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Neutron Barrier (中性子バリア) is a magic that uses the magic area of Gravity Control-type Magic and the Magic Area formed by the Shift Magic. As its name implies, Neutron Barrier was a type of magic that generated a field that prevented neutrons from rebounding.

Both Gamma Ray Filter and Neutron Barrier were classified as Dispersal-Type Magic. Dispersal-Type Magic was defined as magic that interfered with the movement and interaction of elementary and composite particles. Magic that manipulated gamma rays was categorized as Dispersal-Type Magic because the magic interfered with light particles, but on some level this was a later classification. These two magics were originally developed to neutralize the danger of nuclear fission weapons and the two of them were researched together in most situations. For ease of research, Gamma Ray Filter and Neutron Barrier were both categorized together. [1]

Neutron Barrier that can block a neutron beam.[2]


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