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Hell of Ice and Flames - Inferno (氷熱地獄, read インフェルノ) is the eighth episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


On day two of the Rookie Events, Airi lives up to her epitaph, Éclair (Lightning), by using lightning-fast movement spells to dominate the Crowd Ball competition. Shiori is back in full force and crushes her opponent in Ice Pillars Break. While Third High steadily closes the gap with First High on the scoreboard, Miyuki makes her debut in the Ice Pillars Break tournament. The audience and the rival schools are blown away by her mind-boggling magical powers. Even Eimi is overwhelmed by Miyuki’s powers, but she must prepare to face Shiori in her next Ice Pillars Break match.


It is the evening of the sixth of August, and the first-year girls are celebrating the days results. The conversation turns to tomorrow’s events and Subaru and Nanami will be facing Airi in Crowd Ball, though Subaru is confident, though her theatrics baffle the others so Eimi has to explain it is to counter Subaru’s innate magic Awareness Block. Nanami comments she wish she were in Ice Pillar Break so she could have Tatsuya engineer for her. Tatsuya declining being added to the Magic Index is brought up and Miyuki plays it off as a bad habit of his.

Later, Miyuki visits Tatsuya to discuss him declining the honour, and Tatsuya confirms it was out of consideration of their aunt’s wishes. This upsets Miyuki and she swears to stand by Tatsuya’s side to the end as he comforts her.

The seventh of August. Nanami has been utterly crushed by Airi and her superhuman speed. Despite hearing Nanami’s tale, Subaru remains confident.

Subaru and Airi’s match begins and initially Subaru is able to hold her own, but once Airi realises she cannot track Subaru’s movements for some reason she changed strategy and accelerates to the point she dominates the match.

Watching in the audience, Honoka bumps into Touko. They discuss the match, Touko commenting that Subaru getting a double-digit score against Airi was impressive. Honoka comments on the light at Airi’s neck, which impresses Touko who explains it is a CAD for Airi’s signature magic which allows her to move and react at superhuman speeds. After their chat, Touko notices Honoka is watching alone and invites her to watch the Ice Pillar Break matches together. Dragged along at Touko’s pace, the pair head out to see Shiori’s first match.

The match gets underway and Shiori quickly dominates the match, destroying pillar after pillar mercilessly, her opponent unable to muster a sufficient resistance.

Eimi’s match is next, and using the magic Tatsuya created for her, she uses her own pillars as projectiles to smash her opponent’s pillars. Eimi’s unorthodox strategy shocks the audience as she goes on to win the match.

Back at First High’s tent, Eimi and Shizuku are congratulated on their wins but Subaru and Nanami are feeling down and dejected due to their loss. The others point out that taking second and sixth place respectively was still a good achievement. This perks the pair up, accounting for the bad luck of facing Airi. The conversation turns to Eimi’s energy despite her later night antics at cards. Shizuku brings up Miyuki’s match and comments she is looking forwards to it, Miyuki picking up on the hidden meaning returns the unspoken challenge. Realizing the three will have to face off should they all keep winning, Honoka wonders who to root for.

It’s time for Miyuki’s first match and Airi and her friends have come to watch the match in person to assess Miyuki. Miyuki takes to the stage and the audience is left completely awed by her traditional attire, even her opponent is stunned, leading the seniors to think it is part of the strategy, but Tatsuya refutes this as he and Miyuki simply see it as orthodox attire for the Japanese magic community since ancient times.

On the field, Miyuki clams herself, making sure not to cause a false start as her power can activate with a mere thought. The match beings and Miyuki casts her magic before the opponent can even react, engulfing the ice pillars with the spell Inferno. Seeing such a high-level spell shocks everyone present, and her opponent is left helpless and unable to defend her pillars, scoring a perfect victory. In the audience, Miyuki’s friends as left intimidated whilst Airi wonders who on earth Miyuki is.

After the match, Touko comments she is jealous of the other two as they will get to compete against Miyuki. Airi agrees, pointing out in a competition, the restrictions mean it is possible for anyone to win and a victory against Miyuki will have all the more value.

Meanwhile, Eimi has been utterly intimidated by Miyuki. Honoka sees Eimi freaking out and tried to console her, misunderstanding and thinking she is threating over her coming match with Shiori, something Eimi had forgotten about in the moment.

In the evening, the students of First High eat their dinner whilst Tatsuya and Miyuki are showered with praise. Watching on, Mayumi and Mari discuss how well the girls are doing and how the boys are struggling in comparison after refusing Tatsuya’s help. Eimi, meanwhile, is threating over her matches, lacking the confidence she can beat Shiori.

As the First High girls leave the bump into the girls from Third High. Airi greets them and Miyuki takes point in the conversation. Airi apologises for her previous remarks, acknowledging Myiuki’s strength and declaring that she intends to win. Miyuki acknowledges Airi’s resolve, and the pair prepare to face each other as rivals with a handshake.

That night, Eimi is too excited to sleep.