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Nakura Saburou (名倉 三郎) is Mayumi's bodyguard.

He takes orders from the current head Saegusa Kouichi, and serves as his confidant.

Appearance & Personality

Saburou is an old gentleman well into his fifties. He is described as someone who gives off the impression — not of a bodyguard, but rather that of a butler, and even more of a grandfather than a butler.

His spine is as straight as a pin, his body thin but firm; that he is definitely in 'active duty' is clearly understood from one glance. Saburou does not carry himself in any special stance, but there is a polished politeness to him like he had experience of military service, moreover it is a long service in various areas. The fact that he is used to wearing a uniform seeps through his stance.

Saburou is shown to be polite and courteous to other people, and is loyal to the Saegusa Family. However, Saburou's loyalty to the Saegusa Family holds a business-like aspect. He can be described as a paid mercenary, and doesn't think of himself as a member of the Saegusa Family. Mayumi states Nakura's personalty is that of a sly old fox; or a person who would follow orders, but can take actions that doesn't break the specific direct orders that he receives. He has shown this trait when he gave hints about Shiba Tatsuya's abilities to Kouichi while keeping it a secret. 


The Nanakura is a number stripped family (Extra), from which Tatsuya assumed 'Nakura' belonged to. Lab 7's development focus was colony control magic that is able to move over 100 objects simultaneously, but the projectiles need to be prepared beforehand with a spell to manipulate it. Nakura finds it combat ineffective to always have the bulky medium in hand, so Nanakura developed magic sequences that could use colony control magic at any time at the expense of reducing the number of targets that they control and using fluid as projectiles. Since they were unable to develop the ability that Lab 7 had hoped for, they were stripped of their number.[1]

Before Saegusa family hired him, his main source of income came from his work as an assassin. He is one of top-notch combat magician.

While it wasn't mentioned by Mayumi when she introduced Nakura to the Shiba siblings, both surmised that he must be from an Extra family, which is later confirmed from a flashback in Mayumi's point-of-view. It also serves to prove a few of Mayumi's speculations about Tatsuya's background. 

He died in the battle against Zhou Gongjin.  


  • Saburou's role to serve the head of the Saegusa Family (through business loyalty), oppositely mirrors the role how Hayama serves the head of the Yotsuba Family (through master-servant loyalty).


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