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The Nine Schools Competition Begins (九校戦、開幕です) is the sixth episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


First High School is aiming to win for the third year in a row at the National Magic High School Goodwill Tournament of Magic Skills, also known as the Nine Schools Competition. Mayumi and the other seniors from First High School are known as the most powerful team of their generation, and they are fired up about claiming victory again. However, Isshiki Airi. Kanou Shiori, and Tsukushiin Touko from Third High School are determined to stop their winning streak. First High School steadily stacks up points in the Nine Schools Competition, but during the Battle Board race, Mari, who was favoured to win, is seriously injured in an accident. Mayumi, who desperately wants First High School to take the overall victory in the tournament, asks Miyuki to take Mari’s place in the Mirage Bat event.


The exam results for the first semester are in and Miyuki has taken first place in the rankings, with Honoka in second and Shizuku in third. Miyuki, however, is more interested in the throey exam result where she took second place and Tatsuya took first. The conversation turns to the Nine Schools Competition which Shizuku is especially fired up for as the top scorers are usually chosen.

Later, in the Student Council room, President Mayumi confirms that Miyuki and the others will be participating, commenting she expects great things from them.

On the 18th of July, Tatsuya is introduced to the girls he will be engineering for as a member of the technical staff during the competition. Some of the girls are unhappy their engineer is a boy but Azusa and Tatsuya explain they boys refused to work with him. Eimi states they boys are being stupid and when Honoka, Shizuku, Miyuki support Tatsuya, the other girls quickly accept him.

After school, Tatsuya is calibrating Miyuki’s CAD when her jealousy gets the better of her and she blasts Tatsuya with magic, causing his Regrowth to kick in, though neither considers this more than some sibling roughhousing.

The 1st of August. The students are attending the opening social gathering for the contestants. The students from Third High School make their entrance, with the eyes on Ichijou Masaki and Kichijouji Shinkurou.

Watching on, Isshiki Airi comments on how everyone seems to have let their guards down with Tsukushiin Touko and Kanou Shiori. When the seniors from First High School arrive, Touko comments there was a traffic accident on route and Airi states she’s glad they weren’t injured as defeating them in top form will be all the more meaningful.

Suddenly, there is a stir from the other girls from Third High School, looking over they see Masaki acting strange. Tracing his line of sight, the three see that he is gawping at Miyuki. The sight of her gets the attention of all three girls, and Airi goes over to introduce herself to Miyuki. Watching on, the senior students comment that the formation of such rivalries is one of the perks of the competition.

That evening, Honoka is infuriated as she vents her frustration at how rude Airi was. Shizuku reveals Airi is the daughter of one of the 28 Houses, has become renowned for her fencing, and will be competing in the official Mirage Bat matches. There is a knock at the door, and Eimi arrives with the other first year girls from Tatsuya’s group to invite them to the artificial hot spring.

In the hot spring the girls relax whilst Eimi frolics with an unenthusiastic Honoka. Miyuki’s arrival causes a bit of a stir. Afterwards, as the girls are chatting, Airi and her friends spot the group and Airi is less than impressed by the conversation, being completely focused on winning.

The competition gets underway on the third, and after the opening ceremony Tatsuya and Miyuki discuss the accident on route to the venue, with Tatsuya confirming it was deliberate and not an accident. They two have a moment as Tatsuya tells Myiuki to focus on the competition as he will protect her.

Speed Shooting begins and Mayumi wills overwhelmingly while in Battle Board, Mari wins her preliminary match. In the audience, Honoka comments on the number of fans Mari has and realises Miyuki will likely be famous after this competition as well.

On the morning of the fifth, Honoka is out jogging when she bumps into Tatsuya. He stops to help her train and compliments her resolve.

In Third High School’s tent, Mizuo Saho is getting ready for her match against Mari and the ace player from Seventh High School. Her juniors are wishing her luck when one, whilst complaining about the tournament committee’s obvious malice, lets slips that it is a shame that the First High Team’s didn’t withdraw due to the accident. Overhearing this, Airi scolds the girls.

The match begins, but there is an accident when the girl from Seventh High School loses control and crashes into Mari, taking them both out of the match.

At the Susuno Base Hospital, Mayumi and Katsuto tell Mari she can no longer compete and discuss the fact they will likely have to change their strategy.

Outside, the first-year girls discuss that Mari is going to be okay, but Honoka is really shaken by what happened.

Back inside Mari’s hospital room, the three seniors discuss the accident, and that Tatsuya is investigating it since it appears someone is targeting them.

At the end of the day, First High School’s team review the results, with Chiyoda Kanon taking first place in the official Ice Pillars Break match. They are in the lead, but Third High School is close behind on the scoreboard. Because only the official Mirage Bat and Monolith Code events remain, performance in the rookie events could overturn the current standings. Mayumi tells Miyuki she will replace Mari in the official Mirage Bat match.

In Third High School’s conference room, Saho is being complimented on her win, but she is unhappy at having won due to an accident. A report on the games is aired at that moment, revealing that Miyuki is replacing Mari. Airi and her friends immediately recognise Miyuki from the party. Saho tells Airi to defeat Miyuki to prove her strength to everyone. The pair resolve to aim for the one-two finish.

The morning of the fourth day, Miyuki, Shizuku and Honoka are giving themselves an impromptu pep-talk and Miyuki comments she will be fine as Tatsuya is buy her side, as well as by theirs.