own pillars, and vibrated the ground at the opponent's pillar's resonant frequency to destroy them. Shizuku was able to easily win, destroying all 12 of her opponent's pillars, while only losing one of her own.

Finally, it was Miyuki's turn. Isori, Kanon, Mari, and Mayumi all joined Tatsuya and Miyuki as the latter was about to take the field. Dressed in a Miko costume, Miyuki's appearance caught the eyes of everyone present.

Upon hearing the start signal, Miyuki cast "Inferno", enveloping her pillars with frost while burning her opponent's field. After weakening her opponent's icicles, Miyuki shattered them by compressing and releasing air.

At dinner that night, the first-year girls and Tatsuya were praised for their performance. Morisaki angrily left the dining halls.

At the same time elsewhere, a group of men, who were responsible for Mari's injuries, were worried that First High was still going to win. As bookmakers, they would lose a great deal of money if that occurred, and the men present would be purged by their headquarters. They note that death might be the best thing that happens to them if that occurred.

Before Miyuki's match the next day, Masaki and George came to introduce themselves to Tatsuya, the engineer they consider responsible for much of First High's feats. Tatsuya indicated that he knew of the "Crimson Prince", and furthermore, that he knew of George as "Cardinal George", a prodigy who discovered the Cardinal Code at the age of 13. George claimed that he will never forget the name Shiba Tatsuya, who he feels is the most ingenious Technician since the advent of the Nine School Competitions, and expresses a desire to be matched up against players supported by him.

After meeting up with Miyuki again, Tatsuya was told that the prior conversation was Masaki and George's declaration of war. When Tatsuya wonders whether they would see him as a rival, Miyuki scolded him, telling him not to undervalue himself.

After Miyuki's performance yesterday, Mayumi and Mari noted a great many more people from the university attending first hand.

Meanwhile, Honoka was participating in the Finals of Battle Board. Due to her casting blinding magic during the prior round, all the participants were wearing shaded protective goggles. During the race, the other participants' turns were wider and slower than necessary. Taking advantage of the darkened vision of the other participants, she used illusion magic to make the shadows appear to be the edge of the waterway. Mikihiko explained this to his friends as Suzune explained it to Hattori and Kirihara. With this, Honoka advanced to the finals.

After the morning rounds, Miyuki, Shizuku, and Eimi were called in by Mayumi. The three of them monopolized the round-robin portion of Pillar Break, and as such, they will monopolize first, second, and third places for the event. The Competition Board proposed to simply not have the finals between the three, as First High would receive the same amount of points regardless. While Eimi withdrew, Shizuku decided that she wanted to be matched against Miyuki.

After he finished their CAD maintenance, Tatsuya joined Mayumi and Mari in the audience stance, where he was teased by the 2 girls for being a sis-con.

When the starting signal was lit, Miyuki cast Inferno, but Shizuku's pillars were protected by Data Fortification. Shizuku's attempts to use Resonance was also countered by Miyuki. While outwardly a tie, Shizuku's Data Fortification did not prevent the heating of her pillars from the heated air. Seeing that it was only a matter of time before she lost, Shizuku pulled out her final trump card, and cast Phonon Maser to directly attack Miyuki's pillar with a second CAD.

Surprised that Shizuku could dual-wield CADs, Miyuki faltered for a second, and for the first time, her Pillars were hit by a magic attack and began to melt. However, Miyuki recovered almost instantly, and cast Nilfheim on the whole field. The sublimation of her own pillars stopped, and Shizuku's pillars were covered in a layer of nitrogen. Upon the reactivation of Inferno, the layer of nitrogen exploded, shattering Shizuku's pillars into tiny pieces.

After the match, Honoka comforted Shizuku, who was depressed that she was so overwhelmed. Deciding to grab some tea, the two went to the cafeteria where they ran into Tatsuya and Miyuki. The latter two comforted Shizuku, and Miyuki praised Shizuku's ability to dual-wield CADs.

On the morning of the seventh day, Tatsuya was calibrating CADs for Mirage Bat. Subaru Satomi noted that the other schools were now keeping an eye on Tatsuya, who was quietly displeased about the attention. After both Honoka and Subaru advanced to the finals, which was to be held at night, he went to rest in his room, and thought about Masaki and George.

The former was a volunteer soldier when he was 13, and used the Ichijou family magic, Rupture, which vaporized fluids almost instantly, to fight enemy soldiers. While using Rupture on the human body would infringe upon the rules, Tatsuya did not doubt that the Crimson Prince would have other trump cards. The latter was a well known rising star in Theoretical Magic. Tatsuya considered the combination of the two of them in the upcoming Monolith Code to be an invincible combination, and pitied Morisaki and company.

After waking up shortly after noon, Tatsuya found out that Morisaki and the other two Monolith Code participants were heavily injured due to what could have been sabotage. In their match against Fourth High, their opponents preemptively used Battering Ram on the building that served as the starting location of First High, burying the 3 First High participants in rubble and injuring them. Mayumi discussed the event in private with Tatsuya, who told her that it was the work of "No Head Dragon".

Meanwhile, in Yokohama, five men were pleased at having engineered the injury of the First High participants.

At night, Tatsuya counseled Honoka and Subaru in the upcoming finals as he calibrated their CADs. The two dominated the finals with the CADs Tatsuya calibrated. A chance remark during the match made Azusa strongly suspect Tatsuya as being Taurus Silver.

Immediately after Mirage Bat, Tatsuya was called into the pavilion. Mayumi noted that if First High withdrew from Monolith Code, Third High would be first for newcomers' division. As such, she wanted Tatsuya to participate as a replacement for Morisaki and company. Though not particularly happy, Tatsuya was not able to successfully back out, and agreed to participate, choosing Leo and Mikihiko as the other two participants.

The three participants gathered later to discuss tactics. Leo will be using the Mini-Communicator to defend the Monolith. Tatsuya will be on the offense. Mikihiko will be using Ancient Magic for support, ambushes, and guerrilla warfare. Mikihiko, remembering Tatsuya's claim that Mikihiko's Ancient Magic Sequences was overly verbose, agreed to let Tatsuya reconfigure them. Tatsuya noted to Mikihiko that the verbosity of his sequences resulted from a past need to obfuscate Magic Sequences, and rewrote the Magic Sequences. Azusa, watching nearby, was once again amazed at his ability, and had her suspicion strengthened.

Chapter 10

The First High Monolith Code team has to play against Second High and Eighth High in the preliminaries. In the match against Eighth High, the team drew attention as the members were not from the team roster. Eyes are on Leo's Mini-Communicator, and on Tatsuya, the Technician who won first place for every event he was responsible for. Masaki and George are paying close attention to him.

The match was held in the wooded terrain. Tatsuya quickly sprinted toward the opposing Monolith, and used "Phantom Blow" to knock the defender to one knee. When the defender attempted to cast magic at him, he destroyed the magic sequence with "Gram Demolition", shocking Masaki, George, Mari and Mayumi; Gram Demolition is one of the strongest Counter-Magics, and there are few people who can perform it.

With the defender temporarily disabled, Tatsuya opened the opponent's Monolith and immediately left the area. Meanwhile, one of Eighth High's attackers reached First High's Monolith and was taken out by Leo's Mini-Communicator. The last member on Eighth High's team was lost, misdirected by Mikihiko's "Echo Maze", which used sound waves to confuse the opponent's bearings. Tatsuya was able to lay a trap for his confused opponent, and used "Resonance", which created constructive interference between biological and Psion waves, to temporarily disable the last opponent. With all three opponents unable to stop him, Tatsuya entered the code from the Monolith.

After the match, Masaki and George discussed Tatsuya's abilities. They felt that Tatsuya's battlefield sense, and his Gram Demolition are the only things they have to watch out for; they believe if they can face him in head-to-head confrontation, they'd have nothing to worry about.

After a 30 minutes break, First High is matched up against Second High. Despite the incident earlier, the setting was chosen to be the urban battle field. In the match, Tatsuya, Leo, and Mikihiko communicate with wireless communicators. The first attacker from Second High was tripped down by Leo's Mini-Communicator. Mikihiko, watching with spirits, knocked the attacker out with lightning. Leo was able to protect himself form the attack of another Second High player, but was not able to counter-attack.

On the offense, Tatsuya activated a spirit Mikihiko prepared. The spirit, controlled by Mikihiko, was able to scout out the opposing defender, allowing Tatsuya to ambush and incapacitate him for a few seconds. Tatsuya used that time to open up the opponent's Monolith. While the defender was distracted attacking Tatsuya, Mikihiko, seeing the opponent's Monolith through the spirit, entered the code successfully.

Mari and Mayumi discussed the match. While Mari thought that Tatsuya could have easily taken down the defender and should have had more tricks up his sleeves, Mayumi noted that Tatsuya could not use his own high-spec CADs, and furthermore, only had a day to prepare.

A similar conversation was being held elsewhere between Dr. Yamanaka and Second Lieutenant Fujibayashi. The two of them were there to deal with the emergency, in case classified magic came to light. The former feels Tatsuya was skimping out too much by using neither Flash Cast nor Elemental Sight. However, the latter was classified by the military, while the former by the Yotsuba Family.

After the match, Tatsuya and Miyuki saw Mari together with her older boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Naotsugu Chiba, one of the world's best close combat specialist and Erika's half brother. Even though Tatsuya and Miyuki did not interrupt them, Mari and Naotsugu were accosted by Erika, who accused Naotsugu of abandoning his post and being corrupted by Mari.

After the confrontation, Miyuki, Tatsuya, and Mizuki invited Erika to lunch. During the meal, Miyuki noted that Erika adored her brother, and claimed that she had a brother complex.

After lunch, the four of them went to watch the semi-final match between Third High and Eighth High, which was completely one-sided. From Third High's side, Masaki simply advanced care-freely, and countered all his opponent's attack with his "Interference Armor". He struck down the first opponent with "Bias Release", which Tatsuya noted was an inefficient technique Masaki chose to decrease the power of his attack; using his full power would violate the rules. Masaki uses the technique of Cyclical Breathing very adeptly when casting magic, which makes Tatsuya admire Masaki's skill.

The other two opponents attack together, but their attack was easily nullified, and they were knocked out. In the command tent, Katsuto Juumonji noted that Masaki's action was his issuing a challenge toward Tatsuya for a direct confrontation, and further noted that accepting the challenge may be Tatsuya's only chance to win.

As Masaki was the only one who acted during that match, Tatsuya and his team was not able to see the hand of the other two Third High participants. However, Tatsuya told Leo and Mikihiko that George will likely use "Invisible Bullet", and that cover would help defend against it. With this said, they proceeded to their own semi-final match, where they are facing off against Ninth High in the "Valley" setting.

Due to the setting, Mikihiko was able to cover the entire battlefield in mist. With his opponent's vision obscured, Tatsuya snuck toward the opponent's Monolith and opened it. Mikihiko then viewed the Monolith with spirits, and entered the code, ending the match with no shots fired.

During the break between the semi-finals and the finals, Mikihiko went to the balcony of the hotel to look at Mount Fuji. Erika was already there, and watched as Mikihiko soaked up the aura of the mountain. She noted to him that he has regained his powers, and has even made great strides compared to him before his accident, when he was known as the "Prodigy of the Yoshida Family".

Tatsuya met up with Haruka Ono to retrieve some items sent to him. He further requests that she looks into the location of the headquarters of No Head Dragon for him.

The items he retrieved were engraved mantles and robes; after leaving them to Isori to examine, he went to stretch. He was worried that if he suffered major injuries, his automatic self-healing would activate, exposing classified information.

During his exercise, his sister brought him a towel. She noted that for his next match, he would have to face a difficult opponent with many restrictions placed upon him, and notes that she was one that helps limits Tatsuya's abilities. She nevertheless declared that she believes that Tatsuya will not lose to anyone. After hearing his sister's trust in him, Tatsuya sighed as he realized that defeat was no longer an option.

Upon the revelation that the final match will be held in the "Open Field" battlefield, George told Masaki that Tatsuya would be forced into a direct confrontation. They decided that Masaki will face off against Tatsuya, while George suppresses the other two.

In First High's tent, Tatsuya notes that Masaki seems to be fixated on him, and declares that if he can get into close quarters, he may have a chance.

In the match, as the two sides take positions, the robes and mantle Tatsuya had Mikihiko and Leo wore attracted many eyes, and caused Erika a laughing fit. Mizuki sees spirits gathering around Mikihiko's robes. Masaki and George are befuddled about the reason for the strange clothing, but decided that contemplating about it is useless. In the observation deck, Kudou Retsu showed up to watch the match in person, surprising the board members.

The match begun with Tatsuya and Masaki bombarding each other from 600 meters away, all the while slowly approaching each other. However, Tatsuya's attacks were not strong enough to even break through Masaki's Data Fortification, and thus the latter simply focused all his attention on offense. As they come closer together, Tatsuya is forced to focus on the defense more and more.

As Tatsuya and Masaki continued their magic battle, George advanced toward First High's territory. Seeing this, Tatsuya, still striking down Masaki's attacks with Gram Demolition, broke into a run. As he got closer, however, defending against Masaki's attacks became harder, and Tatsuya was stalled about 50 meters away from Masaki.

George was intercepted by Leo and Mikihiko. His Invisible Bullet was countered by the robes and Mikihiko's illusion magic. Leo almost managed to strike down George with the Mini-Communicator, but was struck down himself by Masaki's attack. George, saved by Masaki, quickly suppressed Mikihiko.

When Masaki turned his attention back to Tatsuya, Tatsuya was only 5 meters away. Instinctively, Masaki accidentally fired 16 Compressed Air Bullets all at once, breaking the rule by using overwhelming force.

Tatsuya was not able to bring down all 16 Compressed Air Bullets, and were hit by two. After suffering critical injury, Tatsuya's self-healing automatically activated, restoring his combat abilities. Masaki, who was frozen because he had used an illegal attack, did not act to defend himself. Tatsuya snapped his fingers close to Masaki's ear, amplified the volume with magic, and knocked him out. His own ear also damaged, Tatsuya fell powerlessly to his knees.

Watching this, Mayumi asked in panic how Tatsuya was able to withstand the devastating attacks. Katsuto suggests that Tatsuya's body was strengthened with antiquated martial arts, and noted that the match was not yet over.

In the audience stands, Fujibayashi and Yamanaka discussed Tatsuya's self-restoration and Flash Cast abilities.

On the field, George was stunned at Masaki's loss. Mikihiko took advantage of that distraction to rise, and swore to bring down Cardinal George. Using illusion magic to protect himself, and activated 5 magics in sequence. He forced George to take to the air, and knocked him out with Thunder Child.

The last member attacked Mikihiko with "Land Tsunami", but Leo used his cloak to protect Mikihiko and took out the last Third High player with his Mini-Communicator.

Amid the cheering, Tatsuya, Mikihiko, and Leo discussed the match. Mikihiko realized that much of the match was decided by physical endurance rather than magic power.

Chapter 11

At the end of Newcomers' Division's matches, First High was ahead by 140 points over Third High. The night of the Monolith Code match, Tatsuya and the others were preparing for Mirage Bat for the next day. Meanwhile, the No Head Dragon, extremely agitated over First High's continued success, decided to engineer the withdrawal of all First High's Mirage Bat participants via brutal tactics.

In the morning of the ninth day, Tatsuya notes to Miyuki that the saboteurs may still make a move, but promises to protect Miyuki to the absolute end.

In the first match of Mirage Bat, Kobayakawa from First High is competing. Mizuki has taken off her glasses so her sight might be of help in case of another incident. In the second round of the match, Kobayakawa's magic failed, and she was only saved from her fall by the staff on hand. Tatsuya noted that this incident most likely caused Kobayakawa to lose her magic abilities.

As Kobayakawa was carried out on a stretcher, Mizuki notified Tatsuya that she saw spirits bursting apart near Kobayakawa's CAD when her magic failed.

Tatsuya decided impulsively to take Miyuki's CAD to the inspection pavilion by himself. There, he caught a Committee Member attempting to inject something into Miyuki's device. He threw the man to the ground, and attempted to violently interrogate him.

Kudou Retsu interrupted, and identified the injected virus as a "Golden Electron Silkworm". Kudou told Tatsuya to simply use a backup CAD, and said that he would like to speak with him sooner or later.

Tatsuya faced bewildered and terrified glances when he returned to the First High's pavilion, but his interactions with Miyuki and Mayumi set the others at ease.

Azusa, who was also calibrating CAD for Mirage Bat, felt a bit overwhelmed by Tatsuya's abilities, but Mayumi comforted her. In the process, she explained that "Blooms" and "Weeds" originally arose out of a minor uniform issue that was never fixed.

During the first round of Miyuki's Mirage Bat match, the player from Second High took the lead. By the end of the second round, Miyuki was able to catch up, and was first place by a narrow margin. For the final round, Miyuki deployed Flying Magic, shocking the audience, and qualified for the finals with a dominating lead.

No Head Dragon, getting wind of this, decided to forcefully terminate the competition early by massacring the audience with a "Generator". The first potential victim, however, was Captain Yanagi of the 101, who easily countered the assault. The generator was neutralized immediately afterwards.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya was asked to hand over the Flying Device to the Board for inspection. After he returned to his room, Miyuki asked him to watch over her as she took a nap.

The finals for Mirage Bat started at night time; all six contestants flew into the air at the start signal. Tatsuya guessed that the details of Flying Magic was leaked to the other schools by the Committee. Nevertheless, Miyuki, being far more skilled with the magic, was the only one scoring. The other players eventually were forced to bow out due to exhaustion.

Chapter 12

At the celebratory tea-party, Erika revealed that her family has ties with Isori's family, and that Kei made her CAD for her. Tatsuya was not at the party, but instead went to meet with Haruka Ono to retrieve the data on No Head Dragon. After getting them, Tatsuya met up with Fujibayashi and left the hotel.

Meanwhile, Kudou Retsu met up with Maj. Kazama, and revealed that he knows much about Tatsuya, including his association with Yotsuba and the 101 Battalion. Kudou revealed that he wishes to weaken the Yotsuba Family. Kazama notes that Kudou somewhat pities Tatsuya for being a Magic Weapon, but tells him that Tatsuya does not wish to be viewed thus.

Tatsuya and Fujibayashi went to the top of Yokohama Bay Tower; they were undetected thanks to Fujibayashi's hacking skills. From there, Tatsuya began to snipe the 4 generators and the 5 men at the Headquarters of the Eastern Japanese Branch of No Head Dragon. Fujibayashi used her magic to allow Tatsuya and No Head Dragon to communicate. After terrorizing the members to reveal the details of their leader, Tatsuya annihilated them all with his Silver Horn Trident.

Chapter 13

On the last day of the competition, Katsuto Juumonji, Tatsumi Koutarou, and Hattori Gyoubu were participating in the official division's Monolith Code event. However, after breakfast, Tatsuya went to meet up with 101 Battalion to discuss the events of the night before. He was told that No Head Dragon was the sole manufacturer and supplier of "Sorcery Booster", an international illegal magic amplifier, the core of which is formed from the brain of a magician. Tatsuya returned and met up with his sister and friends to watch the elimination rounds of Monolith Code.

In the first Match, First High was pitted against Ninth High. Upon the commencement of the match, Hattori immediately went on the offensive with multiple compound multi-stepped magics. Tatsumi supported him on the offensive, while Katsuto defended him from all of Ninth's High's attacks. Tatsuya was impressed by the easiness of the victory, and by Hattori's skills.

Before the finals, Mayumi notified Katsuto that the Ten Master Clans passed down a missive. They were worried that Tatsuya's defeat of Masaki might make people doubt the absolute power of the Ten Master Clans, and thus want one of them to aggrandize the might of the Clans. Katsuto told Mayumi to leave it to him.

In the finals against Third High, Katsuto completely dominated the match with his "Phalanx".

Chapter 14

In the closing banquet and dance, Miyuki was swarmed by boys. Masaki was among them. Tatsuya walked up to them and had a chat with Masaki, who just realized that Tatsuya and Miyuki were siblings. He suggested that Masaki and Miyuki dance together, and left them.

Afterwards, at Erika's prompting and encouragement, he asked Honoka to dance. He followed up by dancing with Eimi, Shizuku, and Mayumi. Tired, he thought about going back to his room, but was intercepted by Katsuto, who wanted to talk to him outside.

Katsuto asked if Tatsuya was a Ten Master Clans member, and upon being answered in the negative, suggested that he marry Mayumi or her younger sisters to join. Stunned at the proposal, Tatsuya declined.

Miyuki found him outside, informing him that the party was almost over, and the celebration for First High's victory is going to start afterwards. They then danced together for the last song.


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