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Because You Were By My Side (あなたがいたから) is the ninth episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


The match between Eimi and Shiori begins, with Eimi using the same tactics as in the qualifying rounds to destroy Shiori’s ice pillars so that First High can dominate the rankings. However, Shiori came prepared, and Eimi is driven into a corner. Meanwhile, Honoka takes on Touko in the Battle Board final. As a Light Element, Honoka uses her Light Magic and her ability to perceive light with her eyes and dodge the Ancient Magic traps laid by Touko. Touko takes the lead in the race, but Honoka still has some tricks up her sleeve.


It’s the eighth of August, the sixth day of the competition. Eimi and Shiori take the stage in Ice Pillar Break. Shizuku and Miyuki are already through to the finals and Eimi is aiming to take the last slot.

The match gets underway and Eimi makes the first move, hurling one of her pillars at Shiori’s pillars and destroying three. Finding she cannot stop the attacking pillars themselves Shiori counters by reducing the fiction of her pillars so that they slide away rather than break.

While Eimi is panicking, Shiori starts destroying Eimi’s remaining pillars. Her back to the wall, Eimi recalls her grandmother’s words and makes a final stand, using her true speciality to hurl her pillars at Shiori’s, smashing them with sheer brute force. However, when Eimi is down to her last two pillars, the exhaustion hits and she collapses to her knees. Shiori uses the lull to target Eimi’s remaining pillars but in a last defiant bout Eimi launches her second to last pillar at Shiori’s remaining three. Going all in on the defence, Shiori tries to block the attack and both competitors collapse and pass out as all four pillars are destroyed, leaving only one of Eimi’s standing, winning her the match.

After the match, Mayumi informs Miyuki, Shizuku and Eimi that the organisers have offered to let them hold first place jointly since all three finals slots were taken by First High. Eimi wants to withdraw anyway, weak from the last match, but Shizuku is determined to fight Miyuki. Miyuki agrees.

Honoka discusses this with Shizuku over lunch and Shizuku explains that seeing Miyuki’s power has shattered her ego and she has to take this chance to compete with someone on Miyuki’s level, stating she will go all out to win. Hearing this, Honoka declares she is rooting for Shizuku and the pair resolve to both win their respective matches.

Meanwhile, Shiori wakes up in the infirmary. She apologises for losing to Airi who was watching over her and Shiori comments she feels invigorated rather than bitter, explaining that she is ready to move forwards and it is thanks to Airi.

Honoka is mentally preparing herself for the final when Touko comes over to say hello, stating she is looking forwards to the match. Honoka declares she will win and Touko accepts the challenge. Nakajou Azusa arrives to deliver words of encouragement from Tatsuya, telling her to stick to the plan.

The Battle Board final gets underway and Honoka takes point, taking control of the water with her magic to block Touko. However, Touko anticipated this and instead deploys her magic ahead. However, Honoka skilfully avoids the traps and uses her light sensitivity to find and supress the spirits creating them. Realising Honoka can see the spirits, Touko counters by including fake traps to throw Honoka off. Honoka realises there are dummies mixed in but mistaking a real trap for a dummy too late and Touko overtakes. Now in the lead, Touko uses Ancient Magic to interfere with Honoka and Modern Magic to accelerate herself.

Falling behind, Honoka suddenly starts moving more efficiently, having tapped into her potential for the ‘one she depends on,’ allowing her to catch up despite all the interference. Coming to the last turn, Honoka tricks Touko by changing the shadows on the course so she can take the inside track of the turn and takes the win by a hair’s breadth.

After the match, Touko comments on how strong Honoka’s feelings must be. Honoka thinks of Shizuku who is about to have her match.