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The National Magic University in the Manga

The National Magic University (国立魔法大学) was founded at the old Nerima Garrison. On the surface, the land was empty after the expansion of the Asaka Garrison absorbed by the Nerima Garrison, however, hence the approval for construction of the University played a part in combining the Nerima and Asaka Garrisons. [1]


In the modern age, Magicians were required to marry early. This was especially the case for female Magicians so that they could marry quickly and bear children. It wasn't strange for female students to suddenly drop out to raise children. [2]

The University handles a lot of research for the country and important requests for national defense. [3] The Yotsuba Family and Saegusa Family both influence the University and have the research laboratories conduct work for them. [4] The University's Military Research Department created scenario's for a simulation game. [5]

The investigative power of the University is extremely high. The gossip sites masquerading as news sites of normal media organizations can't even begin to come close. They're almost comparable to military or intelligence agencies. Developers of new magic in addition to being given access to the resources of the University are also granted various privileges, but their identity is also examined in detail. [6]

The University severely restricts outsiders from freely coming and going. [3]

There were fake students like Michaela Hongou who were sent to the University under the guise of mutual research. [7]

After the Tuman Bomba attack on First High, the analysis of magic data is passed by the National Magic University to the government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs which led to strong condemnation and urging the international community to put sanctions on the New Soviet Union. [8]

Rules and Regulations

The dress code is entirely up to the students, providing that it comply's with public decorum. Any warning is usually restricted to mutual warnings between students. [1]

Carrying CADs is allowed on the campus and the standards around magic use are also more relaxed when compared to the Magic High Schools. The use of magic in general areas is allowed, even if not used in research labs or experimental rooms. [1]


Individuals who are recommended by the Magic High Schools or those who pass the thesis preliminaries in each school are allowed to attend. [9] A diploma from a Magic High School is a prerequisite for attending, but there are exceptions like Kichijouji Shinkurou discovering the Cardinal Codes. [10]


  • Magician Curriculum: focuses on the practical skills of Magicians
  • Magic Artificer (魔工師): focuses on engineering and other CAD related skills
  • Magic Researcher (魔工技師): focuses on theoretical knowledge

Career path after Graduation

At least 45% of graduates choose to pursue a career in the military or one affiliated with it. [11]


Undergraduate School

School Year 2096

First Year
Juumonji Katsuto, Saegusa Mayumi, Ichihara Suzune [12]
Second Year
Tsutsumi Kanata [13]
Third Year
Fourth Year
Tsukuba Yuuka [14]

School Year 2097

First Year
Second Year
Juumonji Katsuto, Saegusa Mayumi, Ichihara Suzune
Third Year
Tsutsumi Kanata
Fourth Year


Fujibayashi Kyouko [15], Shibata Katsushige [13], Tsutsumi Kotona [13], Tsukuba Yuuka

Graduate School

Tsukuba Yuuka [16]



  • Higahsiyama Kazutoki