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Morisaki ability

Morisaki Shun (森崎 駿) is a student of First High School, and a Course 1 student.

Appearance and Personality

Morisaki Shun is a young man. Because of his enormous pride, he took Course 2 students lightly, even called them 'Weeds' before he entered the Public Morals Committee.


His family is part of the Hundred Families, which belong to the Numbered Family System. The Morisaki Family is known for producing excellent bodyguards; Morisaki has two years of experience as a bodyguard.

He is ranked third in the practical part of the first exam during his first year.

He's known for his derogatory words against Tatsuya and other Course 2 students in the first day of school.

Wanting to show off the difference between Blooms and Weeds, Morisaki tried attacking Saijou Leonhart using magic, but his CAD was hit by Erika's baton.

He is recruited, on the recommendation of the Faculty, as one of the two new members of the Public Morals Committee along with Tatsuya.

Morisaki had a short trip during his summer break, where a short story about himself and his family was explained.


Magical Abilities

The Morisaki Family is well known for its 'Quickdraw'.

Morisaki can use 'Drawless', a high level technique for pistol-shaped CADs. Prior to initiating the Activation Sequence, the user uses his/her own senses instead of the aiming assistance device built into the CAD to aim the prepared magic, then casts the magic without actually drawing the CAD.

Due to his two years of experience as a bodyguard, Morisaki is used to actual combat.

Kasumi rated him for having average magic power. Both the scale of Magic Sequences and strength of interference were only average, it was his deployment speed that was faster, and only that alone.