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Master Clans Conference Chapter (I) is the 17th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


Shiba Miyuki was chosen as the Yotsuba heir during the clan's New Years gathering. Under Maya's order, news concerning the new heir is spread to the 28 families participating to the 10 Master Clans selection event. The Ichijou clan immediately objected to the engagement between Tatsuya and Miyuki; filing an official application to engage her to Masaki instead. Kouichi talks with Ichijou's father and he is planning on wedding Tatsuya to Mayumi to weaken the Yotsuba's power.

At First Magic High School, Tatsuya and Miyuki's non-sibling relationship and engagement are now public knowledge. Among the shocked students the most shocked is Honoka. Mikihiko and Mizuki also behave awkwardly in front of the Shibas. Overall, the students pretend to ignore the news while in fact distancing themselves from Tatsuya and Miyuki.

Meanwhile, the 10MC selection meeting, followed by magicians all over the world, takes place at a hotel in Hokone. During this new 10MC selection, which is attended by the most distinguished magic families, a battle of wisdom and resourcefulness unfolds among the Saegusa, Yotsuba and Kudou clans which check each others power balance. The new 10MC families will be chosen as a result of this 2 days meeting. Suddenly a mysterious explosion strikes at the meeting place. It's a suicide bomb (performed by a magician). As a consequences of that many lives unrelated to the meetings guests are taken. The mastermind of this terrorist attack is that "wise man"...

The anti-magic movement which originated with this act of terrorism is intensifying. USNA's strongest magic force is once again mobilized. Major Benjamin Canopus, the first commanding officer of USNA's magic squadron Stars, assists the general commander, Angelina Sirius. He's the number 2 of the Stars. Canopus' participation will have big consequences....!

Chapter 1

On the 2nd of January 2097, the Ten Master Clans and 18 assistant houses received a letter from Yotsuba Maya. The contents were about the next Yotsuba clan leader and the news of the engagement. Shiba Miyuki would succeed Yotsuba Maya as the next clan leader and Shiba Tatsuya would be her fiancé.

That afternoon, Masaki was called in by his father, Gouki. Gouki asked Masaki if he liked Miyuki, which Masaki tried to deny; but after repeatedly being asked, Masaki confessed he was deeply in love with Miyuki and that it was love at first sight. Masaki admitted that he only got to dance with her once and Gouki replied that at least he shouldn't be hated by her.

Gouki informed Masaki that, 30 minutes previously he had received a message from the Yotsuba family. Masaki was not surprised by that because it's common to get messages from other 10MC houses. Gouki said the letter contained more than that. Gouki told Masaki that the Yotsuba family had elected Shiba Miyuki as their next clan leader. Masaki was shocked after hearing this, but was even more shocked when Gouki informed him that Shiba Miyuki was to marry her cousin Shiba Tatsuya.

Masaki replied that it was impossible because they are siblings. However Gouki said in the message it stated that Tatsuya is Yotsuba Maya son. He was born from one of Maya's preserved cryogenic eggs. Masaki suspected that it must be a lie and Gouki agreed with him. That lie must have been created by the Yotsuba to enable Tatsuya and Miyuki's marriage. As a member of the 10MC, Gouki thought the Yotsuba wouldn't want to risk the loss of magic talent through incestuous marriage to future generations. Gouki now knew how Masaki felt about Miyuki and he decided to do something about that. Masaki's sister Akane would become the next leader of the Ichijou Clan so Masaki could marry Miyuki, since two clan heads can't marry.

Saegusa Kouichi had been doing background checks on Miyuki and Tatsuya. He knew about Miyuki's ability through Nine Schools Competition and the Yokohama Incident. He also knew about Cocytus, even though he didn't know that magic's property (its range and size of impact) or its name. His researchers concluded that Cocytus was an instant killing magic that had similar effects as Meteor Stream on an anti-personnel level.

Regarding Tatsuya, Kouichi found out about Tatsuya's decomposition, regrowth, and counter magic (gram demolition & gram dispersion) and had a report that there was a high probability that Tatsuya was the Strategic-Class Magician that caused Scorched Halloween. He also knew Tatsuya was close to 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion that adopted flying magic during the events in Yokohama. However, Kouichi had no idea about Tatsuya being FLT's secret CAD engineer known as Taurus Silver.

Kouichi already suspected Miyuki was a daughter of Yotsuba Miya even though he had no evidence. The only thing he did not know was Tatsuya being Maya's son. Kouichi worried about Tatsuya and Miyuki being part of the Yotsuba, but he was confident that one of them would eventually leave the Yotsuba. He assumed Tatsuya would be the one who would leave. Kouichi also assumed that even if Tatsuya left he may continue his connections with the Yotsuba. Kouichi believed he could persuade Tatsuya to understand the importance of the domestic magic power balance, but he had yet to develop a plan to do so. Kouichi got outflanked by Maya, since the engagement is not something that the other 10MC members can interfere with. He was regretting not interfering before that happened but Gouki's objection opened up a new possibility.

Kouichi then called for his daughters Izumi, Kasumi and Mayumi. Kouichi told them that he received a letter from the Yotsuba, which drew Mayumi's immediate attention. He then revealed that Yotsuba Maya has appointed Shiba Miyuki as the next Yotsuba clan leader. All three of them were shocked after hearing this news. Mayumi already had suspicious that the sibling belonged to an Extra's Family whose ancestors were a product of the Fourth Magic Research Institute, but she didn't suspect that they were direct members of the Yotsuba clan. When Kouichi told them that Tatsuya and Miyuki were also engaged to each other, the three of them were even more shocked. Kouichi said Tatsuya and Miyuki were not siblings but apparently cousins, and Maya had announced that Tatsuya was her son. Mayumi was stunned after hearing that. Kouichi then mentioned about the formal petition made by Ichijou Gouki and asked each of them what they personally thought about Tatsuya.

Kasumi simply said that she didn't know Tatsuya very well, but she knew that he is talented in magic engineering and sensed that he has formidable power.

Izumi's reaction and choice of words were very interesting. When she talked about Tatsuya, she used very respectful words to describe him. It was similar to how Hayama talked about Tatsuya to Mitsugu or Maya. Kasumi was shocked by her sister's reverence toward Tatsuya. Mayumi opened her eyes widely and turned to listen to Izumi's statement. Izumi talked about Tatsuya's "stellar furnace", edited version of Phonon Maser and Invisible Bullet he created. She said Tatsuya was someone that she couldn't comprehend because she felt like he looked at matters differently from other people. She couldn't confirm if he had a unique eye similar to Mayumi's vision. Finally Izumi added that Tatsuya was not somebody that she could handle. She lost herself for a moment and added "If I had an ability to court / flirt with Tatsuya...... How can I let a man have Miyuki Senpai?" Even Kouichi grew concerned over Izumi's odd comments.

When Kouichi asked Mayumi about Tatsuya, Kouichi noticed Mayumi's cheeks were turning red. Kouichi said to her that there would be no problem if Mayumi decided to married Tatsuya, assuming the Yotsuba were willing. Especially since there was only a two year age difference. After hearing that, Kasumi and Izumi strongly protested against the idea. This was because the announcement of the engagement was already formally announced, thus Tatsuya and Miyuki were now seen as a couple in the public eye. If Mayumi approached Tatsuya now it would not only ruin Miyuki’s reputation, but Mayumi would be viewed as a shameless women and seducer. Izumi and Kasumi agreed the engagement must have been approved by Miyuki, so she would not wish to break it herself. Kouichi then realized that the situation was even more delicate than he had previously thought. He then tells them to leave so he could think.

Kouichi received a call from Gouki to discuss Tatsuya and Miyuki's engagement and what they could do to prevent it. Gouki said their engagement is not improper, but incestuous marriage would result in Tatsuya and Miyuki's children being less talented than their parents. Gouki thinks highly of Tatsuya because of Tatsuya's victory against his son, and his capable in engineering that lead to a victory for 1st high. Kouichi stated his intention to engage Mayumi and Tatsuya and that Mayumi herself had not objected when Kouichi asked about Tatsuya becoming her husband. Gouki then asked about the relationship between Hirofumi and Mayumi. Kouichi replied that both of them were not interested in each other. He was also concerned about Mayumi turning 20 years old soon and not being engaged yet.

Gouki then mentioned his formal complaint to the Magic Association, however it was already too late because Maya won't change her mind. Gouki expected at least an opportunity for Masaki to be able to win over Miyuki's heart. In the end both of them decided to work together to try to end the engagement, and have Miyuki marry Masaki and Tatsuya marry Mayumi instead.

Due to recent events, Hayama arranged for Miyuki, Minami and Tatsuya to move the Yotusba’s secondary residence in Tokyo, for safety reasons. They called the temple to arrange a meeting with Yakumo. Upon arrival they had to wait 30 minutes due to an unexpected visitor. Once the visitor was leaving Tatsuya was able to watch him from afar. "A bald elderly man" was Tatsuya's initial thoughts. He must be high up in the Buddhist faction, but Tatsuya changed his mind right away. The elderly man may have shaved his head, but he was wearing a luxury suit and a coat.

Tatsuya thinks there may be a monk who wears a suit, but Tatsuya felt this old man was different. Tatsuya thinks the elderly man did not join the temple. He felt that the elderly man holds a great power/authority. The elderly man looked over his left shoulder, perhaps sensing Tatsuya's stare. The elderly man's left eye color was impure with white color. Because of the elderly man's behavior, Tatsuya felt a strong incongruity because if his left eye had a vision problem, normally he would look over his right shoulder. Tatsuya wondered whether the elderly man's left eye had an abnormal power. The elderly man turned away and headed towards the entrance. After Miyuki called to Tatsuya, Tatsuya recalled his attention. He had been focusing on the elderly man enough to lose his concentration. Tatsuya changed his mind while not knowing what he was fearing.

After wishing each other happy new year, Yakumo congratulated them on their engagement, saying that they even managed to deceive him, which caused Miyuki to blush. Her face became tense when she tried to guess the meaning behind Yakumo’s words. Yakumo then proceeded to ask them what was the truth. Tatsuya simply told him what he was told, however Yakumo still had his suspicions.

However Tatsuya proceeds to say that there was no way that he could know the truth of something that happened so long ago. They left the temple with Yakumo reminding Tatsuya that in the morning he would be taking part in some stronger training. Their relationship stayed the same despite what had happened, and Yakumo didn't intend to hold anything against the siblings.

The next day Tatsuya went to Independent Magic Equipped Battalion’s Headquarters. It was strange to see an officer dressed casually like him. All the 101 members got promoted together. Fujibayashi was now a lieutenant, Sanada and Yanagi were both majors, Kazama was now a lieutenant colonel and Saeki also got promoted, but Tatsuya was still a Special Lieutenant.

However their achievements, especially in Yokohoma, showed that they were a special force capable of turning an overwhelming situations. Kazama then asked Tatsuya if he could continue to count on his cooperation, especially since he has been publicly recognized as a Yotsuba. Tatsuya replied that there are no problems. (Note: This arrangement applies only for the 101 battalion, not for the defense forces in general).

Kazama mentioned that the “climate” had not been stable recently, with several wars being sparked. Soon there would be conflict in east Asia and the world was approaching hard times. Kazama said that the position of the 101 battalion would stay the same regardless of this. They won’t be involved in providing strategies and advice in the case of conflicts. This is all due to Saeki. Due to the constant outbreaks of war, the Joint Chiefs were formed from the military commanders of the air force, ground force, and navy. This meant that it only took two hours to make the decision to activate material burst during the Yokohoma Invasion.

After reconfirming their agreement, Tatsuya said goodbye to Kazama and decided to give Sanada, Yanagi and Yamanaka a visit. After visiting each one, apart from Yamanaka who was not in the base, he went to the cafeteria with Kyouko. He still felt uncomfortable being dressed in civilian clothes, while everyone else was wearing uniforms.

Kyouko and Tatsuya talked about what had happened and Tatsuya mentioned that his life recently had been hectic. Kyouko then asked him if he is referring to his engagement. Tatsuya replied yes, and that the whole ordeal was unexpected. For him it is simply impossible to change their sibling relationship to that of lovers, however he was willing to try to get used to it. Kyouko then mentioned that her fiancé died during the battle of Okinawa. She had decided to join the army to distract her from the loss.

Shizuku’s mother gave Shizuku the news about Miyuki becoming the next heir of the Yotsuba clan and also about Miyuki and Tatsuya’s engagement. Shizuku’s mother has connections among 18 numbered families, and this is how she got the news so fast.

Later Shizuku and Honoka were having tea in the living room. Shizuku told her about Miyuki becoming the next leader of the Yotsuba clan. Honoka was shocked after hearing that, but after thinking over the fact that Miyuki’s power and skill cannot be compared, she becomes less shocked. Shizuku then mentioned that she has more to say. She said she was hesitate to say it however she must. Shizuku told her about Tatsuya and Miyuki’s engagement. Honoka initially thought that it was a joke, but Shizuku had a very serious and stiff expression. Honoka realized that Shizuku was serious and she got out of her chair and ran.

She was then caught by Shizuku, who struggled to contain her, causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground. Honoka asked again if it’s true and then began to cry. Shizuku’s told her even though Miyuki’s feelings are different, Tatsuya only viewed Miyuki as a sister. Therefore Honoka still had a chance. She mentioned that Honoka had an option of becoming Tatsuya’s lover. However this would not be now, nor when Miyuki became the head of the Yotsuba clan, but when Miyuki and Tatsuya are married. Shizuku meant that Honoka could become Tatsuya's mistress.

Shizuku asked Honoka if she was willing to give up on Tatsuya, Honoka replied she would not give up on him. Honoka knew that Tatsuya has exceptional magic and the Yotsuba would want him to leave behind offspring. The road for Honoka was now very difficult. She was not willing to give up on Tatsuya, however she didn’t want to snatch away Miyuki happiness. After that, Honoka laid in Shizuku's arms and wept.

Chapter 2

It is the start of the new term at First High. For the opening ceremony preparation, Tatsuya, Miyuki and Minami arrived 30 minutes early from usual. On arrival, the siblings received an e-mail asking them to come to the principal’s office, Momoyama Azuma. At the principal's office, they were greeted by the principal and vice principal, Yaosaka. They are asked if they had purposely changed the schools record information, from siblings to cousins. Tatsuya replies that the school will receive a letter from his father, explaining what has happened.

He also insists that there is no way he intended to alter the information. Momoyama is the one reluctant about that but Yaosaka tells him to calm down because it is pretty normal for this to happen with the most important clans. Security information at school can easily be accessed by the public so some clan would want to protect their family's information. He tells to Tatsuya and Miyuki to keep their interactions limited even if they are now engaged.

Tatsuya was walking to his classroom when Erika and Leo call out to him. When Tatsuya entered the class, the class atmosphere suddenly changed and all eyes focused on Tatsuya. Furthermore, Mizuki and Mikihiko avoid any kind of contact with Tatsuya causing them to end up having a conversation while looking at terminals. After class in the morning ends, Tatsuya was used to getting asked for help or someone coming to talk to him but on this day everyone ignored him. Tatsuya normally did not care about such things, however this is the first time he felt it so clearly. Tatsuya was not interested in any relationship with other people aside from Miyuki.

Mikihiko is no longer in the classroom, so he didn't have opportunity to talk with him. Tatsuya tells Mizuki that he is going to the Student Council room, she nervously responds saying "okay!". Tatsuya then goes to the student council room but the door is locked and inside the room are Honoka and Shizuku. After thinking it through, he decides to go to the rooftop. He unexpectedly ran into Miyuki at the rooftop.

Miyuki welcomes Tatsuya by saying that she expected him to be there. Tatsuya then asks how she knows he will be here, then she replies that she always knows wherever Tatsuya go. Miyuki and Tatsuya eats their lunch in a lovely way, Miyuki even use her power to warm the atmosphere because is cold outside. Both talks about the bad mood on the school but Tatsuya said that doesn't matter and everything is going to get better after a while.

Upon returning home, they receive a video call from Maya. Maya asks them what’s knew and he mentions his meeting with the principle and vice principal. Maya then mentions that the Magic’s Association has received a formal complaint from the Ichijou clan. Tatsuya ask why and Maya replies it because they do not agree with the Miyuki and Tatsuya’s engagement. As magicians it is important to improve defects and improve the quality of future magicians.

Tatsuya replies that such abnormality to their offspring will not occur to them. He suspects that there is an another reason. After hearing this, Maya smiles and says that is exactly true. She says the real reason is that the Ichijou intends to engage Masaki with Miyuki. Miyuki immediately give a answer by saying “Please reject this request!”. She is then being scolded by Tatsuya because Miyuki had raised her voice and cut off Maya mid sentence. Maya says that the Ichijou proposal doesn't matter because their engagement will not change, however Maya say they cannot give a rejected answer so soon.

Next day Miyuki and Tatsuya noticed the change in the mood inside the school and that is because everyone fears the Yotsubas. Tatsuya now is a direct descendant of the Yotsuba and this causes people to fear and avoid him. However it is exceptional for Miyuki since she is idol of the school.

In Year 1 class C, Minami is surrounded by several classmates who ask her with a lot of questions, especially since she lives with Tatsuya and Miyuki. Minami consistently repeats herself that she knows nothing, and she cannot answer their questions. From now she call Tatsuya and Miyuki as ”Tatsuya-sama” and “Miyuki-sama.” She then being asked by a classmate why she did call them “Tatsuya-Nii-Sama” and “Miyuki-Nee-Sama” before?. She then explains due to security reasons, she had to call them that. Minami then being asked if she is a direct descendant of the Yotsuba clan and then she replies "No". Kasumi then saving Minami by yelling everyone need to be quiet since class is about to start.

Due to Kasumi yell earlier, Minami receives no more questions in the morning, however everyone surrounds her during lunch. Kasumi then yelling to Minami that they should go together right now to the student council room, Minami surprised with that and replies with a yes. Minami thanks Kasumi on the way, which she rudely replies that such things (referring to what happened in class) annoys her.

On Saturday during lunchtime, Erika, Leo, Mizuki and Mikihiko are together in the school. After lunch, Erika confronts Mikihiko before he leaves. She asks why he avoiding Tatsuya even Leo notice that but Mikihiko denies what Erika saying. Erika say he is lying, and ask if he afraid Tatsuya from Yotsuba, which Mikihiko replies no, however he does not give an explanation to his attitude towards Tatsuya.

Even they hide it a secret, Erika says no matter what happened Tatsuya is their friend. Erika say even Mikihiko hid one or two secret from Tatsuya. Leo agrees with that and Mikihiko ask how he so calm and easily accept that. Leo say it's true Yotsuba is fearful but Tatsuya is their friend and therefore nothing else is matters. Mikihiko admits that with a embarrassing smile and says Tatsuya is a great person.

Erika also says that it's not easy for her last year. She tells that she already knew the truth that Tatsuya from Yotsuba since last year and it took a whole day for her to recover from the mentally shock. So, she knows how Mikihiko and Mizuki feels right now. Mikihiko agrees that his attitude is wrong and he will try to return their relationship to normal. Erika makes Mizuki say she is going to put effort too, she didn't confront her like how she did with Mikihiko.

While it is easy on them, it is not easy on Honoka. Even if she decided not to give up, it is difficult for her to face Miyuki. So she ends up running away to the student council room by saying that she has some other work to do. She then goes to the Club Management room to discuss the budget with Igarashi, who is a personal friend of hers and Club Management President. However, she finds Shippou Takuma in the room.

Since Igarashi was not present, Honoka decides to leave, However, Takuma tells her to stay because Igarashi will come soon. Honoka contemplates about working in the student council room, where she has to face Miyuki and Tatsuya. This makes Honoka agrees to wait for Igarashi. To make a talk, Takuma says he does not hate Tatsuya and Tomitsuka for what happen in the last year. Since then, he had worked hard and changed his attitude. Right now he earned the respect of not only his classmates, but also his seniors.

Takuma asks Honoka if she is thinking about Tatsuya right now and Honoka told him to not misunderstand the situation in a troubled voice. However, Takuma shouts to her and say he cannot!!. Honoka became more of an admiration figure for him, being the one who even in that circumstances lent him a hand when he received the shock last year. The friendly Honoka had helped him change. It's not that what he feels is in the level of love (literally written like that). After seeing her that depressed something in him made him react like that. He was worried about her, that's why he says she should give up on Tatsuya before it hurts her more.

Without thinking and in the heat of the moment he says "Senpai! I am-!". Right now Honoka had closed her eyes tightly and had covered her ears. However Shizuku and Igarashi arrived interrupts Takuma and asks what he doing to Honoka. Shizuku embraces Honoka saying that everything is fine now. Shizuku looked at Takuma with accusing eyes, to which Takuma blurts out that he was worried about Honoka.

In the Honoka room at Shizuku mansion, Shizuku talks about how Honoka has been showing a pitiful face and making her realize why Takumi reacted like that before. Honoka say it's not her intention to seek pity or sympathy from others and Shizuku replies it's not important right now. Shizuku comforts Honoka and says Honoka is not a person who inspires pity from others and from next week she should changed it.

Researchers/employees at 3rd Division did not show any changes in their behavior, and they still call Tatsuya as "Successor". Most people in 3rd Division can be labeled as heretical people (outsiders) who turned their back on authority. So, Tatsuya being a magician from Yotsuba didn't cause any problem, and Tatsuya was grateful. No one knows about Tatsuya's new project. Even Ushiyama (Taurus) does not know about this project.

Sunday, Tatsuya is at FLT. Tatsuya is on a room alone working on the project ESCAPES. The meaning of the project name is an escape for Magicians from their fate. Giving magicians an opportunity to work in the environment and not in the military. Stellar Furnace will use water from the ocean because it will produce feasible and stable reaction rather than distilled water. Lastly, it will produce electricity while harmful materials and minerals are extracted from the ocean.

Tatsuya is not extremely proficient industrial technology-wise and is aware that the design of the stellar furnace needs to be complete in three months and the full project needs to be completed in six months. Tatsuya is aware that he cannot do everything on his own and plans to request assistance from the Magic Association.

Chapter 3

Monday, second week at First High. Something unexpected happens, Mizuki is the one who greets Tatsuya with a weak smile and Tatsuya understands there are no bad intentions behind it. The name Yotsuba carries a bad reputation, so it is only natural for someone like her to react that way. Tatsuya is not so sensitive of a person to let something like that affect him. Erika see this scene and approve Mizuki's attitude.

After morning class, Miyuki and Tatsuya head for the practice building to meet up and take their lunch. Miyuki is stopped by Honoka on the way and Honoka asks if she is going to the student council room. (Miyuki is surprised that Honoka approached her first).

Soon after Shizuku also joins the two and the three of them head to the council room for lunch. At the end of lunch time Honoka asked Miyuki if they can talk, then she said something in front of everyone, even Tatsuya, she's not going to give up on him and Miyuki says there is no way to go back and both face each other as rivals. Shizuku thinks this is a very dangerous path for Honoka. (A faint smile is shown on both Tatsuya and Shizuku's face).

Later in the evening Izumi and Minami are working in the council room, they talk about the different atmosphere today and both of them see everyone is acting slightly different compared to the first week of school. Izumi asks Kazumi if she feels it as well, to which she replied that "everything is as usual", clearly indicating that everything is going back to normal.

Mikihiko arrives in the council room for the first time this semester and talks with Tatsuya, Mikihiko is acting normally. (Tatsuya is surprised at Mikihiko's changing expression compared from first week of classes, but both of them can make conversation as usual).

All council members discuss a report received from the Public Morals Committee. Several students from first high are receiving harassing pictures. Tatsuya questions whether it could be the work of stalkers, but Mikihiko says that does not seem to be the case. Evidence points to the pro-humanitarian movement, in other words it is likely the work of anti-magic conspirators. Recently there have been 24-36 cases reported to the police but the police have not taken any measures. The photographs are not sufficient enough for the police to take action. Tatsuya recommends the council to put out a bulletin to tell first high students not to take personal action against the perpetrators.

Saturday, second week at First High, Kazumi and Izumi talk at lunch time, both are very popular in school and they have their own group of fans, even Shippou have fans. This conversation is about how people use all this mess about Miyuki and Tatsuya to speak at their backs.

At another dining room - University of Magic, Mari is treating Mayumi to lunch. Mari makes some jokes of Mayumi being in love with Tatsuya and the probable engagement between the two. Mari continues to talk about the news and questions whether Tatsuya is really a direct descendant of Yotsuba. Mari was also told that Tatsuya and Miyuki were not actually siblings but cousins, and are now engaged.

Mayumi reveals to Mari that Ichijou sent a formal complaint against the marriage. The reasoning for the objection was that close genetic linkage can damage the offspring. Mayumi explains the real reason of the complaint was to propose a marriage between Masaki and Miyuki. (Mari makes a disgusted face, however she understands arranged marriages are normal in the 10MC).

Mayumi goes on to further talk about her father, he is willing to let Mayumi marry Tatsuya but Mayumi declines. Mari asks if Mayumi hates the idea of marrying Tatsuya, but she says "no". Mayumi thinks because they are two years apart, it would never work, but Mari says two years is nothing.

Mari recalls to Mayumi about the past when Mayumi was the former president and the time she and Tatsuya spent together preparing letters, reports and paperwork. That may have triggered her feelings for Tatsuya. Mari further goes to ask what she thinks about Itsuwa or Juumonji? Mayumi says they are not right for her, she explains that because they are descendants of one of the 10MC, Mayumi's attitude towards them was respect and nothing more. When Mayumi was with Tatsuya, she showed sympathy and affection because she was not aware he was a descendant of one of the 10 houses and was thus aware of him as someone of the opposite sex.

Mayumi finally accepts this may be true, but responds there is nothing she can do. She tells Mari that not even her father can meddle because Miyuki and Tatsuya's engagement had already been made official. Mari tells Mayumi she should do something before it is too late. She suggests Mayumi ask her father for help but Mayumi refuses the idea.

In the student council room, Tatsuya receives an unexpected email from Mari. (Tatsuya thinks it is a mistake and the system must have unintentionally sent to him.) He checks some more before opening the mail and is taken aback to see the message was indeed addressed to him. The message is written formally and asks Tatsuya to meet with her tomorrow afternoon to talk.

Tatsuya is suspicious about the meeting because he has not spoken to Mari since graduation. Miyuki suspects she meeting with Tatsuya to be on Mayumi's behalf, to which Tatsuya does not deny the possibility.

Tatsuya arrives at 5:55 PM in the afternoon at a cafe in the University of Magic. Mari shows up at 5:59 and waves to Tatsuya. She sits down and gets straight to the point and she asks Tatsuya what he thinks about Mayumi. Tatsuya answers without much thought that she is a talented magician. Mari does not like the response and asks again what he thinks about her as someone of the opposite sex to which Tatsuya responds that she is a lovely person. Mari presses again that this is not what she meant and Tatsuya wonders out loud if she is referring to a kind of sexual attraction, which causes Mari to blush. (Tatsuya could not understand sexual impulse to the same scale as everyone else due to the operation performed by Miya during his childhood).

Then he asks Mari what she wants to do since she asked what he thinks of Mayumi. Mari still hasn't recovered from the shock she received from Tatsuya, but she suggests Tatsuya try going out with Mayumi. He clarifies she means "that going out" (in other words, "dating") and asks whether Mari doesn't know about him and Miyuki. He gives her a cold stare. Mari replies that she knows Tatsuya and his younger sister are actually cousins and that they're engaged. Tatsuya points out that she should understand that he can't go out with Mayumi.

She mentions Ichijou's objection to the engagement. Tatsuya confirms this and asks if she'd heard about it from Mayumi. Ichijou's objection apparently would be something of a scandal, so news of it shouldn't have spread much. Mari admits this, explaining that it was just as surprising to Mayumi. She tells Tatsuya not to misunderstand, that Mayumi seems to be in a similar position as Masaki where they're being forced.

Mari says that if Mayumi doesn't feel anything for him, she (Mari) will also give up, that there's no need for him to get the short end of the stick. She adds, however, that Mayumi doesn't understand her own feelings. Tatsuya gives Mari a look that asks "And?" Mari explains that Mayumi doesn't understand what she feels for Tatsuya, what type of favorable impression of him she has. Mari corrects herself, saying Mayumi isn't trying to understand, that she's averting her eyes from the favorable impression she bears of Tatsuya.

Tatsuya points out that it might be because Mayumi understands her own position well. Mari agrees and adds that Mayumi can't choose a partner she likes just with her own intentions, that love and marriage are separate, that Mayumi thinks just being in love is pointless. Tatsuya counters that Mari might be overthinking things. He admits that there's a tendency not to allow high-level magicians to remain unmarried, but it's not an era where they can't choose their marriage partner.

Mari counters by asking about his case and Miyuki's. This time he's the one who falls silent. However, Mari doesn't pursue this line of questioning further. She tells him she wants Mayumi to be allowed to experience romantic love. She acknowledges she might be meddling unnecessarily, but she doesn't want Mayumi to resign herself to being sensible. Since Tatsuya's a guy, Mari says he might not understand.

Tatsuya concedes he can't understand. Mari then says he should understand just one thing: Mayumi accepts that she has a favorable impression of Tatsuya, so he might be the first and last man who will allow Mayumi to experience love. Tatsuya dismisses Mari's words as overthinking. When she protests, he counters that he doesn't know Mayumi as well as Mari does, but Mayumi doesn't appear to be such a weak person. Tatsuya's rebuttal stops the exasperated Mari's tongue.

He adds that Mayumi doesn't appear to be a woman who'd give up and become what her parents say, abandoning what she thinks and feels. He suggests that Mayumi will eventually find a partner in romantic love, even if it's not him. Besides, what's impossible is impossible and he has zero intention to break up the engagement and promise to Miyuki. Tatsuya ends the conversation and pays the bill before leaving. (Tatsuya understands this mess would hurt Mayumi publicly).

Chapter 4

The scene is placed on Berkeley, California. Raymond Clark from his outer appearance is a look like normally second year high school student. The High School Institutes at USNA doesn’t have divisions by course. Among the group at High School Clark is one of the most talented magicians.

Raymond Clark is one of the operators of the hacking systems ECHELEON III. This system is a backdoor of another system called "Hliðskjálf", which acts on the brain waves of the operator through a virtual reality headset. Thus, this system will not leave a traces or allows recordings of any kind. This system is mentally operated, the operator uses a lookup field with results appearing in different windows.

This system is Raymond's favorite toy, the purpose of this systems is unknown and the operators are "persons". Raymond have 2 qualities to operate the system, fast reading and good memory. He's looking for incidents on USNA and then something catches his attention. Some missiles of the past era disappear during an inspection. These missiles have the C20 as the main explosive, however in due progress in nanotechnology this weapon is stop being produce. The investigation of a military base inside are suspicious because large quantity number of missiles and lack of security control of that missiles so he decide to investigate further. Raymond’s does not think about being a hero but with the help of Hliðskjálf he can help others. Raymond’s having fun with this because to know something is going to happen cause him great joy.

On certain USNA base, Colonel Balance was thinking about the disappearance of older missiles from a military base. This problem is strange because how missiles can disappeared like that. To enter military base they should go through 2 up to 3 security pass that is biometric screenings, wireless tags security and security guard. The most important is she don’t know who behind this. At the moment, she received a coded message and to decode this message she enter certain key, however she shocked because the sender is “one of the 7 sages”. She read the message many times and understand of this problem. She now have to think about who she can trust to handle this information.

Lina is enjoying the day with Silvie, both are very close friends since the mission on Japan. Silvie feels that Lina is a troublesome sister that she cannot leave her alone. In addition, Lina also enjoys buying clothes and try new things. Lina received a coded message, however the sender is not from military but from one of the seven sages. After finish decoding the message Lina could not believe what she read, this message includes the parasite incident, the missiles problem and connection between them. Lina think that this message must be a joke, but it very risky to ignore this information.

Lina think she can trust that information because parasites incident last year has been recorded in that message. The missing missiles is make by terrorist and they going to used that to attack Japan and Lina know this matter is serious because relationship between Japan and USNA already been damaged by USNA. Although military power between two countries cannot be compared, the event in Korean Peninsula (Sorcerer Halloween), Japan demonstrated a strategic class magician that capable unleashing a huge power destruction crossing over the Pacific Ocean would change the balance power in the world. If thing going like this, a war between two countries would happen and will cause a disaster.

The mastermind of these crimes is the black sage "Jiedo Heigu", the Dark Sage. The information indicates that Jiedo has already escaped from USNA and now on the way to Japan, so Lina decides to act. Lina communicates by video with Colonel Virginia Balance. She explains that she received a message from one of the 7 sages and that make Balance surprise. She pretend to know nothing and ask Lina to explain contain about that message. Lina tell everything about all information and who is the culprit behind these. Lina ask Balance if true of missile is missing and Balance just simply says that there are rumors about that as well.

Lina tell something more, the real name of Dark Sage is Gu Jie, a man with the appearance of a middle-aged man, with white hair and face Asian feature. In the end Balance ask Lina if she want to go to Japan, which Lina respond yes. However Balance think this is not easy. The other strategic class magician Bart Roland is right now at base in Gibraltar and to send Lina to Japan is a matter much more complicated and dangerous. In the end, Balance tell Lina that she will be given an answer tomorrow.

The scene is a man looking at the sea. It’s Gu Jie, which right now he is way to Japan by sea, on a particular boat that been powered by solar energy.

Gu moved into USNA in 2054, which was ten years before the fall of Dahan. When he moved to USNA, USNA was still being called as "USA". Gu ran away from the Dahan. Kunlunfang Institute was researching in both modern and traditional magics. Modern magic faction and traditional magic factions were competing fiercely in order to gain more fund and human resources. At the end, traditional magicians were expelled from Kunlunfang Institute in 2054, and Gu and his students including Zhou ran away to USA. So, Gu should not have any grudge against Yotsuba or Japan because Yotsuba was one who took care of modern magicians faction in Kunlunfang Institute. So, no one knows why Gu aims Yotsuba as an enemy even himself. It may be a patriotism, or it may be an anger that Yotsuba took care of Gu's enemy (Kunlunfang Institute). Or, Gu may just need an enemy to sustain his organization. Only fact is that Gu has been creating a criminal network with defectors from Dahan and gather strength for revenge. Even he only knows (remembers) this much.

Zhou was Gu's last student and a subordinate, so Gu has to act. However, Gu is not a fighter type magician. In some ways, Zhou was stronger than Gu in the combat. Gu's specialty is creating a magical tool by using people as a part (Sorcerer Boost), a tool (Generator), and his last specialty is the ability to control corpse. Blanche has become weaker significantly by countries around the world. No Head Dragon was destroyed by the collaborated effort of USNA and Japan. Gu does not have any mean to fight against powerful magicians, so it took him one month to prepare a weapon (bomb from USNA) because his organizations have gotten weaker. Gu was not simply waiting several months since Zhou death. Gu realizes, he will not have a chance to revenge if he fails, so he was looking for the best opportunity to initiate the attack.

The payment for carrying Gu from USNA to Japan was teaching the magic of eternal youth to a captain of the ship. In truth, this magic only makes a person's look younger than their age, and it does not extend a person's lifespan and this magic was the main reason why Gu got expelled from Kunlunfang Institute. When politicians and powerful figures wanted the immortality, modern magician faction said it is impossible, but the traditional magician faction said it is possible. The traditional faction was already falling behind on the weapon development, so the success of this magic was needed in order to compete against the modern magic faction. Gu developed his magic and used on himself in 2049, and he used this magic on his students in 2050. Gu thought this magic was a success, but soon he realized his magic can only be applied on people who have a talent in Sage Arts (Senjutsu). If a person without any talent in Senjutsu uses this magic, it will shorten a person's lifespan significantly. Gu learned this when politicians provided their blood relatives as a test subject. Due to the failure of magic, traditional magic faction was eliminated, and Gu ran away from Dahan. Soon after their departure from Dahan, Gu also realized his magic does not extend the lifespan when his students were dying from the aging throughout twenty years.

On the STARS base in Roswell, New Mexico, Balance thinks about the situation and send a message to Kuroba Ayako. This is to inform Maya about the recent events. After a moment, she received a thank you. This is according an agreement between Balance and Yotsuba, this information is not publicize even high levels of USNA don’t know about this. On Japan Maya talks with Hayama about the missiles incident, but for her the main problem aren't the missiles, is the explosive inside them. After that they talks about the next meeting of the 28 families and the election of the 10MC, Maya orders to spread rumors about a terrorist attack.

Gu Jie is finally on Japan with his puppets and it's using "Hliðskjálf" to search information about the Ten Master Clans. His plan is not to kill leader of Ten Master Clans but he only want to target Yotsuba. His goal is to assassinate the entire Yotsuba clan, and the next attack wants to damage their public image.

The next day, Balance meets Lina and Benjamin Canopus. After discussing the reasons why she cannot send Lina to Japan, Balance is left alone with Canopus to discuss his mission. The mission is clear. Although over it to stop a terrorist attack, the real mission is to search and assassination of Gu jie. It is revealed Canopus have some connections with USNA politicians, there are some suspicious Heigu is one of the people helping this and the pro-humanity movement is involved in the government. Canopus's mission is to kill Gu Jie.

In the evening, Lina call Miyuki. After some praise from part and part, Lina congratulates Miyuki for his engagement with Tatsuya. Miyuki is surprised that Lina already know about that and Lina tell her that it is obvious since Yotsuba is famous. Miyuki ask her if she called her only to congratulate his engagement and Lina tell her that she wanted to tell something serious and Tatsuya also need to know about this. After Lina greeting Tatsuya, Lina explains the message she get from one of the 7 sage and when Lina mentioned Jiedo Heigu name, Miyuki shocked. They explain to Lina they already know about him and Lina warns Tatsuya and Miyuki to be careful because they maybe target of revenge.

Tatsuya says that Miyuki could be in danger and Lina say he also might be in danger because he is direct descendant of Yotsuba (Maya son). Lina say that Tatsuya would be able to do something about that and Tatsuya says of course he will do the best. Lina say she not really understand Miyuki power but she suspect her has mental magic interference when she see Miyuki fight with parasite. However Lina says, they need to be careful. Tatsuya disturb her talk and saying goodnight because they need to sleep (due to different time zone between Japan and USNA).

Chapter 5

4th of February, the day that starts for the election of the Ten Master Clans. This election period is 2 days.

Tatsuya and Miyuki go to the High School because they were not invited to the meeting. Everyone is surprised about that, Miyuki is interrogated by Honoka and Miyuki explains that she simply did not attend because she was not called. Tatsuya also receives a strange greeting by Mizuki and Erika, who was surprised, asks why he is here. Of course, Tatsuya is punctual in everything, so not attending would be strange. Leo asks why they did not attend the meeting and Tatsuya explains that he wasn't called to go there. In addition, the location is not known, so it is impossible for them to go to a place they don't know.

Hirakawa Chiaki heard this and starts throwing sarcastic comments, Erika confronts her asking for an explanation. Tomitsuka tries to intervene, but it doesn't work. Chiaki says it's obvious he's not going say anything because he belongs to the Ten Master Clans, that's why he lied about being a Yotsuba, Chiaki then says that Erika defends Tatsuya because Erika likes Tatsuya and Erika denies that and says she is not stupid enough to become a rival of Miyuki and does not want the love while putting her life on the line.

In the end Erika decides to return to class after saying it's meaningless to fight with a fool. Erika smiles at Tatsuya who answers to her while waving his hand. Erika left the classroom of 2nd year E Class. Based on the result, Chiaki managed to defeat Erika. But, Chiaki who has been standing meaninglessly is shaking with the shame.

Meeting of the Ten Master Clans, gives a description of each leader and his occupation.

The Juumonji clan announces that Katsuto will be their head. Juumonji Kazusa made a statement that he has to resign his job as the leader of Juumonji clan due to his inability to cast magic. He was trying to hold the position until Katsuto became an adult, but he decided to hand over his position because he can no longer function as a magician.

The next topic is to inform whether anything odd has been detected in each territory, only the Saegusa and Juumonji clans report strange things related to anti-magic groups, Maya tells them about the USNA conflict and the terrorist attack.

The next topic is started by Kouichi. The petition for dissolution of the engagement between Shiba Miyuki and Shiba Tatsuya, the reason is because they share the same father. Their relationship is not one of cousins, but that of paternal half-siblings, which increases the risk of genetic problems. Although there is a discussion on that matter, there is no conclusive evidence to support this refusal and that neither reject it.

Ichijou Gouki intervenes and asks to consider engaging Masaki with Miyuki because Masaki has feeling for Miyuki. Maya understands that Gouki is speaking for his son.

Maya wants to clarify two things to Gouki. First, if Masaki ended up with Miyuki, he cannot become next head of Ichijou clan, to which Gouki accepts this even if Masaki needs go to Yotsuba. Then the second reason Maya also says she needs to consider Miyuki's feelings to her son Tatsuya. Both like each other and she wants to respect that. In the end she accepts the possibility for Masaki to do something for Miyuki but the status quo is still the same and the engagement between Miyuki and Tatsuya is not going to change. Kouichi said he can accept Tatsuya into the Saegusa clan. Retsu makes a summary about the situation, Miyuki can be courted by Masaki and Mayumi can do the same with Tatsuya. In other case, Mayumi and Itsuwa's arrangement fell through, both of them wants to turn their relationship back to 0.

Then, unexpectedly, Maya says she has something to say. All become tense. Maya questions if they know the person name Zhou Gongjin. Kudou Makoto gets tense, while others reaction is why someone from Great Asian Union is brought out. Maya explains that this person is a young man living in Chinatown. He is mastermind of the Blanche incident, crime syndicate in Hong Kong called No Head Dragon that responsible for using media to increase the fraction of anti-magician and he also responsible for the incidents with vampires/parasites. All become tense.

Maya explains that last year, Kudou Minoru, Ichijou Masaki and Shiba Tatsuya killed Zhou. Makoto feels relieved after hearing that while others discuss the exceptional talent of these young people, and the future of the nation. Neither Gouki nor Makoto knew this fact. Maya reveals another truth, Kouchi had made contact and cooperated with Zhou. Kouichi pretended not to know anything and asked for evidence. Maya says that in April of last year, Nakura Saburou direct subordinate of Kouichi, found making a contact with Zhou in Chinatown.

Kouichi says that it is true, however he knew nothing that Zhou was the one that started propaganda of anti-magic. However, Maya said that this subject had already caused damage to the country (the Yokohama incident) and Katsuto even remembers how he asked him to desist from his plan. Everyone turns their back against Kouichi, no one can save him from this.

Kudou Retsu entered the meeting room and saved him by confessing his P-doll experiment and Kudou clan's relationship with Zhou. It also reveals that these experiment were stopped successfully by Tatsuya, which makes Maya smile slightly as she nods (again more points for Tatsuya). Maya says the Stellar Furnace changes all anti-magic waves, even Rosen changes his mind. This way Tatsuya gains some points between the 10 Master Clans. Kudou apologizes and offers a solution. The Kudou clan shall be removed from the Ten Master Clan and will take all the blame. Makoto reacts, but Kudou scolded him for not mentioning his relationship with Zhou and suggested to the other 10MC to forgive Saegusa. Maya understands that this is to prevent the Saegusa clan from falling out and he can redeem himelf through actions, which are accepted by others. Kouichi and Retsu leaves their place in the meeting.

Resumes the session and the next point is who will become next Ten Master Clans, Maya recommends the Shippou clan for that job because she says the Shippou clan have talented successors that been proven calm and everyone agrees, even the Saegusa clan. At this point, the Shippou clan became a member of Ten Master Clans until the Ten Master Clans selection day, which is one day after this meeting.

5th of February, in second year class E, Tatsuya, Erika, Leo and even Mikihiko saw something strange happen, Takuma asks to speak with Tatsuya. When Tatsuya asks what it is, Takuma thanks him. Tatsuya does not understand, and Takuma explains that he heard Maya had recommended Shippou as next Ten Master Clans. Tatsuya say, this is the first time that he head that. Takuma says that this means so much for him, and that he wanted to thank him. Tatsuya thinks about how people give importance to different things.

Ten Master Clans Meeting for second days is continued. The heads of the Kuki and Kazumi (families with the number 9) families complain the non contribution of the Shippou family to the nation but after considering the Shippou family will not need help from other families, as in the case of Kuki and Kazumi depending on the Kudou and thinking geographical location, the best is to to choose Shippou family in the end. The heads of the two families call for talk and seek advice from Makoto. Shippou clan is the new head of the Ten Master Clans, then they talk about a possible terrorist attack. Terrorist attack start at 10:33 AM

2 PM, Tatsuya receives an urgent message about a recent attack to the heads of the Ten Master Clans. He apologizes and skip the class, something that had he never done before. He go to building practices and get permission from the Professor Jennifer Smith to leave earlier. He also meets with Miyuki, who received the same message. Minami along with Izumi, Kazumi and Shippou are about to reach the entrance of the school, Izumi saw Tatsuya and Miyuki and called them. After confirming all the message is true, Tatsuya asks what they going to do, Shippou respond he will go there, where Kazumi and Izumi respond in the same ways. Tatsuya leads the groups of six people quickly go to station.

At the same time in the Third High, Masaki also get the same message and asks permission to leave. Kichijouji asks him what happens, and he tells him that his father has been involved in a terrorist bomb attack. Kichijouji asks what he will do, Masaki responds that he will go there with helicopter. Masaki ask Kichijouji to take care of Akane and the others.

The attack on the Ten Master CLans meeting was a suicide bombing. None of the Ten Master Clans reps suffered even a single scratch. Juumonji Katsuto shielded them, while Mutsuzuka Atsuko extinguished the flames. Apparently manipulation of heat is the specialty to 6 (Mutsu) and for her erasing a fire that can't melt a steel from was a piece of cake. Futsugi Mai suggests in a calm voice that they get out because if they're buried alive, they'd have to use unnecessary effort; she does this while preventing the spread of fire and the production of poisonous gas through the prohibition of oxidation of building material. Mitsuya Gen agrees, saying quite a large-scale suicide bombing seems to be starting; he's prepared to use multiple magics.

Gouki suspects it's Puppet Terror — apparently suicide bombing terrorism that uses magic to take control of a person's body and make it move like a doll. Gouki had sensed a hint of magic remotely controlling the body, and those hints were slowly moving around in the first floor lobby and in the corridors of each floor; many were even moving below. The specialty of "1" magicians, which includes the Ichijou clan, is interference with living bodies, but magic that manipulates the movement of living bodies is forbidden. There are precedents of those who were reduced to Extras for violating this ban. For this reason, even if he knows the trick Puppet Terror, he doesn't have a way to interfere with it and stop it.

Yuuka senses something is about to collapse. Yatsushiro Raizou invokes gravity control magic and elevates Yuuka who had lost her support. Kouichi suggests they hurry. Everyone nods. As a group with Maya, Mai, and Atsuko placed in the middle, the 10 magicians head for outside the hotel. They turn toward "human-shaped" bombs loitering in the corridor. Gouki uses "Bakuretsu" (Rupture?). Then he announces it's not a suicide bomb. The enemy is manipulating corpses and using them to carry bombs.

The magicians fight their way out. Unfortunately, the destruction of the corpses was caught by the media. Maya apparently believes the bad PR was the point of the whole attack; she says that's why she said it was meaningless for them to be deliberately injured.

Tuesday, 5th February, 2097. A terrorist attack happened on the meeting of the 10MC, 22 people dead, 34 wounded. 33 people safe, 27 of them belongs to the 10MC. This attack brings a wave of public reactions.


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