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Master Clans Conference Chapter (III) is the 19th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


At the end of Volume 18, Minami, Miyuki, and Izumi are being attacked by Humanist. After they realize Minami cast the shield magic, two of humanist took out Antinite and used on Miyuki, Izumi, and Minami. The volume ended when Humanist fists were about to land on Minami.

Together with Katsuto, Mayumi, Masaki and Tatsuya they were going to search for Gu Jie's whereabouts. Tatsuya nearly catches Gu Jie, but it gets interrupted by USNA. The competition for catching Gu Jie makes Tatsuya to rage in unexpected ways. Major Benjamin Canopus, No.2 of Stars, takes part in the war.

Saegusa Mayumi and Juumonji Katsuto went to search, while Ichijou Masaki is fighting.

Various people waver, the worst case that shouldn't happen will happen because of Gu Jie who has "magic that manipulates dead bodies".

Chapter 11

It starts back up with Miyuki, Izumi and Minami being attacked by the Anti-Magician group, and shortly after some stuff happens, Tatsuya arrives and basically walks up to them, walks the three out of the middle of the group, and then tells the three to leave, before the Anti-Magician group even responds.

Tatsuya dispatches the group when they try to chase after the three (Miyuki's group), and then dispatches them when they try to attack him. It ends up with the leader of the group he beat, rising back up, and controlling some unknown black fire that basically decays everything it touches, and Tatsuya can't stop the leader from controlling it (using Gram dispersion) because the leader and magic is being controlled from far away by the actual magic user. (The leader isn't a magician - and, every time Tatsuya uses Gram Dispersion to stop the magic from being activated, it’s reactivated almost instantly due to the original magician being able to activate the fire magic at a rate almost as fast or even faster than Tatsuya can decompose it).

Tatsuya figures out how to stop it (the leader has some tattoo in his skin and the magician is using that as a medium), so Tatsuya decomposes that and stops the leader. At the same time, Tatsuya follows where the magic came from with his ‘sight’ and finds where it was coming from. A few seconds later, the connection instantly vanishes because the Magician dies/is killed. Tatsuya is only able to get the location of the magician during that time, but realizes that it was the same place that he was headed to earlier before he had to turn back. (Some mansion in Kamakura if I remember correctly).

The one who killed the magician was Gu Jie because he felt a presence of some sort and instinctively killed the magician (who was also his good friend) to stop it (but Tatsuya doesn’t know that Gu Jie was there).

Afterwards, Miyuki, Tatsuya, and Minami went to the police station to explain what happened, while Izumi is ‘interrogated’ by the Principal and vice-principal. They ask her questions about what happened, and then the Principal decides to cancel school until some later date. (The other schools soon follow suit with them either starting the next day as First High is, or the following day).

Miyuki and Tatsuya later meet up with Katsuto, Mayumi and Masaki (they were all called there by Katsuto), and they have a short meeting (during this meeting they discuss the earlier event, and then Mayumi as well as Masaki and later Katsuto, insist that Miyuki get a bodyguard, to which Tatsuya responds that they will confide in the Yotsuba for one, and that Mayumi herself should have one as well, and so brings the conversation back to being on her, and hides the fact that Tatsuya is Miyuki’s bodyguard).

During this meeting, Yakumo is also meeting with some man called Toudou Aoba who had come to see him (he was also the man that had come to meet with Yakumo during New Year’s). Aoba is a sponsor for the Yotsuba as well as some other figures, and asks Yakumo to do something for him. In short, this is for Yakumo to make sure that Gu Jie is removed from the country or exterminated, as well as to help Tatsuya do so. Yakumo agrees to do so.

Chapter 12

When Miyuki and Tatsuya get home they talk a bit and decide to go back to the closed school the next morning to pick up Miyuki’s and Minami’s stuff since they came home immediately after leaving from the police station. They end up going to bed, with Tatsuya later coming to Miyuki’s room to ask her to wake up early the next morning (At 4 or 5 am) and to meet him in his underground lab after she’s showered, and to wear either her underwear or a bathing suit.

Tatsuya want to use his ‘sight’ to find Gu Jie but can’t do it unless he uses 100% of it, and since he always has 50% of it on Miyuki at all times, he can’t do so. Or rather he can, but his emotions are getting in the way and are preventing him from releasing Miyuki from his ‘sight’ even if she’s standing directly in front of him. So they end up in that position for some time because that is the only way that Tatsuya feels that he’ll know that Miyuki is truly there and safe, and during that time he tracks Gu Jie and marks him with some of his psions so that he will know where he is at all times (for the next 7 days at least, which is when it would wear off).

Tatsuya is currently now able to instantly track and/or decompose Gu Jie due to this, and talks about this with Miyuki and explains that they need him captured alive, or at least have his body so that they can have proof of him as being the mastermind behind the terrorist plots, so as a last case scenario he will decompose Gu Jie.

At this time, Gu Jie feels some great presence but has no idea what exactly occurred, or what kind of magic it was, just that he should leave the mansion he is staying in a lot sooner than he initially planned (the presence was Tatsuya injecting him with his own psions).

Later that morning, Tatsuya goes to meet with Yakumo and asks him for some assistance concerning Gu Jie, to which he readily agrees. Tatsuya later takes Miyuki to the school to go and get their belongings, and Miyuki sees Masaki alone in the classroom as he is still taking classes as his school is canceled starting the following day.

Later that night, Tatsuya calls Mayumi, Katsuto, and Masaki to make plans to chase Gu Jie the following day, as well as to get the cooperation of the police so that they can arrest Gu Jie.

Afterwards, Fumiya and Ayako come to visit Tatsuya and Miyuki (Fourth High classes were cancelled starting the same day as First High), and have been ordered to be Miyuki’s bodyguards until Tatsuya has finished with his mission. Tatsuya offers for them both to stay at their house while they do so, and they accept, with them both sharing a room with twin beds.

Chapter 13

The chapter starts off the following day with the USNA making preparations to get Gu Jie out of the country and to bring him to their Destroyer that they have anchored just outside of Japanese territorial waters.

It then goes back to Gu Jie himself preparing to leave the mansion along with a USNA spy (Gu Jie is unaware he is a UNSA spy, but he suspects as much) who goes by the fake name ‘Joe Doe’ (which is basically John Doe) and has been helping him all during this time to prepare and help Gu Jie escape all these times.

At around the same time, Katsuto and Mayumi’s elder brother Tomokazu, are preparing the chase for Gu Jie as the two leaders during the operation. They decide to have both Masaki and Tatsuya along with some Juumonji family magicians, placed at the port where they believe that Gu Jie will try to escape and leave the country as a last defense in case Gu Jie escapes the pursuers. The pursuers would be Tomokazu as well as Katsuto, and Saegusa family magicians, chasing Gu Jie and his escape car.

Gu Jie is in his escape car provided by Joe, and rides along with both Inagaki and Toshikazu who appear to be under his control. Katsuto and Tomokazu chase after Gu Jie’s escape car in their own vehicles, while the car Gu Jie is in fires what is basically a grenade launcher, at the pursuant cars. The grenades were all blocked by Katsuto’s barrier magic (also The lineup is basically some Saegusa cars and Tomokazu at the front, and Katsuto in his vehicle at the back). Once the cars reach an intersection in the route Joe has some planned ahead for some cars that, as soon as Gue Jie’s escape car passes, will do a hard turn and blockade the route right in front of the pursuant cars. The first car in front hits one of the cars in the blockade and is practically obliterated while the other cars do the same and suffer similar damage including Tomokazu’s car.

Katsuto who was at the back of the pursuers, is perfectly able to stop his car, and so gets out at the scene while Gu Jie’s escape car is currently getting away. Katsuto goes to check on the condition of Tomokazu who due to his magic activating in time, remains unharmed. Katsuto goes and checks the contents of the blockade cars and sees that they’re all robotic with nobody inside, while Tomokazu checks on the passengers in the police vehicle who are all injured, but after applying healing magic on them, says that they will suffer no fatal injuries, but that an ambulance must be called for them. Tomokazu stays behind to deal with and settle the aftermath of the current location while Katsuto goes on ahead in his vehicle with the continuation of the pursuit.

With their pursuers left behind, Gu Jie is nearing the location where they had planned to escape to the sea, but seeing that the enemy is already waiting at that location, Joe changes their course to another location. Waiting at the port for Gue Jie to arrive, Tatsuya instantly sees Gu Jie change his course, and along with Masaki, they decide to pursue his escape car along with the Juumonji magicians. During this pursuit, Tatsuya suddenly jumps off his bike while Masaki instinctively gets away from Tatsuya’s bike, as it is suddenly split into two. Just before, Gu Jie commanded Toshikazu to get out and to fend off the pursuers.

Tatsuya decides to face off against him and sends Masaki and the others ahead to continue pursuing against Gu Jie. As he faces off against Toshikazu, Tatsuya realizes who he actually is and tries to question him why he is aiding Gu Jie and helping him escape. Tatsuya looks at Toshikazu with his ‘sight’ and sees that according to his information body, Toshikazu is technically dead and is able to use magic fueled by what he believes to be life force. As he fends off Toshikazu, Tatsuya tries to decompose his weapons and realizes that due to some sort of magic that Gu Jie has activated in him, Toshikazu is able to cancel out his decomposition magic.

Tatsuya realizes that if he gathers enough psions as well as fast enough (before Toshikazu himself can gather them and cancel it out), Tatsuya can use his decomposition magic and decompose his weapons. Tatsuya continues fending off Toshikazu and continues to question Toshikazu to which he doesn’t respond to any of the questions and continues his attack. Tatsuya becomes angered at what Gu Jie has done and what it means for the future of magicians (using Magicians as mere tools with only their bodies), and then punches Tomokazu as he decomposes a hole through his chest (where his heart is). This action causes Toshikazu to ‘truly die’ as he is no longer under the control of Gu Jie’s ‘doll’ magic.

During all this, Tatsuya affirmed with himself, that after the capture of Gu Jie by the police is complete, Gu Jie cannot live and that he would personally assassinate him. Just after defeating Toshikazu, Yakumo appears who says he has come to help Tatsuya, to which Tatsuya leaves Yakumo to take care of Toshikazu’s body. Following Gu Jie’s escape car, Masaki and the escape car both reach the shore where the escape car stops. To hold off the pursuers while they escape to the water, Gu Jie sends out Inagaki to hold off the pursuers. Inagaki comes out and shoots at the pursuers as the Juumonji magicians are able to block it with their barriers, when Inagaki instantly appears in front of one of the magicians and kills one with his handheld weapon.

In retaliation, Masaki tries to use his Rupture magic on Inagaki, who as Toshikazu did earlier in his battle with Tatsuya, cancels out/decomposes Masaki’s magic. Surprised by this, Masaki who has prepared against simulation fights against Tatsuya since his loss to him in the Nine Schools Competition, already has a counter to his magic being decomposed. Masaki then gathers a surplus amount of psions at a quick rate, and once again uses his Rupture magic on Inagaki who instantly ‘explodes’ as he was unable to gather enough psions during that time to counter it.

With only Gu Jie and his escape car which is being prepared to be used to escape to the sea (it’s an amphibious car), Masaki is instantly tackled to the ground and defended by a Juumonji magician from an attack. To save enough time for Gu Jie to escape (and being in the last stage of their plan), the USNA had sent their forces to be used to cover Gu Jie’s escape. Under attack from the USNA with some of the latest high powered rifles, Masaki as well as the Juumonji magicians are suppressed without even leaving any room for Masaki to cast Rupture on the amphibious escape vehicle.

Arriving shortly afterwards, Katsuto gets out of his vehicle and uses his barrier to defeat enemy magicians one by one (by charging into them and sending them flying), while Masaki gets up and starts using Rupture on the enemy USNA forces. Hearing that their forces were suppressed, the leader of the USNA forces Benjamin Canopus (who has been stationed on the USNA destroyer), decides to self-destruct the USNA forces they had earlier sent as they had finished their mission to stall long enough for Gu Jie to escape, and they did not want to leave any evidence that the USNA was involved, as the men and weapons were clearly USNA.

Having entirely suppressed the USNA forces, Katsuto and Masaki both meet up to decide what to do with them with Masaki deciding to continue the chase on foot (over the water) and Katsuto staying behind, when the captured men and weapons suddenly self-destruct. Arriving just after the sound of explosions, Tatsuya, who had run several kilometers on foot to get there, meets up with Katsuto and Masaki. They discuss what to do with Tatsuya saying that they should call for the Coast Guard to assist in their chase, and just as they were about to do so, Mayumi calls Katsuto’s terminal who puts it on speaker for them all to hear. (Mayumi was in charge of the pursuit positioning - not part of the actual pursuing forces).

Mayumi was waiting on a coast guard ship just off the shore where they currently were as she had believed that she should do something to help, and just in case, she had a patrol boat prepared in the off-chance that Gu Jie got away to the sea. With Katsuto left behind to deal with and explain the aftermath, Masaki and Tatsuya meet up with the patrol ship that Mayumi was riding.

Arriving on the ship, Tatsuya is surprised to see that Yakumo is also onboard the ship. He had earlier arrived to the ship, and knowing who he was as well as due to him saying that he was cooperating to help them, Mayumi had let him on board. Without complaining about it, Tatsuya complied with Yakumo saying that he was there to help, and so they continued their chase.

Unaware that they were also being chased by the coast guard, Joe entered the cabin that Gu Jie was occupying (they reached a boat earlier and boarded this to take to the destroyer) and said how they had finally lost their pursuers and that they would have no way to chase them now, as well as that they would soon arrive at another ship anchored outside of Japanese territorial waters.

At around this moment, Canopus receives news that the ship Gu Jie is escaping in is still being pursued. With the calculations having the pursuant patrol ship reaching Gu Jie’s escape ship just before reaching international waters as well as international law being in the pursuant ship’s favor due to being a continuing pursuit, Canopus decides to go with their last course of action to assassinate Gu Jie. With the patrol ship arriving within range of the escape ship, the police onboard go through the process required to continue their chase (turning on their headlights and warning the ship to stop through a megaphone).

Onboard the escape ship, all the crewmen are in confusion including Gu Jie and Joe, who appears in Gu Jie’s cabin to inform Gu Jie that they’re being pursued by a Japanese patrol ship. As Joe bows to Gu Jie to apologize to him for this, Gu Jie activates his magic and takes control of Joe using his ‘Doll’ magic, who immediately collapses. Concealed in his hand was a gun meant to assassinate Gu Jie, and Gu Jie concludes that this entire time everything was for some intricate plot by the USNA to assassinate him. Taking control of Joe, Gu Jie has him rise, but due to the magic being used so suddenly and without the adequate planning, he is unable to have Joe talk to find out what he knew, and so sends him to attack the patrol ship.

On the USNA destroyer, Canopus received news that Joe was no longer living, and thus that the assassination attempt had failed. Canopus then decides to pilot the destroyer towards where the ship that Gu Jie was onboard which had just entered international waters. Aboard the patrol ship, the crew is getting ready to board the enemy ship and so they fire a warning shot at the escaping ship. Suddenly after the warning shot, the crew received alarming news that a car (the amphibious car) was coming towards their patrol ship. After confirming with Tatsuya that Gu Jie wasn’t onboard (Joe was onboard), Mayumi used her ‘Magic Shooter’ magic on the incoming car to stop it. Then soon after, they see on their radar the USNA destroyer stationed nearby.

After having sent out Joe to attack the patrol ship, Gu Jie had taken control of the entire ship crew members with his ‘doll’ magic. Then suddenly, to desperately avoid the approaching USNA destroyer, the controlled crewmembers onboard the escape ship steered the ship to pivot it away from crashing into the oncoming destroyer. Onboard the USNA destroyer, Canopus prepares to use Molecular Divider on Gu Jie’s ship.

Aboard the patrol ship, Tatsuya senses the activation of Molecular Divider and prepares to cast Gram Dispersion, but was slightly distracted by Yakumo and in the instant that he hesitated to cast Gram Dispersion, Canopus had already cast Molecular Division and thus obliterated both the escape ship along with Gu Jie without a trace of either of them. Onboard the USNA ship, they announce to the Japanese patrol ship that the ship they had just obliterated was a known pirate ship that they had been targeting.

Chapter 14

With the loss of his bike, Yakumo takes Tatsuya back to his home in his car, and during the car ride, Tatsuya asks Yakumo why he distracted him during that instant and prevented him from casting Molecular Divider. Yakumo explained that were Tatsuya to cast Gram Dispersion and decompose the use of Molecular Divider by the USNA, they would regard Tatsuya as an enemy and try to assassinate him, as the magician who cast the magic was the number 2 in the USNA, Benjamin Canopus. (It was currently unknown until now that Canopus was involved, and brought the scale of what the USNA were doing into a much larger scale than Tatsuya had previously thought).

Tatsuya in turn questioned Yakumo on some things, and came under the impression that there was something else going on, as there shouldn’t have been any time for Yakumo to process all of that reasoning in that instant and distract Tatsuya.

Arriving back home, Tatsuya is greeted by Miyuki and later Minami, Fumiya, and Ayako who he had assumed would be sleeping (Except for Fumiya and Ayako who took turns watching the house at night). Tatsuya explained the circumstances to them and said that the mission was a failure (despite being asked to have Gu Jie dead or alive), and was consoled by Miyuki as well as the twins. Being that the mission was now over, Tatsuya told the twins that they no longer have any need to bodyguard Miyuki, and that they could both go to sleep that night. Fumiya and Ayako both go to bed and end up having some conversation with each other before they fall to sleep.

The next day, Tatsuya joins Yakumo as they bring the body of Toshikazu to the Chiba family residence. The only family member not there is Naotsugu who appears to be someplace else. Yakumo has his disciple bring Toshikazu’s body to his room and lay him in his bed, and then Yakumo explains the circumstances of his death, including that Toshikazu was already dead by the time he had fought with Tatsuya.

During this, Erika takes Tatsuya away from Yakumo who was still conversing with her father, and leads Tatsuya to the dojo. After asking Tatsuya a few questions such as whether he would’ve been able to use ‘Regrowth’ on him, to which Tatsuya responded that he can’t bring back the dead. Erika then challenges Tatsuya to a duel to which Tatsuya beats Erika by grabbing her bokuto (wooden sword) with his hand, and spinning it out of her grip. As Erika lays defeated on the ground, she finally starts to sob (she hadn’t cried yet so far).

In the car ride back with Yakumo, Yakumo tells Tatsuya that Tatsuya should personally report his ‘failure’ to Maya, and that he should later report to Kazuma the following day. Tatsuya arrives at the Yokohama Bay Tower which is the Magic Association building in Yokohama, along with Miyuki, Fumiya and Ayako (while Minami stays at home) as they insisted that they go with him.

At the meeting, Maya is there along with Hayama behind her. Tatsuya explains the circumstances of the mission to Maya as well as several other concerns she had, including why Tatsuya spent so long dealing with Toshikazu (although he never said that it was because of his curiosity). They then have a chat with Maya as she then explains that the 10 Clan Heads were going to have an online meeting momentarily.

Chapter 15

The following day, Tatsuya reports and explains the events of the previous day to Kazama. Later, Fujibayashi who is writing the documentation on the events, listens to the recording of the report Tatsuya gave to Kazama.

Fujibayashi was the one who gave Toshikazu intel on the location of a person who had some sort of relation to the Dahan organization that the Yotsuba had destroyed (the magician that Gu Jie killed once he felt Tatsuya track the presence of him) so that he may use that as a clue to help the police find Gu Jie (she was unaware that Gu Jie was actually there).

Because of this, she blamed herself for the death of Toshikazu and felt regretful. It is also hinted that even without her knowing herself, she may have had feelings for Toshikazu similar to the ones she had for her previous fiance who had died in the Okinawa invasion several years earlier.

As the chapter ends, Fujibayashi once again picks up the courage to re-listen to the recording so that she may document the report (the documentations are written while they listen to the recorded audio of the reports given, and during the first time she listened to it, Fujibayashi was unable to write and had started trembling).

Ichijou Masaki School Change Diary

This section is written from the perspective of Ichijou Masaki and tells of the events during his stay at First High.

February 10th - Ichijou has arrived in Tokyo and is staying at the Ichijou’s secondary residence, one that is rarely used. He’s reflects on the mission he’s been given to help hunt terrorists and the fact he’ll get to study at Frist High for a month with Miyuki.

February 11th - Masaki is elated to be in Miyuki’s class and reflects on the arrangements made for him to study at First High so he could attend school whilst on his mission, despite the strict data restrictions. He thinks on the day’s events, from his crush on Miyuki, to his introduction and meeting the boys in the class, while staying back from Miyuki to avoid giving a bad impression of being a skirt chaser. He compares the Public Morals Committees of both schools and is shocked to learn Tatsuya was originally a Course 2 student and shudders at the thought of the training the Yotsuba must have put him through. He thinks back to the meeting with the other clan representatives for the mission and Tatsuya’s cold treatment when inviting him.

February 12th - Masaki does the practical in class with Miyuki as no one else did but he’s dissatisfied with the results. He joined Miyuki and her friends for lunch, but the others seemed suspicious until Tatsuya said it was ok. He notices on Honoka’s crush on Tatsuya and enjoys his conversation with Miyuki that enabled.

February 13th - Masaki worried he’s neglecting the mission from the report given by Tatsuya and decides what to do next for the mission.

February 14th - Masaki forgot its Valentine’s day and receives loads of chocolate in front of Miyuki, to his chagrin. He also joins them again for lunch and they discuss Valentine’s day. To forget the unpleasant memories related to Valentine’s Day, I ran around until nearly midnight looking for the terrorists, though it turned up no results.

February 15th - Masaki comments on the anti-magic demonstrations that have started, and he worries for his friends. After the meeting he calls George to check on things back home. They discuss the mission and George tells Masaki to stop competing in the search and be ready to act when the time comes.

February 16th - Masaki hears about the attack on the student from Second High and takes the intel his family’s subordinates gathered to the meeting. Mayumi and Masaki are worried First High will be targeted.

February 17th - Masaki spends the day analysing the intel at home in the morning and travelling the coastline by bike in the afternoon to look for possible escape routes. He calls George for help in the evening and he suggests luring the terrorist out and suggests using Miyuki, Izumi and Kasumi as bait but Masaki declines.

February 18th - Masaki is upset Miyuki was attacked and jealous of Tatsuya saving her while he was going to meet an informant. They discuss the attack and the fact they were armed and had Antinite. Masaki assumes Tatsuya is making use of the Yotsuba’s techniques and abilities in the search rather than his own and plans to call George to plan his next action.

February 19th - Masaki too tired to write anything.

February 20th - School is closed until the weekend. Masaki is disappointed about the outcome of the mission and expects his father to call him home now the mission is over, leaving Masaki disappointed. Masaki recounts the events of the 19th, comments that he got to see Miyuki when the school was closed as Third High wasn’t and Miyuki came to collect something she forgot, although he went home early when Third High notified him, they were closing too, and tried to call George, but he’s out. Tatsuya calls at 2pm and informs Masaki they have the terrorist’s location and gives a time to meet. At 6pm the mission began and took the Ichijou troops to block the northern escape route but he himself was in Juumonji’s detached troops and ended up in pursuit of the terrorist, chasing him out to sea despite several ambushes but the USNA killed him first. Thinking back Masaki realises he didn’t really know anything about the target. Felling dejected Masaki takes the day off. That evening his father calls and tells him to stay in Tokyo and attend First High in case there are clean-up duties, leaving Masaki confused as to his intentions.

February 21st - Masaki calls his father back to discuss his staying in Tokyo but gets nowhere, leading Masaki to conclude its to avoid any clean-up. He’s also told his sister Akane will stay over on Saturday.

February 22nd - Masaki talks about his sisters and how they don’t get along very well and he really isn’t enthused for her visit. Masaki tries to look up tourist spots for her visit and decides to ask for help from Saegusa Mayumi who invites him to the Saegusa main house. Reflecting he should have visited already as he was intruding on their territory, Masaki travels over in his uniform and first is met by Saegusa Kouichi for greetings and then meets with Mayumi and they discuss his sister and use a virtual tour. The Saegusa twins join later on to help but ends up leaving whilst feeling toyed with rather than helped.

February 23rd - George and Akane arrive and the three go out for dinner.

February 24th - After a home cooked breakfast by Akane, who had visited to inspect the house for trips with her friends, she asks to meet Miyuki. Masaki reluctantly calls and asks Miyuki and she agrees so long as Tatsuya can attend. The five meet at Einebrise near First High and George and Tatsuya start a lively chat talking about magic theory and they stay for about an hour. Masaki, Akane and George visit Shibuya-Harajuku before heading home to collect their luggage. As he left them at the house Masaki is confused by Akane’s reaction, which is to say Tatsuya scared her despite not doing anything and leaves Masaki with a warning to be careful.

February 25th - School restarts despite the anti-magic faction’s activities increasing but school was back to normal. As he no longer has a mission, Masaki asks to observe the Public Morals Committee after school and Mikihiko takes him on the rounds after school. Masaki notes Erika’s absence and is told she’s at a funeral. During the rounds afterschool Mikihiko breaks up a fight behind the gymnasium, his aggressive methods surprising Masaki.

February 26th - Masaki visits the student council afterschool today and Tatsuya’s typing makes Masaki think there is a ‘Typing speed increasing self-acceleration magic’ in effect. Tatsuya is handling the admin so the girls can plan the graduation party. Afterschool Masaki visits Einebrise with the Shiba’s and company.

February 27th - Realising he will be going home soon, Masaki resolves to have no regrets and at least ask Miyuki to the movie the girls were talking about and buys two tickets.

February 28th - As classes end and Tatsuya comes to collect Miyuki, Masaki calls to her and asks her to the movies. Tatsuya says it’s ok so long as Minami attends also and so Miyuki agrees.

March 1st - Over lunch everyone discusses their future plans after high school and Masaki looks forwards to going to university with Miyuki.

March 2nd - Masaki is anxious due to the date tomorrow.

March 3rd - Masaki heads for the meeting place for the date and arrives 40 minutes early. Miyuki arrives on time leaving Masaki speechless. They exchange greetings and watch the movie. As they leave they are intercepted by Tatsuya and their friends outside. Confused Masaki asks why they’re there and Tatsuya states to pick up Miyuki, convincing Masaki Tatsuya and all his friends have terrible personalities.

March 9th - It’s the last day of the school year and Tatsuya and company throw Masaki a farewell party afterschool. First, they go bowling which Tatsuya dominates despite it only being his second time, followed by karaoke.

March 10th - Masaki is heading home today but bumps into the Shiba’s whilst visiting the Magic Association. He and Miyuki chat briefly and he resolves to spend more time together.


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